Musia Chapter 7


By Deona Lindholm

Author's Note: I know several ppl are going to object to my choice of title for this chapter (Since it is also the title of the first day in Parasite Eve) but considering what has and will happen to Citan, I felt that it was apropos.

The waitress behind the counter sighed and shook her head, her face somewhat distorted by worry. Within the past hour, Dena Treis had vanished from the face of the planet, a large group of new visitors had arrived and Hyuga was in an almost comatose state.

Upon seeing the new people as well as the band members carrying him in, she nearly called for an ambulance, but decided against it when Andrea gestured not to.

"We just need to get him somewhere out of easy view," Carlo explained.

She sighed and told them, "Take him to the far back."

Allie smiled and said, "Thanks, Valerie! We won't forget this."

The waitress, Valerie, just shook her head at the procession and went back to work.


As soon as the door to the rather large back room was closed and locked, Andrea turned to Midori and asked, "You really do look a bit like Hyuga."

The young girl nodded but did not turn to face her.

"She," Atlus explained, "is Midori. She's his daughter."

"I know," she replied.

"Just how did you know who I am?" he asked her, "You said you would explain."

The little girl first looked at Andrea and Atlus, and then grasped their hands, remaining silent.

Slowly, Atlus' puzzled expression changed into one of understanding.

"In this world.... We're people from several different computer games?" he asked, sounding as if he were making sure for himself.

Midori nodded.

"And the people of Earth aren't as open-minded as we are," Mitzi added to the discussion, "and up until a month ago, we weren't either."

There was a small groan from the left wall of the large room.

Atlus and Midori turned at the sound and saw that Aya, who sat in a chair, was coming out of the trance.

The little girl walked to her and said after a moment, "Not your fault, Aya."

The policewoman shook her head and replied, "Partly is...I thought that Eve wouldn't use that type of hypnosis again. I'm responsible for Dena being taken and--"

Atlus said kindly, "As Midori said, it's not your fault. And Citan's just knocked out, not dead."

Ellen nodded and said, "Now we just wait an hour or so for him to wake up before we get some answers."


The door to the room that the Musias were gathered in opened and had hit the wall with such a loud noise that it had awakened Eve.

"What is this racket? I told everyone I need rest," she grumbled.

Julia, Luna and Elly turned at the sound, expecting to see either Ghaleon, Ultimecia...or both.

Instead of the two villains, a young woman walked in, carrying some outfits...then closed the door.

"Who are you?" Victoria asked, somewhat wary of the new person.

"It's okay," the woman replied, "I'm not evil."

Elly looked at her closely and asked, shocked, "Yui! Is that really you?"

The new person shook her head and laughed, saying, "Funny...Citan asked me the same thing."

Eve floated to her and said, "She isn't on their side. Everyone...this is Deindra Treis...or Dena as she is called on her world."

Luna's face took on an unreadable expression as she asked, "You're the last Musia."

The woman, Dena, nodded and replied, "Yes. The Musia of Earth."

"Maybe we should introduce ourselves," Julia started to say.

"No. I already know all of you," was the quiet reply, "Julia Heartilly of Gardenia, Victoria of Persona, Elhaym Van Houten of Zenogias, Althena of Lunar--"

"No, it's Luna," the person in question objected.

Dena shook her head, stating, "Just as I can't deny that I'm the Musia of can't deny who you really are...none of us can. If we do, we're signing everyone's death warrants."

"Yes, don't know what I and Alex had--"

"Yes, I do. I know all too well. I hate saying this," the Earth native replied, "But the multiverse needs all six of us. Everyone, even Alex, needs us to be Musias, not just women from six worlds. Your powers as a Musia lie as Lunar's goddess, not as you are now."

"But...what if I wind up as I was before? A prisoner of one place, away from everyone else?" she asked, shaking.

"I don't think you will," was the reply, "I have a feeling that you'll be fine. But I know this for certain. You're going to have to drop the identity of Luna and be Althena one last time..."

"I have to agree with Dena," Victoria said kindly, "Your world needs the Goddess right now. I don't want to think of Ghaleon and Ultimecia controlling Lunar or Persona..."

Luna remained still for several minutes and a strange, blue outline began to appear.

Dena saw this and said, "I don't want to see Lunar become a barren moon, unable to support any kind of life...Alex, Nall, Mia and Jessica and Nash, all gone..."

The outline grew brighter as Luna moved her hands upwards to remove her bandanna from her hair.

"Lunar...everyone gone and the whole world turning into the Frontier," she said quietly as the outline changed into an outright glow.

She took off the bandanna and undid her hair so that it flowed freely about her shoulders and back.

The glow grew and as it did, her height and eyes began to change.

Luna turned to the nearby fireplace and threw the item into the flames.

"What is she--" Julia asked, suddenly feeling rather nervous.

Eve shushed her, whispering, "It's needed in order for her to leave Luna far behind."

As soon as the hairpiece had burned into ashes, the Lunar native turned to face the others.

Her eyes had changed from blue to light purple and she had become much taller.

