Shadow Temple of Zeal Chapter 11

Magus' Reunion

By Demi-God

Magus continued down the hallway. It seemed to go on forever. He was never able to see more than a few meters either way at a time, because the torches lit as he came near, and faded behind him. To add to this, the tunnel kept twisting and turning never going more than 50 feet in a straight line. He also had the feeling that it was leading downward.

Suddenly the floor started to shake. Magus heard a loud crash come from somewhere far above him. Pieces of dirt and stone fell over his head and he knelt in order to keep his balance. He heard the voice let out a horrible, piercing scream, which then died away. Magus suddenly panicked. He started to bolt down the corridor at a mad pace, and he didn't even know why. He just knew that he had to find that voice before it died. He had to help it.

Magus was a blur as he sped through the halls, hovering a few inches above the ground. the Hall abruptly opened into a huge room. The torchlight failed, and Magus could control himself again. The torches re-lit, and continued around the large chamber, untill it was lit so that he could see a tomb in the center of the floor. He landed and walked slowly toward it. As he came near to the coffin, a cirlce of light appeared around it. He slowly stepped into the light and read the inscription.

'Here lies the treasure of our kingdom. Queen Zeal's only hier; This woman's magic surpassed even her mother's. Let her remain ever at peace. Here lies the treasure of Zeal. Here lies the sorceress Schala'

As Magus read the final word, his strength gave out. His knees buckled, and fell to the floor beside the grave. "Magus... I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I couldn't live to meet you in person... I'm sorry, Magus"

Magus's mind swirled with colors, he couldn't focus his eyes on anything around him. There was someone here. But someone else was gone forever. Who was it? He couldn't recall where he was, or what had been happening. A hand came into focus before his face. It was slender and female, but strange somehow. He reached toward and held it, stumbling to his feet. He looked down into a woman's eyes. She looked so familiar. "Where am I?" The woman smiled. "Magus, you are home. I knew that you would someday find me." "Home? I have.. no home. Who are you?" "I am the one for whom you have been searching through time. I am the only one whom you have ever loved." Magus blinked and he suddenly recognized the face before him.



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