The New Generation Part 6

The Threat of Magmos

By Dark Magus

Kaira felt stupid as she fell out of the gate onto the ground. It was a long fall. How could she have forgotten that there was a gate there? She looked back to see if Jase and Aza had followed. Sure enough, a couple of seconds later the two of them dropped out.

"Kaira!" Aza screamed, "What was that? How could you have accidentally triggered a gate like that. Now we can't get back." Aza pointed to a gate about ten feet in mid air. There was no way they could reach it again without help.

"Just give her a break will ya Aza?" Jase came to the rescue, "She didn't mean it and it was me that suggested to use the gate key."

Aza turned his back on the two of them. Jase turned his back on Aza. Kaira slumped her head. The team was mad at each other and it was her fault. It was then that Kaira began to look around. She was astonished. There were futuristic buildings standing all over the place. Most had the tops knocked off and there were pileups of rocks on the ground. There was no grass, only bare ground. It looked as if the world had been devastated.

Kaira turned around to alert the others, but they were already staring at each other with the questions in their eyes of, "What happened?!" They just stood there for a while, before Jase spoke up. "We should probably just find something to stand on and get out of here. Let history run its course without our interference.

"Wait Jase, maybe this is what we were sent to get the Epoch for," Kaira argued, "Gaspar never told us why he wanted us to get it, only to get it. Maybe this is what he meant. We were to travel through time to prevent this."

"Then let's find out what happened, get something to boost us, and get out," Aza said in a hurried tone, "I don't like this place, OR time."

The three of them headed to the nearest building. It looked like an old factory of some sort. Kaira knocked on the door, and was surprised to find it slide open with nobody on the other side. The trio walked in. They were met by a dark room, with only a little light. There seemed to be a computer screen and two conveyer belts. Aza picked up a loose pipe and lit it aflame. They looked around for the first time. Kaira walked over to the conveyer belt and touched it. The computer came on, along with the lights.

Kaira jumped back surprised. Jase walked over to the computer. He looked at the strange controls. Finally he made some buttons out to be letters. He typed in Magma, which is what he remembered was along the lines of what Gaspar had said. He found a list of information related to or close to magma. Jase scrolled down until he came to the M's. He slowed down and kept looking. Magenta… no. Magic… no. Magnet… no. Finally he found something close. Close enough at least, Magmos He pressed a red button and the screen came up. It showed a picture of something that looked like a porcupine, with one big eye for a head. He scrolled down and saw something that said, Visual picture of the day of Magmos, 2100 AD. He clicked on it.

"Hey Kaira, Aza," he called, "come see this." Kaira walked up beside him. Aza came to his other side.

The screen blinked and showed a picture. The picture began to move. It showed a porcupine-like creature pop out of the ground. It opened up its one big eye and let out a terrible scream. A ball of fire formed on one of its spikes and shot out. It hit some far away place. Many more of these fire balls were shown. Kaira, Jase, and Aza watched in horror as they saw their world being destroyed before their eyes. This was what Gaspar had said. This was the reason that he sent them to get the Epoch. The screen flickered and blinked off.

Kaira got up shocked. She had just seen the world that she loved be annihilated.

"This… this is the way that our world was destroyed," she said to no one in particular. She turned her gaze to Jase and Aza, "We have to stop this… THING. We have to change history, like the team before us did many times. This can't be the end of our world. We have to stop it!" she slapped her balled fist into her other hand.

"I'm all for," joined Jase.

"That goes for me too!" added Aza last. Then it was settled. They would destroy Magmos and save the world. But first they had to find a way out of this time.

"As for getting out of here," Kaira suggested, "I say we search this old factory for some ladder or something."

The others agreed. Kaira led the way as the team set out for something to climb on. They passed a rack of machines. They looked harmless. Then one of them came to life. The others followed. With a shock Aza took down the first one. Kaira sliced one of the other ones, while Jase ate the rest from the inside out with a shadow. It was easy.

They walked over to what seemed like an elevator. They stepped on and were surprised to find it move down at a fast rate. They hit bottom and saw a great room. It was huge. It had a conveyor belt running through the middle with many separate rooms. It had who knows how many doors and a lot of robots. Kaira bravely stepped out of the elevator. She looked from her view point. She saw a bunch of loose items, but nothing useful. She stepped down. Maybe she would find something in another room.

Jase and Aza followed her. They walked among many robots, none of them on. Kaira took another step. Then out of nowhere the nearest robot turned on and grabbed her. Jase hit it with a shadow and it fell. Then there was the noise that nobody wanted to hear. Other robots all over the room turned on. They all started clanking towards Kaira. A shadow bomb would do no good now. They were outnumbered, each of them by at least twenty robots. There was no way they would survive.

Kaira unsheathed her sword, preparing for her last fight. Jase took out his daggers. Aza shot his talons out. They prepared to fight. They would have to use their magic to the fullest.

