SquareSoft: Generations Prologue 2


By Dawn Wilkins

Terra was certain she was going to die. She had all the signs--she was sure of it! Her guts lay about her like someone's regurgitated dinner, her skin was nearly transparent, and she had long ago quit trying to count her wounds. Why hadn't she died then? she pondered almost idly.

Turning her head around she could distinguish the blurs of movement by her band. Celes had been injured in the process of a dreadful blow by their adversary. A chainsaw swinging king, Edgar, was soaring through the air his deadly weapon inflicting little in the way of damage to Kefka. And poor Cyan had been slain while he sacrificed himself to protect Celes. To say the least they weren't having a wonderful time of saving the world.

Multi-colored lights flashed brilliantly. The area they waged war in was a heaven-simulation. Angelic beams danced in the air. They glittered against all almost too bright to bear.

Breathing laboriously, Edgar landed near her and gasped:

"If I die does that mean you won't go out with me?"

Terra didn't know what to say. She didn't know love. Love was like a star--always tempting, always out of reach. Edgar had been charming enough but she needed a less aggressive passion. She touched love like a new tooth, fascinated and burned, wanting to know more but afraid. It didn't matter. She wasn't given the chance. Kefka, majestic wings hovering, blasted at her and she could feel the consciousness straining to flee her body. I must concentrate! she screamed in her mind.

Ultima! She had but one chance to cast it. Summoning her energy like a familiar shroud she called the magic to command. Sputtering the words with almost no breath Terra lifted her hands feebly and gasped:

"Alataqua-ilalallia...Ra! Ultima!"

Brilliant azure light encompassed Kefka. This beast had sucked life from her kin, utilizing them for his own purposes. She loved her esper relatives and would wage this war for them and their memory. Screams rang in the air.

"What are you doing, woman!"

"Dear god, Terra, run!"

And then only silence.


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