Dena breathed a sigh of relief as she looked for signs of evil or mind control and found none.

"Luna?" Elly asked.

The Earth Musia shook her head, replying, "No. Althena."

The woman nodded and said, "Yes. I'm Althena now...and I hope I don't regret what I've just done."

Eve said in a strangely kind voice, "You knew that it had to be, Althena. Not many humans can make that kind of a decision...and for that, you have my respect."

The Lunar goddess softly asked, "Dena...would you mind if I spoke to Eve in private?"

Dena nodded and gestured for the others to go into the nearby room, leaving the clothing behind.

As soon as the room was cleared, Althena said in a tentative voice, "You knew...?"

"Yes. The only way for you to take your place as the Musia of Lunar...was to completely become Lunar's Goddess."

The woman nodded, her purple eyes dimmed with sorrow as she agreed, "Yes. But in doing this...I've sealed my fate. Luna's...please, don't tell Dena what was sacrificed."

Eve nodded, saying, "She is strong for a leader, but she is also rather kind. We don't need a leader that feels guilty over what must be. I will keep quiet."

"Thank you, Eve...what should I call you? Melissa? Eve? Mitochondria--"

The Musia of Evolution replied, "Eve will do quite nicely."

Althena nodded and smiled in a kind, respectful way as she asked, "Are these clothes for us...? If you'll excuse me, I need to change...and burn the old ones."

Eve replied, "Of course," and picked up one of the garments, looking at it closely.

After a moment, Eve's torn, red clothing changed into a mitochondrial mass...and a moment later, reformed into a whole, white dress with strange, blue lines and swirls...almost like familiar letters in an alien language...

"It will take a while to change this stump back into legs," she said to Althena, "But I intend to do so."


Ellen was startled when she heard a low groan coming from her immediate left.

In that direction was a long, large couch that she and her friends, new and old, had placed the comatose Citan on when they entered the room.

The first thing the Persona native saw was that he was lying there with a look of confusion and puzzlement, eyes slightly cloudy.

The second was that there was a change in skin tone...almost white, identical to Dena when she had become a Musia...

Midori ran over to the couch and asked, " okay?"

Citan looked at her blankly for a moment, only to be replaced by an expression of shock and recognition.

"What are you doing here, Midori?" he asked.

"Same mission you're on," she replied, "We came with Atlus, Aya and the others."

We? he thought.

"Yep, she means we. I'm here, chu," a bright, female voice replied and he saw Chu-Chu bounce towards them.

Midori continued, "The two have them all."

His eyes widened and he asked, "Then...that was not a dream? Deindra has been--"

"Not at all," Ellen confirmed, "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Ellen and I'm from a world call E--I mean Persona. I keep forgetting where we are now..."

"Citan," he replied and slowly sat up, "What brings you and your...friends to Earth?"

"Investigating kidnappings...Victoria was the Musia of our world and when she was kidnapped, we started going from world to world trying to find out what happened.... and to get her back."

Atlus then walked over to the group and said quietly, "Your name was on the list of those kidnapped from Zenogias...we didn't realize that you would be here. Are you okay?"

"Abnormally warm..." he replied.

Aya's eyes widened at the statement and she walked over, asking, "Hot? As in about to burn?"


The blonde haired woman was silent for a moment and then she asked, "Citan...what color are your eyes normally?"

"Brown," he replied, "But I do not see the point of your question."

Chu-Chu looked closely at him and said, "Oh my...chu don't know?"

Midori nodded and said, "Black."

Ellen took out a mirror and gave it to Citan, who took it quickly.

Indeed, Citan's brown eyes had become as black as obsidian.

Midori and Chu-Chu looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

"Just what did Eve do?" he asked.

Aya replied, "Black eyes, not green...Eve's blast did a lot more than knock you out. She's triggered your mitochondria. She did the same thing to me a while back...but not in a blast of energy."

"First you, now Citan," Atlus mused, "From what you told me, although it was for the wrong reasons, those powers of yours actually helped you. I don't understand why just yet, but although she saved his life, the triggering was done on purpose."

Aya stepped close to the Zenogias native and looked at him for a moment, sets of green and black eyes flashing rhythmically.

"What's she doing?" Mark asked.

"No clue," Nate replied, "Mitochondrial behavior is beyond me."

After a minute of silence, Aya stepped back, blinking.

"What happened?" Atlus asked.

"I...simply used a method of...communicating that Eve had inadvertently taught me. She's not controlling him, which partly accounts for the eye color. But according to what I learned...he is connected rather strongly to this Dena...and I don't mean by emotions. Maybe he's connected to more."

"He is," Midori answered.

"How many?" Ellen asked.

"All of them."

"That does not matter now," Citan said before the increasingly uncomfortable discussion about mitochondria could go further, "The thing we need to do now is to get off Earth and go to the other worlds and see about gathering friends...making strategy."

Mary and Ellen thought for a moment.

"I could see if I can transport myself from here to...say, Gardenia," the auburn-haired girl suggested.

