Musia Chapter 11

En Route to Zenogias

By Deona Lindholm

Aya and Andrea looked at Citan for a reaction to the news and saw him flinch slightly, but otherwise, he seemed impassive.

Atlus, on the other hand, was checking the data slab and he asked, "Which comrade sent the message?"

"It was someone named Yuki," Andrea replied.

"Then it's possible...both Persona and Zenogias under attack--" he said and shook his head in disbelief.

"We know for sure about Zenogias...but all we know about Persona is that demons have been sighted," Chris replied.

Citan nodded at them and said, "Before we make any kind of judgment about Persona, we need to contact Yuki. Elder, if you will please excuse us, we can continue this discussion at another time."

The man nodded and said, "Of course."

The Zenogias native then said, "Andrea, could you find Ellen's group and tell them to come back to the ship?"

"Right away, sir," she said and quickly went down the stairs.

At that, the group left the room.


As Alex, Kyle, Jessica and the women from the spaceship talked and compared stories about Ghaleon and Ultimecia, Midori got up from her seat and walked quickly to the door.

Ellen looked and called out, "Midori, sweetie, what's wrong?"

The little girl blinked and said, "Andrea's coming."

A couple of minutes later, there was a knock on the door, which Midori opened.

Everyone in the kitchen was surprised to see Andrea standing in the threshold, out of breath.

" this that babe the kid was just talking about?" Kyle asked.

"Yes, she is," Mary replied, "Is something wrong?"

"Yeah there is. We're all to go back to the ship for a conference; something's come up. You'll have to look for Alex and Jessica later," the Earth woman replied, "Sorry, captain's orders."

The ex-Dragonmaster looked up and asked, "You've been looking for us?"


"Miss Andrea...I'm Alex and the woman in the white robe is Jessica," he continued.

"Please, just call me Andrea. You two look a little older than I thought you would... I'll bet our captain will want to see you two as well. Why don't you come along with us to the conference?"

"Sounds like a good idea," Kyle remarked, "but why just them? I helped get rid of Ghaleon the first time too!"

"We'll go," Jessica agreed and started to the door.

Alex nodded to Andrea and followed his friend out.


As Andrea and the others arrived on the bridge, she could tell that there was quite a discussion going on.

Mary looked at her and said, "Sounds serious."

"Now I know something's really wrong," Ellen agreed gravely.

The Earth woman turned to Citan and said, "We're here...and I've brought Alex and Jessica of Lunar with us."

Ellen asked, "Captain, what's going on?"

Mark turned to them and asked incredulously, "Andrea didn't tell you? Persona and Zenogias are under attack!"

Mary paled and said, "What!"

Nate harrumphed and told the group, "That's just speculation about demon sighting does not an attack make."

"Speculation or not," Citan said to them, "We need more information. Mary, can you contact Persona and send a message that we need to talk to Yuki?"

"I'll see what I can do," she said and walked to the communication section.

He then turned to the two Lunar natives and said, "So you are Alex and Jessica."

Alex nodded and said, "That's right. The girls told us some of what's going on, but if it weren't for the fact that Luna was kidnapped by those's hard to believe, but Ghaleon is involved."

Jessica added, "I'm shocked that Ghaleon didn't attack Lunar first...he has a serious grudge against this world...and us in particular."

Mark said to her, "Dudette, I wouldn't be surprised if they go after this world next."

Ellen spoke up, "I'm getting really worried about both Persona and Zenogias...remember what Dulcinea said about what would happen if this Ultimate Power was not found, that the fourth Musia's planet would be attacked?"

Chris nodded and said, "What's your point?"

"Zenogias is under attack...and according to our notes, Elhaym was the fifth Musia to be taken. That means--"

"That means they think that she has the Ultimate Power...but we know that Eve and Evolution have it," Citan replied, nodding.


Mark answered, " long as they don't know that, we've got an ace in the hole."

Mary turned to the others and said, "Captain, I have Persona on the line. Looks like Igor had Yuki stay in the area after she sent her message."

"Igor knows us too well," Atlus said quietly.

"Let us see it," Citan ordered.

The main viewscreen came to life, showing an old man with a long nose and Yuki.

"Igor was right," the young woman said, "and am I glad to see all of you."

The Zenogias native asked, "What is the situation on Persona?"

Yuki looked at Atlus with a questioning look on her face.

He nodded and said, "Go ahead."

"Not good," she answered, "That demon I found was just the first. Since then there have been more of them on the streets. I tell you, they're nothing that we've ever seen before, and we've seen quite a few different types when Guido changed our world a year ago."

Jessica asked with a puzzled look, "Guido? Is he some type of sorcerer?"

"That's a long story, dudette," Mark answered her.

"Anyway," Yuki continued, "All the other students are confined to the school...The only Persona users here are Chunky and myself...and you know how unstable his is. To be honest...we need some help."

