Shadow Temple of Zeal Chapter 3

Frog's Regrets

By Demi-God

"'Tis a sad day indeed when a frog is denied a task in a swamp....." Frog was restless. He'd been spending an inordinate amount of time at this island in the blue, swirling streams of time. He idly traced circles in the dust with his sword. After a moment, he looked up to see what the others were doing. Ayla was asleep, as was Gaspar, and from the thunder he assumed that Crono was again in Spekkio's chamber. Robo was on "shutdown mode" or whatever it was that he called it. He used it often here, as there was no solar energy to recharge him. "Nary a soul to speak with." Frog sighed heavily and walked through the gate to the pillar area. All the pillars were gone now, Frog wondered how and why this area had been built, before the gates were formed. He sat down against the fencing, and closed his eyes.

"The masamune!" Glenn fell to his knees, staring at the broken hilt of the once-great blade in Cyrus's fist. Scarcely ten feet away Ozzie laughed. "Not so strong without your sword, are you?" Magus turned to face them, and...

"Aahh!" Frog woke with a start. He sat for a moment, recalling his thoughts. Blinking, he stood and looked about. How long had he been asleep? Damn these dreams. "T'was twelve years ago!" he proclaimed to time and the shut-down robot and the sleeping Gaspar. No one could hear him. No one here knew him anyway. Only Cyrus had truly understood him... but now Cyrus was dead, even his ghost was exorcised, gone to oblivion after it had enhanced the Masamune. Frog looked down at his blade, resting in it's sheath. He removed it and held it upward, staring into the broadside. "Cyrus, I hath dishonored thee... Thine final wish, thine departing soul's last act, wasted and rusting in it's sheath..." As these words left his lips, the sword glowed blue.

"Glenn, do not despair. Your destiny is not yet fulfilled. You have great feats ahead of you yet. My gift to you is not wasted, it shall be used..."

The sword's glow died away, and Frog was left staring again into it's side. He nodded silently. "Cyrus, I shalt honor thine memory, and I shall keep your gift with me." He sheathed the sword, and walked toward the lamplight again. Perhaps the Epoch would soon return for him...


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