The Reflection of Soul Chapter 2

That Special Person In My Life

By Dark Pegasus

I was awakened by the smell of something freash cooking. I opened my eyes to find myself lying on a bed inside an inn. As my vision cleared I saw a figure sitting by my bed. He looked as if he were asleep. He sat in the chair beside my bed, wrapped in a large red colered quilt.

I heard soft snoring. Strangely, I felt this wierd feeling come over me. I sat up and looked toward the small kitchenette in the corner. The smell was enticing. I was lured from my bed and to the stove. I looked behind me to see the young man wake up. He walked toward me then stood at my side.

"So how are you feeling?" he asked in a soft and gentle voice. "What happened?" I asked. "I found you dehydrated on the highway. Luckily, I was led to you by the sound of your flute."he answered. I was distracted at the moment. I had never seen someone with eyes the color of the cerulean skies I looked at when I was I child.

The color was so soft and gentle. It matched his voice perfectly. "So what is it you are cooking?" I asked as I watched him look inside of the stove. I couldn't help but look at how strange it felt for someone like him to have such gentle features to be so muscular. I was astonished at the sight. "It is just a simple remedy for dehydration. It is simply an old recipe for pear tarts." he said with a gentle laugh in his voice.

The tarts were shaped like crescents and reminded me of the moon I looked at everyday so long ago. "So, what is your name?" he asked questionably as he pulled a tray of even more crescents out of the stove. "I am...Aaron. I come from a far away villiage." I said as I watched him sit down by the bed again after turning off the stove.

"You come from the north? Am I right? Near the moantains of Norn?" he asked as he ate a crescent. Again, that strange feeling came over me. "Yes." I said. "No wonder. Your skin was to delicate to handle such tempature changes in such a quick amount of time." he said. I looked down at my slightly sunburned skin. "How long was I fainted?" I asked as I sat down on the bed beside him.

"It was nearly an hour before I found you after I stopped hearing the flute playing. Then it took about fourty minutes to get you Domina." I was astonished again. That feeling over washed me. "What is your name?" I asked. "I am Brandon...I come from the Bone Fortress. I am a soldier there." he said with a smile.

"I thought the Bone Fortress was where skeletons and monsters lived?" I asked. "Not any more...After the power of Mana was stolen from there, the monsters withered away. My father decided to claim the fortress for himself and moved the residents of my villiage there. I was appointed, along with 19 other men, to protect our new fortress. I became lost in an expedition to the lake and ended up here with my sister." his face had a soft expression and made me feel strange inside. It was as if I knew him from somewhere of saw him before.

"I am the grandson of the Great Warrior Escad!" he said with a sense of pride in his voice. I was overwhelmed. "I am the grandson of Elazul, the knight of Lapis Lazuli and Pearl, the Guardian of Pearl." I said a little embarrased. "So, you mean to say you are a Jumi?" Brandon asked looking at me oddly. "Yes. I am Aaron, the Knight of Sapphire although I have no guardian..." I said, afraid that Brando might try to steal my core, my sapphire and my life.

"Long ago, Jumis were hunted for their cores." Brandon said. "Are you a jewel hunter?" I asked, prepared to die. "No. It is forbidden amongst my people. I mysterious female knight came weilding a huuge hammer and protected our fortress from attack. It is forbidden to harm a Jumi." Brandon said.

I stared into his eyes as they twinkled in the morning sunlight. "What day is it?" I asked. "It is Undine day. Two days after you fainted. You must be hungry and thirsty. I will get you something to drink and eat. " He stood up and for the first time, I noticed the large two-handed blade resting against the wall as it basked in the sunlight, shining gorgeously against Brandon's body as he left the room.

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