Citan nodded quietly.

Mark blurted out, "We can't all go back to Persona...not after all this! We've got to save Victoria!"

Nate replied, "We have no choice. With just Yuki and Chunky, our world is basically defenseless. We'll have to trust Cit--I mean Captain Uzuki to rescue our Musia."

Citan looked at them with a small glare, and both fell silent.

"That will not be necessary," he said, and then turned to his left.

The others looked at him, wondering just what he had in mind.

"Atlus, choose three of your comrades. They will be the ones to return to Persona and help Yuki."

Atlus nodded and thought for a moment.

"Will that suffice?" Citan asked the woman on the viewscreen.

She nodded with a relieved look on her face.

The young man then said, "Mary, Alana...and Brad. You three go back and defend our world."

The three mentioned looked at him for a moment...then nodded.

"We'll need at least ten minutes to get our stuff, and then we'll get going," Mary said.

Citan nodded to her.

She, Alana and Brad quickly exited the bridge and Andrea took over at communications.

"Thank you, Captain…Atlus. I'll wait here in the Velvet Room for them," Yuki said and terminated the communication.

In the meantime, Alex and Jessica were quietly talking to each other...and they both nodded.

"Captain Uzuki?" he asked, "Would it be a problem if Jessica and I come with you?"

He looked at them then said, "Not a problem at all. I was going to ask the two of you to do just that."

"Hey, make that three!" a small voice from behind them exclaimed.

Everyone turned and saw the small white being fly up to them.

"This isn't a game, Nall," Alex said, "We'll be leaving Lunar for a while."

"I don't know about other worlds," the little dragon said, "But where Ghaleon is, I'm there! Besides, you'll need help rescuing Luna."

Jessica saw the skeptical look on Chris's face and explained, "He doesn't look it, but Nall can change into a large white dragon. He's gotten us out of more than one sticky situation."

The young man simply glanced at Citan.

The Zenogias nodded, saying, "We would appreciate such help."

"If it is all right, Captain, we'll wait for the other three to depart, then we'll say our good-byes to the town," Alex suggested.

"That would be fine."

A few minutes later, Mary, Alana and Brad reappeared on the bridge. Atlus quickly told them about the Lunar natives joining them.

"Alex, Jessica," the brunette said, facing them, "You take care of our friends, okay? All of them."

"And save our Musia for us," Brad added, "We owe her big time."

"Don't worry, we will," Alex replied.

"You get rid of Ultimecia," Alana inserted, "We'll take care of Persona."

"We're counting on you," Chris told them all.

The three returning to Persona walked to the center of the bridge.

"I guess this is g-" Mary started to say.

"Don't say it," Mark interrupted.

"For once, he's right. We'll see each other again, so it's 'take care'," Nate agreed.

"Okay," Mary replied, "Then…. take care."

Alana asked, "Everyone ready?"

The other two nodded.

The brunette then took a deep breath, pointed at the viewscreen, then commanded, "Open the way to Persona!"

For a moment, the wind howled and the blue light encircled the three, and then they vanished.


"Huh? What do you mean, I'm not going?"

"That's what we're saying," Alex explained.

"That little cat gets to go, but I don't? That stinks!"

"Hey, watch it, Kyle," Nall exclaimed.

"Stop and think, lunkhead," Jessica told him, "If you and Nall come along, who's going to help Nash and Mia protect Lunar?"

Kyle simply grumbled, "Hmph."

Alex sighed, and then went downstairs.

"What's down here?" Jessica asked.

"Althena's Sword," he replied, "I don't know why it didn't vanish when the rest of the Dragonmaster's armor did, but I hope I can borrow its power to save the Musias…. and to rescue Luna."

"I think it will," Nall answered, "She might be known as Althena, but she's still Luna."

Alex walked to the shelf, where the sword within the sheath was.

"I'll need your help one last time," he said quietly, "To save Luna, Lunar…. and the entire multiverse."

Carefully, he took the sword and placed it by his side.

"We'd better get going," He turned and said to his friends.

"Yeah. You guys…. sock it to Ghaleon and Ultimecia. I wanna see you all back here safely, with Luna."

"You don't get killed either," Jessica told him.

Alex, Jessica and Nall had gotten as far as near Burg's entrance when they heard someone behind them say, "So…. you're leaving on the spaceship."

They turned to see the Elder and the other townspeople.

"Yeah. The two that grabbed Luna aren't on this world. If we don't go, we won't be able to save her…. and more than just Lunar could be destroyed," he replied.

"I know. That girl, Andrea, came to see me moments ago and told me everything."

"She's quick," Jessica remarked.

Alex's mother stepped forward and said, "It's been a little much for everyone to take in, but this fight is just as important, probably more so, than when you fought Ghaleon a few years ago."

"I know."

His father added, "Don't worry about Lunar or Burg. We'll do what we can to protect the town while Kyle, Nash and Mia see to the rest of our world."