Kaira attacked first. From the ceiling, a boulder formed and landed on top of about five of the robots. It crushed all but one. Jase saw an open cord on one of the robots and slashed it with his dagger. Oil squirted out. Aza shouted, "Jase, stand back!" Jase jumped away. Aza formed a ball of fire in his hand and shot it at the oil spill. The oil burst in to flames, causing quite a few robots around to explode.

Then it was the robots' turn. One of them spun around and opened a cavity in its chest. A laser formed and shot out at the trio. Each of them was hit, but not very hard. One shot his hand out at Jase, knocking the wind out of him. He fell over. Another charged Aza, brining him to a wall where he was crushed by the robot. It looked like it hurt. He fell over. Finally one of them attacked Kaira. It self-destructed. Shards of metal were sent flying at Kaira. She fell over, almost unconscious. Then the robots made an advance towards them.

Kaira watched, struggling for consciousness. One of the robots was close to her, with a nasty looking shock weapon. She was done for. The world would never be saved. It was hopeless…

From the back of the room, there was a BIG explosion. The fire caught to the robots, causing them to blow apart one by one. The fire spread, and Kaira watched as all but the ones far ahead of the others, like the one close to her, blew up. A figure emerged from the flames. It looked like another robot. But why had he killed the others?

She watched as the robot shot out laser blasts at the others, exploding them. The fight was over, but the one still remained. The last robot slowed and walked towards Kaira. Then it did something surprising.

The robot touched a button on its belt, taking away the helmet. The face of a girl was revealed. She was pretty. She had brown hair, tied back and in a long braid that was also just revealed. The braid went down to her knees. The armor on her arms folded up into the rest of the armor. It revealed arms covered by black spandex. The armor around her belly folded up into chest plate. The metallic armor around her thighs folded down into her boots. This process took seconds, and revealed a girl with cybernetic armor on her chest, a belt around her waist, huge boots on her shins, and spandex covering the rest.

"Hi," the girl said, "My name is Nomi. I was here hunting these cyborgs. I have been hunting them ever since they turned the world around and tried to take over. That was about four years ago. Since then I have been on my own," she told them sadly.

"What year is this?" asked Kaira.

"It is 2400 AD," Nomi replied. She pressed a button on her belt and compartment opened up in her armor. A laser shot to each of the team members, healing them fully.

"What's with the armor?" Jase asked in amazement.

"I got it from an advanced prototype." Nomi answered. "I gave it a virus. It destroyed the brain and left the armor untouched. I just took it and used it as my own. It has a battle mode, which you saw me in a couple minutes ago, plus a comfortable mode like you see me in now. They don't make the robot anymore. I got this from the last of its kind. It has everything I need to survive except for food and water. It even can be used as shelter in the rain." She slipped the armor off to demonstrate. She pressed a button and it spread into a tent. She turned it back and slipped it on again. "And now that I'm done with the sales pitch, what are you here for?"

Kaira explained the story to her, up to the part where they saw the day of Magmos.

"So that's why this world is so crummy," Nomi answered, "That creature. If you are going to destroy that creature, let me help. I might be able to help you, and I would do anything to improve this world."

"Sure," Kaira said as she accepted her to the team. "But first, we need something to stand on to reach the time gate."

"I can help with that," Nomi said, happy that she was already of use, "My boots have thrusters. I can carry you up."

Kaira smiled. The four of them started back towards the gate. When they reached the spot where it was, Kaira lifted the gate key to show Nomi where it was. Nomi grabbed Kaira and boosted her jump to make it through the gate. A few seconds later Nomi returned and picked up Jase. She flew him through the gate. Then she returned for the last time to get Aza. They flew through the gate together.

Nomi saw for the first time the end of time. She was surrounded by six pillars of light. Beyond them was a staircase. She walked down to be greeted by an old man.

"Hello," he said, "I'm Gaspar. Who are you?"

"My name is Nomi."

"Greetings. You probably have already heard the story, so why don't you take a look in the room behind me."

Nomi walked through the door, escorted by Carr, who had taken a fascination to her armor. They were greeted by Spekkio.

"Hey, you brought a newcomer. Welcome. I am Spekkio, Master of War. Now to examine you. Hmmm. You are from the age of electricity, why not give you lightning. Ispo Facto Meenio Moe Magico!"

Nomi's eyes flashed yellow and she twirled. She hovered above the ground and cast a bolt of lightning.

"Good job," encouraged Spekkio. "Now report back to Gaspar for assignments."

The two of them stepped out of the room. They were met by Gaspar.

"Lightning? Good choice. Now, it is clear that the gate key isn't the key that Lucca specified. It will be a good while before you can find the key that matches. In the meantime, you are needed in 60,000,000 BC. GO!"

The team was chosen. Aza, Carr, and Nomi headed for the pillar connecting to the time. Gaspar watched as the team disappeared. They would soon find out their mission. But for now, he wanted to find out what Kaira knew about Magmos, and then fill her in on some of the details…




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