Bizarre Occurances Chapter 15

Mega-Time - Part II

By Dino Pollard

The future members of Avalanche had all but given up hope. The Shin-Ra had somehow found their base and then bombed it. And because of that, they lost everything. Cait Sith V, Cid, Shera, the Highwind crew, and the Highwind itself.

“I can’t believe it,” Reeve said.

“Shut the fuck up, man!” Cid cursed. “That’s the tenth fuckin’ time you’ve said that!!”

“What do you want me to do?!?” Reeve snapped. “Jump up and down with happiness? They just destroyed us! Avalanche is through!”

“Don’t say that, Reeve,” the future Aeris said. “Just because we.... then again....”

“We have to figure something out,” the future Cloud said. “Although I’m not sure what will work...”

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!” a voice ordered. Avalanche turned to find themselves face to face with SOLDIER Officers.

“SOLDIER,” Vincent said. “This is not a good time for the Shin-Ra to mess with us.”

“You thought you could escape from the Shin-Ra?” the leader asked. There was something about her voice that seemed familiar.

“I do know this,” Vincent replied. His voice grew deeper. “You’re all going to die...”

“Vincent, stop,” the future Cloud ordered.

“What the hell have you been smokin’?” Barret asked.

“We’re extremely outnumbered,” the future Cloud replied. “If we fight now we’d surely be wiped out.”

“He’s right,” the future Aeris said. She turned to the leader. “We surrender.”

“I knew you’d see it my way,” the leader replied. “You’re a smart woman. Take them to the transport. Rufus wants them unharmed.” She gestures with her gun for the SOLDIER Officers to apprehend them.


Rufus sat at his desk in Shin-Ra Headquarters in Midgar. At the side was Dark Nation, his trusty hound. However, it had grown old and was no longer in the shape it used to be. Rufus stood up when the leader of the SOLDIER unit entered with Avalanche.

“I hope they weren’t too tough on you,” he said.

“Rufus...” the future Cloud muttered. “So... it worked....”

“What are you babbling about, Cloud?” Rufus asked. In response, the future Cloud drew his sword and rushed at Rufus!! The SOLDIER commander lept inbetween the two and delivered a fierce kick to the future Cloud’s stomach!! She then slammed his head against her knee!! He fell down, fully concious, yet incapacitated.

“You terrorists just don’t get it do you?” she asked as she began to take off her helmet. “You haven’t changed at all, Cloud.”

“Oh... my... God...” Aeris said.

“Yuffie?!?” the future Cloud asked.

“Good work Lt. Kisaragi,” Rufus said.

“Thank you, Mr. President,” the future Yuffie said.

“What are you doing with the Shin-Ra?” the future Aeris asked.

“It’s so simple, Aeris!!” the future Yuffie replied. “I want to be on the winning side. And let’s face it, Avalanche isn’t the winner of this game.”


“Hey Barret,” Yuffie said. “Shut up!! There’s nothing wrong with me!! It’s HER!!” She pointed to her future counterpart.

“Don’t even try, Yuffie,” the counterpart replied. “We’re the same.”

“She’s you, bitch,” Cid cursed. “Just remember that if we get back.”

“Gawd!” Yuffie exclaimed. “I get blamed for everything!!”

“You idiots just don’t get it do you?” Rufus asked. “Yuffie was a spy for the Shin-Ra for years. How do you think we found out about your first base? How do you think we were able to take out Fort Condor? Or how your numbers diminished.

“Yuffie...” the future Cloud said. “YOU were responsible for that ambush by SOLDIER?!? The one where Tifa DIED?!? And YOU were responsible for killing Cid and Shera?!?”

The future Yuffie nodded.

“YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!” Zack exclaimed. He ran toward her, only to be knocked back by a fierce kick to his temple.

“How could you do it?” the future Aeris asked.

“So, you terrorists fooled around with the ancient Mega-Time Materia,” Rufus said. “That’s the only explanation for why I would be seeing an Avalanche from 15 years ago alongwith the current Avalanche. Where is Mega-Time?”

“What do you care?” Yuffie asked. “You don’t own it!!”

“And even if we did give it to you, you couldn’t use it,” Aeris said. “Only a Cetra can use Mega-Time.”

