The New Generation Part 4


By Dark Magus

"Ah, Welcome," said the old man, "My name is Gaspar. I live here."

"Excuse me," interrupted Aza, "But where is this? And why did you just mutter something about a Magmos? What is a Magmos?"

"This is the end of time," Gaspar said as if everyone should know what it looked like. "As for the other question, you will find out very soon. If I told you now you would not believe me. Now on with my story. I live up here. I was sent here through a time gate, like you just came through. Ever since I have stayed up here, without the power to return to my home. I can see all time from my vantage point, and from the looks of it, if I had the chance to return home I probably wouldn't. It is now a bleak place. There was a group of travelers that used to come through here. They were my friends. My only friends. Sadly they are no longer with us. So ever since they died I have been stuck up here with no company."

"Who were these travelers?" Carr asked curiously.

"I believe their names were Crono, Marle, Lucca…"

"Wasn't she the one from the museum?" Carr interrupted again. Gaspar didn't seem to mind.

He continued, "Yes. She was. And there was Frog, and Ayla, and Robo, and Magus, and quite a few others that joined the team along the way."

"What did they do? Just visit you up here?" asked Jase.

"Actually they saved all of time on numerous occasions," stated Carr, showing off his memory.

"True," Gaspar remarked, "And from the looks of it," he got in close to examine Kaira, "Crono and Marle had a child before their death. You look just like your ancestors."

Kaira was astonished. She never knew that she was the descendant of Crono and Marle! They were famous!

"And you," Gaspar closed in on Jase, "looks like Magus found someone special. You share quite a few qualities of your great ancestor. There is a big difference though, definitely. And you," he shifted his gaze over to Carr, "your bloodline's new. I don't believe I knew any of your ancestors. As for you," he eyed Aza, "You look like someone important in history. Oh yes. The father of mystics… Oops. I said too much."

Aza thought, what was a mystic? Why was he the father of them? Were they HIS descendants?

"Now. The reason why you are all here. When more than three people enter a time gate, such as you four, there is an anomaly. It sends you to the place in time with the least resistance. That would be here. Only three can travel at once. One of you will have to stay here. Go to where you want to go by using those nice pillars over there." He pointed to the pillars they had just been through. "You can come back at any time that you want. But before you decide who to take, take a look in the room behind me." He beckoned to a door behind him.

Kaira was the first to walk in. Jase, Carr, and Aza followed. When they got in they saw a common kiwala standing in the center of the room.

"Hey, my name's Spekkio. I am the master of war. How do I look to you, strong or weak?" Spekkio didn't let them answer before saying, "Well, if I look strong to you, you are strong. If I look weak, you are weak. Now the reason why you are here. Long ago humans were able to use magic. They lost the privilege because of misuse. Now I am the only one who can dish it out to humans. You four seem to be quite high in potential. And you," he looked at Aza, "Are you the great Aza?"

"I am Aza no doubt."

"Are you really the creator of Magic?"

"No, yes, I mean, I don't know. Am I?"

"You look like it. Now for the getting magic deal. You, with the crazy ponytail," he looked at Kaira, "You look like Earth. And you, with those funky glasses," he looked Carr in the eye, "You look like water. And you, with the dark shirt," he looked at Jase, "You have a strong aura. I think you would be a good candidate for Shadow. As for you," he looked at Aza, "You don't need my help. You can use ALL magic, once you make it. You are the most powerful of all. And now, Ispo Facto Meenio Moe Magico!"

Kaira's eyes flashed green. She spun around and grew a plant from the crags of the stones. Carr's eyes flashed blue. He hovered and froze the plant. Jase's eyes flashed black and his skin paled. He broke the ice block in millions of pieces and withered the plant. Finally Aza felt a surge. He felt new. He had the confidence of somehow knowing how to use the "magic" that he had brought up on instinct on some occasions like in the cave. He felt new.

"See me anytime for practice. Bring any newcomers to meet me," Spekkio called out after them as they left.

The four of them faced Gaspar again. "All right now. There is something in 1500 AD that I think will catch your attention. Before I came here, I lived in a magical kingdom called Zeal. My colleague there was working on a time machine. He called it the wings of time or the Epoch. It will allow you to go to any time you desire, as long as there is a time gate connected to it.. It is hidden somewhere that I don't know. It would be in your best interests to scavenge it out and take it. Now, three of you, go."

There was a little discussion in the group and finally it was decided to have Carr stay behind. He wanted the most to stay and talk to Gaspar.

The three of them headed for the pillars. They found the right one and stepped inside. There was a flash of light and the trio disappeared. They were about to embark on their greatest adventure.




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