Musia Chapter 1

Darkness Arising

By Deona Lindholm

It was so strange...

It was the first thought that the strange winged woman was aware of thinking, and this thought made her aware that she was...nowhere.

I remember something...six people in my time, undoing the time compression.

Then a scene, possibly a memory, appeared in her mind...six people, all from the past, including the one she posessed in order to free her kin.

I remember now! Those six caused me to be here where I didn't even have a memory...Squall, Zell, that girl who I was after, Ellone...even Rinoa sent me here! I died in the past...I am Ultimecia...

"Revenge will be mine! I don't care what it will take, but I'll get even with them!" she said, and a second later she was shocked that it was spoken, not thought.

There may be a way to get your revenge... a second voice in the silent void sounded.

A book, engulfed by a strange light suddenly appeared before her as the dark voice spoke, This book contains secrets of this multiverse...and within you may find a way to get even with the ones who sent you here.

The woman floated over to the lit book and opened it, starting to read.

As she read the words in the book, Ultimecia started glowing as well and felt knowledge and great power filling her.

"So...these few spread throughout the multiverse...never imagined they could hold such powers," she said in a low voice, "Hmm...and no cona-trey in so long..."

The power I gave you will let you travel between time, space and dimension. Gather them all and you and the other will control everything!

"Thank you," the sorceress said, "but who is this 'other one' I am to share everything with?"

He is in another world, in the same shape you were in...the same world as one of your first targets.

"What is this man's name?"

Ghaleon. Now, take the book with you and hold on, I will send you to the first world...

With that, the sorceress Ultimecia disappeared from the black nothingness.



The little child's voice calling to her snapped a young woman with dark hair's thoughts.

That was strange, she thought, For a minute, I thought I felt something dark being born while I was singing.

"Are you okay, mommy?" the child in front of her asked.

"I think so, dear," she replied, "Just something in the air."

An evil female voice spoke, coming from nowhere.

"You don't know the half of it."

At that moment, a blue and black vortex opened up in the music room that the woman and the little girl were in.

"Rinoa, get out of the room! Go get help!" the woman said urgently.



Rinoa gulped, nodded and ran out of the music room.

As the door closed, a mysterious, tall woman with sharply edged wings walked out of the vortex.

"Julia Heartilly?" the woman asked, her voice strangely harsh.


The woman smiled coldly and her eyes took on an eerie glow as she said, "Well, well...the first one. You are going on a trip, Julia...a very long one."

Julia blinked as if distracted and said, "A trip? Not with you. Wh...what are you...doing..."

"You're very sleepy, aren't you?" the strange woman said as the glow in her eyes flashed in a set pattern, "You certainly need to sleep, right? Just relax..."

"Hmm...maybe you're right," she muttered and within a minute, she seemed as if she were sleeping on her feet.

"Now, Julia, come here to me. Destiny awaits you..."


General Caraway and two military soldiers arrived outside the music room's door a second later and opened it.

"No one is taking my wife and getting away with it," he muttered then saw with wide eyes as Julia and Ultimecia walked slowly through a strange, swirling vortex on one of the walls.

"Oh, bother. Little rats," the sorceress grumbled and waved an arm, freezing the general and his men in place.

The two women then stepped inside and the portal vanished.


He found himself on a large balcony-like structure, sword in his hand. In front of him was a pale man with long white hair, wearing dark robes...and he had an evil smile on his face. Above them all, the sky was darkening to cold, evil black.

"Well, well," the evil man said coldly, "So you're their champion, eh? Not much to you, I see. You got this far, I'll give you that. However, those ladies behind you will ensure that I will win this...won't you?"

He turned and saw six women standing on something that seemed like a stage...and only one of them did he recognize right off.

"Elhaym?" he asked, "What are you doing here?"

She didn't seem to recognize him and nodded to the others, which included a rather, mutated person with extremely long hands and arms...and no real legs that he could find.

There was one other person he saw that made him go pale...