“Fine,” Rufus said. “It doesn’t matter. Your end will come soon enough.”

“What are you talking about?” Cloud asked. Rufus replied with a laugh.

“Man, no matter WHAT era we’re in he’s STILL screwed in the head!!” Yuffie exclaimed

“You called us terrorists,” Vincent said to the future Yuffie. “Remember that when you are lying at my feet. Remember that you were once one of us.”

“Oh please,” the future Yuffie replied with an eye roll. “I just wanted to steal Materia from pathetic passer-bys.”

“No guys, that’s not true,” Yuffie protested. “I mean, it STARTED that way, but it’s not like that!!”

“There’s no use talking to them, Lieutenant,” Rufus said. “Because today is a day that will go down in history. The day my dear Lucrecia has finally won.”

“What did you say?” Vincent asked. He felt the rage well up inside of him. His blood boiled. A feeling was coming over him. Like a rising flood. Vincent knew what it was. He had felt it before. Chaos. His Chaos form was trying to emerge. But he forced it back down. Not only because he could be endangering his teammates. But also because he had no control over Chaos. It was a completely separate personality. When Chaos emerged, what little humanity Vincent had left vanished.

“Come on,” the future Yuffie said. She turned to some MPs. “Take them to their cells. It’s my lunch break.”


“I wish Sephiroth and Red were here,” Aeris said inside their cell. “They would be a big help.”

“Sephiroth betrayed you all,” the future Cloud said. “When will you realize that it’s destined to happen? You can’t fight fate.”

“I can’t believe Yuffie betrayed us...” the future Aeris said.

The door hissed open. The future Yuffie entered surrounded by guards.

“How is it?” she asked. “Comfortable, I hope”

“I don’t believe you,” Reeve said. “I was giving you an opportunity to STAY with Avalanche!! Then you turned tail and ran! You’re a poor excuse for a ninja, turning your back on your homeland!!”

“My kind was dyin’ anyways,” she replied. “Last of the Shinobi, ya know? I only look out for one person, Reeve--me.”

“You self-righteous little bitch,” Reeve said. “After everything Avalanche did for you...”

“Obviously you guys don’t know the whole story,” the future Yuffie began. “About Rufus and Lucrecia.”

“What are you talking about?” Cloud asked.

“Well, I didn’t want to upset the vampire here,” she pointed to Vincent. “But... Rufus and Lucrecia... are lovers.”

“NO!!!” Vincent exclaimed. “I DON'T BELIEVE THAT!! THAT’S NOT THE LUCRECIA I KNOW!! SHE WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!” He drew his gun and aimed it at the future Yuffie.

“Vincent stop!!” Aeris protested. She pushed the gun down and the bullet hit the ground.

“That’s right,” the future Yuffie continued. “I guess Lucrecia’s pretty.... persuasive if ya know what I mean... Well, that’s all.” She turned to walk out the door.

“Wait!” the future Cloud exclaimed. “Aren’t you going to free us?”

“Why the hell would I do that??” she asked.

“I think you are,” the future Cloud began. “Otherwise, why would you bring LESS guards this time?”


“See?” he continued. “It looks like you were on the side of angels all along. Avalanche... GO!!!” He punched the future Yuffie, knocking her to the ground. “That was for Tifa...”

Vincent drew his Quicksilver and let off several shots, hitting each guard square in the chest. Not one bullet missed its mark. He checked the bodies and found a Keycard.

“We will be able to get to a helicopter landing area with this,” he said.

The rest of Avalanche ran out the open door, leaving Yuffie lying there.


There was only one helicopter left when they arrived. Vincent didn’t like it. It was too easy. He wondered why they hadn’t run into any guards. A part of him told him to be more cautious. But his heart told him that he had to find out what the deal with Lucrecia was.

“And where do you think you’re going?” a man asked. Avalanche spun around, finding themselves face to face with Rufus holding a shotgun and the future Yuffie.

“Rufus...” Vincent cursed. His hand reached for his gun.

“Careful...” Rufus warned. The future Yuffie readied her gun. Rufus aimed his shotgun at Vincent.

“Damn man!!” Barret exclaimed. “We don’t got time fo’ dis!!”

“Barret’s right,” Cloud agreed. “Everyone get into forma--”

“Wait!” Vincent ordered. Everyone grew silent. As Vincent slowly approached Rufus, the guards all raised their weapons. Rufus raised his hand and motioned for them to hold their fire.

