SquareSoft: Generations Interlude

By Dawn Wilkins

Have you ever felt so exhilirated in your life that you even look forward to staring at a blank screen? That's what happens to me when I remember how far I've come, thanks to your help, in this fanfic. Wow. Over a year in the making Generations is STILL not done (it *is* done on paper just not on computer). I promise to go a little faster--after all I do have a responsiblity to my fans to finish this. Eventually.

When I say fans, I mean the wonderful, encouraging emails that I have been receiving. I can't say enough--Thank you. Who would have thought my rendition and manipulation of a crossover would be so popular? Certainly not I. But I have received very welcome emails. These include, but are not limited to, Magusprophet, Katolin, Lauren, Cain (did I spell THAT right?), Jon Desjardin, Kalista (my first fan!), Dana, Kirby, and many more. Of course, this amount of emails is bound to bring a variety of questions...and it has. The three most prevalent are: Will Cecil and Terra become an item? What's with Magus turning heel? Who's that mystery woman in chapter four?

As I'm sure you've noticed, answering these questions would spoil the plot twists (and there are a LOT of plot twists) and thus I've been evasive. Suffice to say, to spare you from that spoiling and save myself the grief of having to start another 30 chapter story so soon I'll just answer them the best I can. As for Cecil and Terra...hmmm, I've had fun with that one. I can't say whether they'll pair up but I can say that the love interests of the two will definitly have something to say about it! Magus' new attitude (it ain't all that new come to think of it) is very conflicted. Schala is going to play very big part in his damnation or salvation. He has NOT suddenly gone over to the dark side...or has he? You'll have to wait and see. Lastly, I will not reveal the identity of the mysterious woman in chapter four (alas, another plot spoiler I'm afraid) but I can say that she's a character you will recognize from one of the games. And all hell will break loose when the veil comes off!

As well, I figured that since rereading the story (after many LLOOONNGG nights) that you might be waiting for frayed ends of sanity to come together. What's with Magus' pendant? And his knife? Who is 'Ben' and why does he know everything? Seek and ye shall. Keep reading and thy shall be answered. I can tell you that more of the original cast of all three worlds will make an appearance. Celes and Locke have NOT fallen off the face of the planet. Expect more twists. Expect more questions. And, always, expect more chapters!

Naturally, Generations is not my only project to date. I also appreciated the cool comments by fans for 'Haughty-->Tragedy' and 'You...A Lie'. I've yet to received any commentary on 'I, Magus: Memoirs of a Prophet' but, I guess, it's in such early stages I should just wait. Love it? Hate it? Couldn't care less? TELL ME!

Anyrate, I'm going to take the time to ask you all there to make a vote. Recently, the number of fanfic inspirations I'm gotten has run wild and I don't know what stories, you, the fans, want to read. The ones I'm thinking of are a Castlevania sequel to 'The Tragic Prince' called 'The Fallen Prince'. It's a story about the torn Alucard and his battle against internal and external forces (ain't it always?). You haven't read 'The Tragic Prince' yet but I'm posting it as we speak. I also am thinking of a FF2 fanfic tentatively titled 'For Mother Earth' about the final battle aganist Zemus that is based on my own last battle with him. Also in consideration is a long story called 'The Story of Sephiroth: From bio-altered child to one-winged angel'. As I sure you've guessed it's about Sephiroth's life story with Vincent, Hojo, Lucrecia, the turks and the whole FF7 cast thrown in for good measure. Lastly, there is the recreation of the opera scenes in FF3 called 'I, Darkness; You, Stars' in the works. So, what do YOU want? Just drop me a line at dawn_wilkins@hotmail.com and do tell!

Now wasn't that all long-winded? Ah, well...my teacher always told me that I was very 'verbose' for such a 'diminutive' creature. Keep this in mind when my fanfics go off on a tangent. Don't forget to cast your vote. Thanks for all your great comments. And, finally, thanks to Icy for enduring far more than any mortal man should have to! Till the next chapter...

Dawn Wilkins

"The first recipe for happiness is: Avoid too lengthy meditations on the past."
--André Maurois


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