The Clarius Reborn Chapter 1

The Teardrop Crystal

By Dark Pegasus

**From the Mana Goddess' point of veiw**

It has been a world of emptiness and darkness for over one-hundred years. The race of the Jumi has been depleted, leaving what was the Bejeweled City, only a cold and barren tower that floats high above the sky. Even the gemstones that used to shine all over this wonderous world have lost their shine and leaves only the morning sun to enlighten this empty place.

Even the rest of the world has been affected by it: the dead corpse of Lumecia had risen again but fell into the sea when the flow of Mana was distorted. The Underworld had at once turned into The Flames because my world was of abundance in Mana, it soon died away and left the barren lands of the Underworld. If only the Jumi race could thrive again, maybe my world can be saved.

The shattered Teardrop Crystal had at once gave life to the Jumi and they had flourished, but the selfish ways of the Lapis Knight of Clarius caused the crystal to shatter and soon brought death to the Jumi race and slowly, to my world. Only the dragon's and their dragoons survive in the White Forest and the Underworld, all that is left of my world. The Norn Peaks, once home to the dragoons and dragon of Acravator now only hold he, the dragon and the threshold of the Bone Fortress.

In my hand now, rest what was the key to life and it's many shattered shards. If only the power of Mana could restore life back to the Jumi race, then maybe my world can have another chance. The spirits of Mana have hidden theirselves high in the clouds of heaven and wait for my now barren land to fade away with the last of Mana power. I am sure they will return, along with the life giving showers of Mana if my world can flourish once again.

Spirits of Mana, grant me my last wish! Give the power of Mana to this crystal, its shattered parts shall be mended and give life to the Jumi race once again! Grant me my wish, for my days upon this world grow short with the remaining supply of Mana energy. The Sword of Mana rest in its altar deep within the corpse of Lucemia....shall the new Jumi life forms return life to this world!



**From an anonymous point of veiw**

The flow of mana, once distorted now circles over the dead tower of Jumi. The shattered Teardrop Crystal and its remains rest on the throne of the Clarius, the Guardian of Pearl, once said to have been the last living Jumi, shall soon give life to the Jumi race and restore the flow of mana to Fa' Deil.

The Mana Goddess has beckoned forth the eight elemental spirits: Aura, Salamander, Gnome, Undine, Wisp, Dyrad, Shade and Jinn to gather the last remaining fragments of mana energy, whether crystalized or pure mana energy, to restore the Teardrop Crystal. The Mana Goddess is here also, to perform the ancient ceremony of life.

Talking in a low voice, the Goddess performs the ceremony, flawlessly and effortlessly. The spirits also perform the cermonial "Dance of The Wind" They perform in silence except for the constant chanting of the Mana Goddess. When the ceremony is through, the goddess fades away hoping to be reborn, since the flow of Mana has completly stopped, she cannot exist any more.

The Spirits also leave, their job finished. The crystal remains shattered upon the floor. A slight sparkle shines from one shattered piece, then another and another and soon all of the fallen pieces are glowing with the light of Mana. The pieces gather and form the Teardrop Crystal.

During the course of action, the shrines located upon the tiers of the mighty tower were corrupted except for two jewels, untouched by time. As the flow of mana returns to them, they begin to synchronize although no where near each other. The amethyst, located on the fourth tier and the topaz, located on the first tier, glow with iredescent light and soon form the distant shadows of the future of the Jumi race. The ceremony has worked and already, the stones and gems all around the tower are regaining their sparkle, ready to awaken the new Guardian of Amethyst and the Knight of Topaz, both prepared to face their destiny when the time comes.

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