“You know Valentine,” Rufus began. “Now I see why you went for Lucrecia in the first place. She’s a very good woman...”

“Shut up.....” Vincent replied weakly.

“The only difference is that this time she doesn’t have a concious,” Rufus continued. “And I like that.”

“NO!!” Vincent exclaimed. He aimed his gun at Rufus.

“What the hell...?” the future Yuffie asked. She turned her gun on Vincent. She was about to fire when a flying shuriken knocked the weapon out of her hand.

“Uh-uh-uh,” Yuffie said, shaking her head. She grabbed the shuriken as it flew back at her.

“Alright,” her future self said. “I’ll play your game...” She reached behind her back and pulled out an odd-looking weapon. “Say hello to the Conformer.”

Yuffie blinked and looked at her own weapon.

“Crap in a hat.”

SOLDIER Officers and MPs began to pour out of the building.

“Shit,” she said.

“We got yo’ back!” Barret exclaimed. Avalanche was standing behind her, weapons at the ready.


Rufus and Vincent kept their weapons trained on each other. Neither man flinched or even blinked. Not once. They were like statues.

“You shouldn’t have come here, Valentine,” Rufus said. “It would have spared you a lot of heartache.”

“This isn’t real,” Vincent replied coldly.

“Oh, it’s very real,” Rufus said. “Lucrecia was very real.”

“Shut up!” Vincent snapped.

“She was so soft and delicate that I almost felt wrong for taking her like that...” Rufus continued with a grin. “Almost...”

“NO!!” Vincent exclaimed. “That’s NOT the Lucrecia I know!!” He lept at Rufus and knocked him down. Vincent placed the barrel of his Quicksilver to Rufus’ temple.

“You’re right,” Rufus said. “She’s better. MUCH better.”

“SHUT UP!!” he exclaimed, pulling back the handle. “You’re DEAD, do you understand me? Here, let me show you...”

“Fuck yo--”



Barret let off hails of bullets into their enemies. He was glad that the future counterparts of Cloud, Aeris, Zack and Reeve were with them. They helped to pick up the slack left behind by Sephiroth and Red.

Then the gunshot rang out. The remaining Shin-Ra officers, the future Yuffie and Avalanche all ran over to see Rufus lying on the ground, his white clothes stained red. Vincent holstered his gun and wiped some blood from his face.

“Holy shit...” Cid said.

“Very nice work, Vincent,” a woman said.

Vincent froze. “It can’t be...” He turned to see Lucrecia staring at him.

“Oh, but it is,” Sephiroth said, materializing behind Avalanche.

“You’re not Lucrecia...” Vincent said. “Lucrecia was never evil.”

“I am Lucrecia,” she replied. “In mind, body and spirit. It’s time that you accepted the fact that this is my true self. It wasn’t Hojo’s idea to inject Jenova cells into our unborn child. It was mine.”

“No!” Vincent exclaimed. He took aim at Lucrecia with his Quicksilver. “You’re NOT the Lucrecia I loved!!”

“What are you going to do, Vincent?” Lucrecia asked. “Shoot me? Ha! You don’t have the guts!”

Vincent’s hand began to shake. His vision became clouded. Slowly, he lowered the weapon. He could never harm the woman he loved, and she knew it.

“What a weak excuse for a man,” she said, mockingly. “Now I shall show you your final resting place...”

With a thought, Avalanche, the future Yuffie and Lucrecia vanished in a flash of light.

“Holy shit!!” one of the MPs exclaimed. “Now what do we do?”

“Looks like we take him out!!” the commander ordered, pointing to Sephiroth.

“Foolish humans...” Sephiroth replied. He began to float in the air. He grinned at them as Shin-Ra Headquarters began to explode. Then, he teleported just as his mother had.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Mega-Time Part 2 is finished. I hope you guys are enjoying this. Anyway, Chapter 16 is the conclusion of Mega-Time where everything wraps itself up. We find out more about what happened to the future versions of Barret and Vincent as well as some other neat stuff. So keep checking back for new chapters. And remember, I appreciate any feedback, good or bad. I’m looking to improve my writing and the only way I can do that is with feedback.


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