"Count on it," the robed woman answered.

"Then go, with our blessings," the Elder said to them.

"Hey, we've got to get going! Captain Uzuki was nice enough to give us time to say goodbye!" Nall exclaimed.

"Nall, don't be so rude," Jessica admonished.

"No, he's right," Alex admitted, "It's time. Elder, we'll be going."

The Elder and the townspeople nodded and said, "Good luck."


Alex, Jessica and Nall walked onto the bridge of Conductor.

"The Elder decided to see us off," Jessica explained, "Plus Alex had to get his sword."

Andrea looked at him then asked, "Is that Althena's Sword?"

"How did you-yes, it is."

"I'll explain the how someday."

Citan nodded and said, "Understood. Dulcinea, commence takeoff."

"Acknowledged. Commencing."

Jessica and Nall looked about, startled by the voice.

"Where in Althena's name did that come from?" she asked.

"That? No worries," Mark said, "That's just Dulcinea, the ship's computer."

"Com….puter?" Alex repeated slowly, "What is that?"

Nate shook his head, answering, "At least a few worlds use and rely on machines, such as computers, rather than magic. Although a few of them either have Artificial Intelligence or actually are sentient."

"Machines that think on their own and live? That's silly," Nall retorted.

"Nall, quiet!" Alex snapped.

"It looks like we've got a lot to learn," Jessica said ruefully.

"Do not be afraid to ask about anything that you do not understand," Citan said to them.

"Captain Uzuki, if I may. Do you want to hold position once we leave the atmosphere?" Dulcinea suddenly asked.

The woman with short blonde hair turned to the three from Lunar, saying, "Simply put, do you want a look at your world from space before we leave?"

Jessica and Alex spoke for a minute, then the ex-Dragonmaster answered, "No. I want Luna to see it, so we'll wait until we save her."

Citan relayed the answer.


The three Lunar natives watched the viewscreen in quiet wonder as the village of Burg slowly shrunk while the ship lifted off.

"What's our course, Captain?" Atlus asked.

Everyone turned to the doctor.

He looked at all of them and said in a solid tone that discouraged argument, "The next destination is Zenogias."

Andrea said in a low voice, "Zenogias…Citan's home world."

"Do not misunderstand me," he continued, "I do trust those on my home planet to defend it, but there is one person there that I need to see…he will probably want to come along."

"You mean Fei?"

He nodded to the Earth woman.

"In the meantime," he added, "While those from Persona work on their schoolwork…Andrea, would you show Alex, Jessica and Nall around the ship?"

Around him, he heard the high school kids groan at the mention of their studies and Aya chuckle.

"Sure thing," she replied.


Ghaleon walked into the area that looked like a courtyard, taking a small break.

In front of him was the now-familiar winged woman, Ultimecia…but right at that moment, she seemed to be surrounded by a black orb of mist.


The Gardenian was nodding quietly, as if someone was speaking to her.

"Yes…I shall. We will take kare of this…and of him. They will not kome here."

She's speaking differently now… he thought.

The orb vanished and she turned to see him.

"Ghaleon…I didn't hear you kome in."

"I see you fully remember now."

"Yes, my memory is kompletely restored. But, we have a problem."

"What is it?"

"Akkording to our dark benefaktor, the kona-trey has awakened."

His face darkened into a scowl and he growled, "What! The Musia's Champion is awake--?"

"That's what he said."

The Lunar native cursed in a low tone.

"Any idea where he or she is?"

"He…and I was just now given the power to monitor him. I think he is going towards Zenogias."

Ghaleon chuckled darkly and said, "Zenogias, eh…the same planet we sent the monster army to a few hours ago. I wonder if Ghorma will be able to stop him?"

"The kona-trey has only just awakened, so his power is relatively weak. Our kreation should be able to kill him, Ghaleon."

He nodded and said, "I hope you're right. I learned something very interesting in the library of this place we were sent to…"


"This building is the Palace of the Musia. Every time that the Musias awaken, they gather here before going out into the multiverse. In the past, this place has been their stronghold against our benefactor."

Ultimecia laughed, a mixture of musical and harshness that somehow always grated on Ghaleon's nerves.

"Ironik that we are going to konquer the multiverse…using the Musias' own home."

"Indeed it is…and don't forget, I have a grudge against Althena to repay."

"Yes, yes," she said dismissively, "After Persona and Zenogias are kompletely under out kontol…Which planet will we take next?"

"We can decide on that after this cona-trey is identified and destroyed. For right now…we have to focus on that, my dear Ultimecia."

"Of kourse."

Just inside the room leading to the courtyard, Dena was listening to the conversation.

"Cona-trey…I don't like the sound of what's being said," she breathed softly, then quickly took off for the room that she and the other Musias shared, needing to warn them right away.

Citan…be careful…

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