Yui? is not her. She died some time ago. Then who is she?

The strange look-alike and the mutated woman started singing a strange that started strange changes from inside him.

The evil man shouted angrily, "No the target is me, not him, you simpletons!"

The woman who could pass for Yui then shouted, " free!"

He was then blinded by a bright light surrounding him.


Citan sat up in the bed, breathing hard and shivering. After a minute, he looked about him.

"Blast it," he said quietly, "That is the third time this week that dream has happened. This time, I saw their faces...including Elly and the other one. But why does she look like Yui?"

Beside him, a little face appeared beside the bed, looking rather concerned.

"I think I am fine, Midori," he managed to say, "It was the dream again."

"Again?" the child asked, surprising him. After all, she rarely spoke, although she was very capable of it.

"Yes. And the women...they were changing me this time."

She then asked, "Who is Mitochondria?"

"I have no idea," Citan muttered.

Midori nodded and simply went back to her bed, saying quietly, "Darkness arising...two join together to gather all of them in the palace."

That got Citan's attention and he asked, "Who are they?"

She stopped, turned around, blinked and said, "Julie, Eve, Victoria, Althena, Elhaym and Dena."

This made the doctor more confused and he said, "Midori, we will discuss this in the morning. For now...good night."


You have done well.

The voice sounded in Ultimecia's ears and her mind.

I'm glad you approve, she thought.

The other one is on his way here with another of them. Once the four of you are here, you will all proceed through the portal that I shall open. Keep the musical notes in mind.

That I shall do, Ultimecia thought with an evil look in her eyes.

Wonderful. Oh, and not be too alarmed by her appearance. For her, it is quite...natural.

How so?

You will see.


The strange looking woman found herself in quite a predictament.

A few moments ago, her body was on the verge of melting from her battle with that human, Aya at the statue they called the Statue of Liberty. Before her form started to disappear, there had been a blinding light surrounding her and then...darkness.

What happened to me? she thought, Is this...dying?

"Nowhere near what you're thinking," a sinister, male voice said out loud, although she couldn't tell where it came from.

"Who are you and what did you do to me?" she asked in the same manner.

The darkness parted like curtains and she saw a tall man with short, white hair wearing dark robes walking towards her.

"Since we'll be working closely...I may as well tell you. I am Ghaleon. You must be the original female I've heard so much about."

"I am Eve," she said coldly.

"I know what you really are but let's not split hairs, shall we? You, woman, are coming with me, to be blunt, whether or not you like it."

"And if I don't? Why would I, the ultimate life form, go with someone like you anyway?"

"Well, ultimate or not, I can bring you in by force if necessary. A little demonstration, come to think of it..." Ghaleon said, waving a hand, causing both him and Eve to disappear.


The next thing she knew, she and Ghaleon stood before another strange woman...this one having long wings.

"You must be Ultimecia," the man spoke, "I am Ghaleon. With me is...Eve."

Ultimecia smiled coldly and said, "Eve, eh? So that what the voice meant by your appearance...if I didn't know better, I'd say you were a mutant."

"A mutant? Woman, you look more the part than I ever would," she snapped at the sorceress.

"Maybe you should look in a mirror," Ultimecia said, pointing to a mirror that materialized in the room.

Eve looked into it, seeing that she had reverted to the first form she had taken...torn red dress, hair disheveled, hands and arms extremely long, no legs but a green, curled thorn-shaped object in their place.

"What did you do to me? Where are my legs, my wings?"

"You should be more grateful, Eve," Ghaleon snapped, "When I found and retrieved you, you were at the point of dying in that," he sounded disgusted as he said, "insidious slime pool. If you don't do as we say, I can very easily send you back there to die."

"What makes you think I can't morph my way out?"

"Easy," Ultimecia answered this question smoothly, "If you do, you'll die just as fast."

For the first time since Eve had awoken inside Melissa Pearce, she was frightened for her very life.

"Very well," she grumbled, "What do you want of me?"

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