The New Generation Part 14

The Amulet (3)

By Dark Magus

The team, consisting of Kaira, Carr, Nomi, Jase, Cadra, Era, and Scoar, started through Guardia Forest. With seven people the animals were scared to come out. They made it through the forest unscathed and calm.

As Cadra looked out across the open field that was the land bridge between them and the southern continent, she felt a twinge of fear. If she attacked her master, as she was about to do, it would not only mean probably certain death for her, but she would have no life. What would she do, where would she go? These thoughts clouded her mind as she followed the group down the well-known path to the southern continent. She finally made it to Zenan Bridge, and was still thinking.

Scoar was also thinking about what he was going to do, but he had an answer. He would take Cadra to a far away island, and they would live there, just the two of them, till they died. Oh boy did Scoar love his fantasies.

Era's mind was clouded with thoughts also as the group made their way across the forest built by Fiona. At last he had found his childhood friend. She looked different though. There was something about her that just made him drop his mouth to the floor and drool. Then he snapped himself out of it and thought about what HE was going to do when his mission was over, if he made it out alive. He couldn't go back to the king now, now that he had sided with the so-called enemy. His mind was just a jumble.

As the group found the cave, they just stood there.

"ERA! Wake up!" Kaira shouted, "Only the Masamune can open the cave!"

Era shook himself out of his jumble of emotions. He would have to clear his mind if he was going to fight Janus. Era un-sheathed the sword that was called the masamune. He lifted it over his head and concentrated energy into its blade. Finally, with a scream, he leapt at the wall and came down with one mighty stroke. The rock split in two with a metallic sound. A door opened.

The team walked through the fresh opening. They were met by the darkness of the cave. Jase, as if knowing what Kaira was going to say before she said it, lifted up a stick and lit the end on fire. He used the torch to guide everyone through the cave. They came across little monsters, and the ones that they did find scattered at the size of the group.

When they finally reached the other end of the cave, Jase threw the torch back and it clattered against the floor. Without Jase's magic to keep it going, it extinguished itself.

The seven walked out into the light and were blinded. They gave their eyes time to adjust, and then they made their way to the canopy of trees. No longer afraid of this area, everyone walked, taking in what might be his or her last breaths of air. Then they reached the gates of the castle. They loomed over everyone, and when you looked up to see the top, you saw right above you a horrifying looking dragon. It was enough to make the bravest man shiver.

The door opened for them. They made their way into the main lobby. There they found a set of stairs that led to a stained glass window.

Kaira began walking up the stairs and started off to the right.

"No." Cadra said calmly, "Janus just built a new room. That's probably where he'll be." She walked over to the stain glass window and pushed on it. It swung open on hinges and revealed a frighteningly dark courtyard. It had dark plants around that hung out on to the cement pathway. Cadra started out the window on to thin air. She didn't fall though. When she turned around to tell the others to come, she saw the look of surprise on all faces but Scoar's. She explained, "Invisible steps. Just so that no one can find the entrance from the windows looking to the courtyard."

The group still wasn't convinced, but they walked out into thin air anyways. That's when they saw that it was just glass that had been disguised cleverly. They made their way down the steps with difficulty, trying to find the next one, but eventually they arrived at bottom.

When they were all down, Cadra proceeded to guide them along. They made their way to the back of the courtyard. There they saw a statue that looked like the historical Magus that they had seen in the history books and museums. Cadra went up and grabbed his outstretched hand. She pulled it down. The statue subsided revealing a passageway just big enough for one. The group made their way into it with Cadra leading and Scoar right behind her.

When they emerged on the other side they were met with the most horrifying sight most would ever see. There was a statue with six arms, each with fireballs on them. Candles were lit all over, and there in the middle… was Janus chanting.

"Exchange this world for, the eternal depths of evil horror." Janus ended.

"JANUS!" Cadra shouted out, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"

"Ah ha ha Cadra, you are too late. I have summoned Magmos, just as my ancestor Magus tried to summon Lavos."

"But Magus also helped KILL Lavos after he realized the threat to the world." Carr said as he came out of the tunnel.

"So he made a mistake that I'm not going to make! I will not…."

His voice was drowned out by a rumble, followed by a roar. He turned around in shock. The statue started to morph. The surroundings in the room became like a blue Nebula. The statue finished morphing and revealed a big porcupine like creature. It had one big eye for a head. It let out a spine tingling scream.

"Magmos," shouted Janus over the loud amount of sound, "Dispel of these creatures as you wish! But wait! Do something worse than death. Send them to a place where they can never return from!" His cries were barely heard. Wind threw his hair and cape about.

A blue portal began to surround the team. It began sucking them down.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Scoar shouted. He jumped out of the portal with magical ability. Thoughts clouded his mind. He knew he had to stay behind and do everything possible to stop Janus. The portal closed behind him, taking his only love, Cadra.

Janus stood laughing, not knowing that Scoar had not gone down with the others. Scoar jumped on Janus's back and started pounding with his fists. He then used what little magic he knew to disfigure Janus's face.

Then he jumped off of Janus. Janus started to get up and come after Scoar. He got feet away from the warrior. Then they both heard a scream. Janus turned around and was hit by a fireball. He was reduced to a pile of smoldering ashes. Scoar began to run. There was no where to run to though. That's when he felt hundreds of needles pierce his back.

He turned around. As if remembering something he never knew he shouted out, "NIEBUR JALIN FRECK MORAMB! GO BACK TO THE PLACE YOU CAME!"

There was a great flash of light, so much that it burned out the retinas of Scoar's eyes. He was blind. The sound stopped suddenly, and he felt the presence of Magmos leave. He felt around for anything. He threw his arms around and his hands landed on still ignited candles. The pain didn't even phase him, as the pain in his back was so great from the needles that seemed to burn like shrapnel.

It was then that Scoar realized he was going to die. He couldn't see anything, but he knew he was in a pile of his own blood. He sat and waited, lonely, for the mercy of death. His mind was clouded with thoughts, most of them being, "I love you Cadra, wherever you are,"

Those were the dying thoughts of the man who saved the world from destruction.




Authors note:

I know I have not written in a long while. I actually have, but it is for another page. I am writing a novel. My accomplishments so far are an introduction and a prologue and a map that has not been scanned to the computer yet. You can check the progress at Saul's page, Chrono Trigger out of Control, probably on the links section.

As always, remember, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Plasma *sigh* yes I have changed my name again.


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