Shadow Temple of Zeal Chapter 6

Lucca's Dinner

By Demi-God

Lucca carefully roasted the slated meat over the campfire. They had decided to stop wandering through the cave for the time being. Marle was laying across from Lucca, "resting her eyes" as she called it... actually just lightly sleeping. Magus had left to investigate the surrounding walls. They had entered a narrow hallway shortly after discovering the carved stone. The floor had abruptly ended, leaving nothing but a gaping hole in front of them leaving only Magus with the ability to fly, so he had continued, and told them to wait. He'd been gone for about half an hour so far. Lucca stared into the flames of the cooking fire. Her hands automatically turned the spit as the meat roasted, and her mind wandered to simpler times...

"Crono! Come over here and look at this!" Lucca held out her new Air Gun invention for Crono to see. "Look! It fires a little rock really fast and hits things!" Crono took the gun with doubt in his eyes. "Go on, try it!" He pointed the gun toward a small stone and pulled the trigger. **<pfft>** "What?! Where's the bullet? Why isn't it workng? Not again! Maybe I'll have it working by the Millennial Fair in five years, Crono. Sorry to bother you!" Lucca took her gun back and raced back to her room. Crono was left speechless by himself again. Lucca set the gun down on the table in her room, and began to unscrew the casing. "Why doesn't anything I make ever work?" She muttered under her breath. "I always end up looking stupid. One day, I'll show them! I'll make something amazing! Something like..." She dropped her gun as a more interesting thought entered her mind. A teleporter! That would make everyone know that she was a genius! That's what she would build! A teleporter! Suddenly her screwdriver felt really hot...

"Ow! I need to stop drifting off like that." Lucca removed her hand from the slightly burning spit. How long had that meat been burning? She quickly knocked the spit to the ground, and stepped on the burning part. The meat was a little dirty, and a little charred, but still edible. What the others don't know can't hurt them, right? She gently shook Marle's shoulder to wake her. "Mmhmrmrm, Leene? I'm not... What?! Oh, sorry Lucca, I didn't mean to fall asleep. Where's Magus? Shouldn't he be back by now?" Lucca shook her head and shrugged. "I don't even know how long it's been, I kinda got to daydreaming. The food is ready, if you're hungry. Sorry about burning it..." Marle giggled. "Burning it? Everytime either of us cooks anything it doesn't come out right! You know that!" Lucca smiled. "Yeah, I guess so! Come on, Magus can get his own food if he's so late. Let's eat!"

After a slightly dry dinner, Lucca sat back and burped. "That stupid mage should be back by now. Where is he? Maaaaaguuuuus? Where aaaarrrreee you?" No answer. Lucca shrugged. "Marle, let's set up the Shelter. I'm tired, and Magus can fend for himself, right Marle?"

Again, no answer. "Marle? Oh, I see you're 'resting your eyes' again. Well, goodnight" She looked at Marle sleeping, and smiled again. "Marle really isn't so bad... annoying at times, yes, but so am I, i guess. If only she wasn't so much prettier..." Lucca yawned. "OK, time to use that shelter." She set to work constructing the shelter.. forgetting all about thier lost companion.


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