"If it works," Atlus said, "Bring yourself back here. If not, we'll have to come up with something else."

Mitzi asked, "Why just Mary?"

"Because," Nate said, "We learned that your world warps our native abilities to various degrees. As you saw, Ellen's Persona healed Citan less than it should have and Atlus' Starion attack hit an ally instead of the enemy. If our ability to travel has been warped as well, a variety of things could happen, ranging from nothing to--"

"I get the picture," Andrea interrupted, seeing Mary stand to one side and call out, "Open the way to Gardenia!"

The circle of light started to form...but instead of the usual color of blue, it was tinged with red.

The circle sparked and a bolt of light hit Mary, causing her to be thrown backwards into Atlus.

The red circle vanished.

"I'd say that's warped too," Alanna said, trying not to giggle.

"Man! Is she okay?" Mark asked.

"She's unconscious...pulse is fading," Citan said after checking her out, "her breathing has stopped. I would not try using your method again if I were you."

"Man! Forget the portal now, Mary's dying!" Mark nearly shouted.

"I wish I had brought my doctor's bag with me from Zenogias...I wish I could do something..." Citan answered.

As he said this, a strange flash emitted from him and a spiral of energy, the same kind that had awakened Aya's mitochondria, encircled Mary.

After a few seconds the spiral vanished and Mary groaned, regaining consciousness.

"Ughh...what happened? I remember the ring was red..."

"It was," Atlus replied, "You were hit by an electrical bolt. I don't know what you did, Citan, but you have my thanks."

"I do not know what happened myself," he replied quietly.

"Mary, let me have a look at you," Aya said and looked at her face closely.

"What's wrong, Aya?"

"Other than the fact that you were dying you mean?" Nate asked.


Mark nodded, saying, "That red bolt hit you hard, flung you backwards into Atlus. You were checking out when that weird spiral.... did whatever."

"What it did was heal her," Aya said, "Nothing else. No mitochondrial triggering."

As Mary got up, she said, "I guess using portals is out. Now what?"

"Well," Andrea offered, "Before Dena was taken, we were getting ready to go to a gift shop just on the outskirts of town."

"What would a gift store have to do with getting off of here?" Mark asked, peeved.

"That gift store is a UFO," Mitzi answered, "That crashed here over 30 years ago."

Chris's eyes widened as he heard this and said, "A UFO...Philemon told me that the Voice Angels, I mean Musias, traveled from world to world and universe to universe in either one or several spaceships. Unless I miss my guess, that UFO is--"

"A Musia ship!"

Midori nodded at Chu-Chu, who had made the exclamation.

"We cannot be certain unless we leave," Citan said to everyone, "And the sooner we go--"

"Gotcha. My car isn't going to fit everybody, so we'll need a van. Carlo, go ask Valerie for it," Andrea said to him.

"I will need to go by our--Dena's house on the way there," he added.

"You brought your sword, what else are you going to need?" Mitzi asked as Carlo unlocked the door and left.

"I will need my original clothes as well."

Allie nodded, saying, "Ohh, I get it. No problem, we'll swing by there."

Mitzi muttered, "You probably don't get it."

The supposed airhead turned, smiled and said, "It's a matter of identity. Wouldn't you want to not forget who you are and where you come from?"

Citan nodded gratefully to her.

Carlo came back in with a key in his hand, grinning.

"Now," he said to them, "Let's blow this Popsicle stand."

"Yeah," Chris agreed, "We have six women to bring home and a multiverse to save."

About ten minutes later, a large cherry-red van and Andrea's car pulled up in front of a strange looking, large, silver object that rested in a clearing of a forest.

Citan, Andrea and the other exited the vehicles (The Zenogias native wearing his own clothing again and sword unconcealed).

The people from Evolution, Persona and Zenogias looked at the structure in awe.

"Amazing, isn't it?" Andrea asked, "This is the ship that crashed here so many years ago. The couple that runs the gift store as well as my parents were the first ones to find it...and the Musia within. Most of the ship was used as a gift store...that is, the parts not sealed off by its sleeping computer."

To the left of the ship was a building that seemed to be above small...but not quite medium sized.

"If the ship is the gift store then what is that building?"

"After we got your call and story," they heard a middle-aged man behind them, "We moved everything from the ship to our home."

Mitzi yelped, startled and turned around.

"So," the man, who was of average frame and height, looked at Citan and said, "You're the one from Xenogears."

"Zenogias," Atlus corrected.

"Whatever. Dulcinea told us this day was coming," he said with a tone of regret, "We're gonna miss the ship, but better the ship than our lives."

"Who's Dulcinea?" Mark asked.

"Patience, you'll meet her least we think it's a she," the owner replied.

The others shrugged or nodded and started to step forward.

"Oh before I forget...Allie, Carlo, Mitzi and Andrea: If you're told to leave the ship, you leave. Got it?"

"Okay," Andrea said for the others who were nodding.

The man then turned toward the ship and pressed a button beside the silver door on its side.

The door opened and the small group cautiously entered.

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