You...A Lie

By Dawn Wilkins

Poor immitation of yourself,
Each word
All lies, disjointed half-truths,
Shards of a denied past, incorrigible,
Even Magus, name, is a lie.

Concot memories, false painter,
Lovingly creates
Ominpresent essence, strangled,
Replaced by colors of another meaning,
Every loving stroke is a lie.

Grief overwhelm, sucked all emotion,
Love, hope, dreams
...buried-for eternity,
Pretending, hoping, praying,
Feelings are but trivial matters of one's heart,
Each bitter sneer is a lie.

Janus, your true title, soul's testimony,
As starless night
Your victims, none of which the lest is you,
A mirror shattered, unwilling to repiece,
Eternal contempt is a lie.

Prophet, a poor immitation, poor painter,
Silent slayer of
...emotions-the truth,
A shackled soul, nemesis of vessel,
Seeking to deny destiny, fate, love,
You...a lie.

Dawn Wilkins' Fanfiction