The New Generation Part 9

Out of Death

By Dark Magus

"Now," interrupted Gaspar. Kaira loosened her hold on Jase, but still held him. "I think that Era here should see Spekkio. He looks like he will be a valuable member of your team."

Jase escorted Era into Spekkio's room. Kaira followed.

"Whoa! Your back Jase! I didn't think that that could happen. But there is something different about you. Hmmmmmm…… you have lost your aura of darkness. You left it behind when you came back from death. Now let's see what to give you…. you now have the inner character to support fire. And who is this?"

"My name is Era."

"Well, you have the same inner character as your ancestor. Let's give you water. Ispo Facto Meenio Mo…"

"Wait!" interrupted Era, "Who is my ancestor? My parents died when I was… only three… and I went to live with a foreign family," he said through pauses. It was apparently hard to let people know his past.

"Your ancestor, was the great Glenn. He was the one who overthrew Flea and Slash, Ozzie's sidekicks, single-handed. Now on with the magic. Ispo Facto Meenio Moe Magico!"

A red light glowed around Jase and his eyes flashed from the dark color they were to a red. His skin gained back the color it had lost when he had first gotten shadow magic. He started a fire in the middle of the floor. A blue aura formed around Era. His eyes turned an icy color. He extinguished the fire with a splash.

"So fortified with Magic, want to try it out?"

"Sure," the three answered in unison.

Spekkio started out with a lightning bolt on Era. Era stumbled backwards and instinctively spun around. A cyclone formed around Spekkio. It clearly hurt him. Jase hovered and shot a flame out of his hand. It swirled around Spekkio and singed him all over. He laughed and cured himself. As he was still chuckling, Kaira cast a spell. A boulder formed in the air above Spekkio. It dropped on him. He was hurting.

Then Spekkio cast a weakened version of flare. It hit everyone with force. Era, not accustomed to magic yet, collapsed unconscious. Jase and Kaira spun around together. A rock storm began, and hit a wall of fire. Firestones hurled at Spekkio, pelting him. Era got up.

"What? Loosing to a bunch of young magic users? How humiliating. Maybe I should brush up on my magic. You guys are too much. He tossed the team a sack, in it was five vials of a clear blue liquid. They had marked on them, elixir.

When they got out, they saw Carr and Nomi talking as usual. Gaspar saw them coming.

"Come, sit," Gaspar beckoned, "You are needed somewhere." Kaira, Jase, and Era sat in front of the pole. Carr and Nomi walked over also. "You are needed in 2300 AD. Robots are attacking the last surviving humans. If they are not stopped, humans will become extinct. I want Nomi to lead this team. She can choose two others."

The group started talking. Carr and Era were chosen. They walked for the pillars. Nomi picked out the one that led to her time, and stepped through. She stepped through the white portal. Carr and Era followed…




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