Bizarre Occurances Chapter 18

In Memory Most Bitter

By Dino Pollard

Sephiroth began searching the area of Red XIII’s disappearance. No luck. The machine which opened the portal was virtually destroyed. He decided to rest for a moment and sat on a nearby rock. His body was lined with sweat, causing his silver hair to stick to his neck, and dampening his clothes. It was a hot day and he had been searching for hours. It was time for a break. He walked over to the nearby lake and took off his cloak, boots, armor and sword. Leaving them on the ground, he dived into the lake. It was refreshing, cold. When he came up for air, he thought back. To a very unhappy time. His past.


A six year old Sephiroth sat in his room, crying. He had just received another beating for being disobedient. God, he hated the caretakers. He always wondered where his father was and why his mother left him.

“Mom…” he began. “Why’d you hafta leave? I miss you so much. But I never knew you. They don’t like me, mom. The caretakers, the other children, no one. Why do they hate me so much? Is it because I don’t have a mother?”

The door hissed open. A man in a black suit with black hair and a beard entered.

“You okay, Sephiroth?” Reeve asked. “You’re late for your appointment with Professor Gast.”

“Sorry,” Sephiroth replied. Reeve seemed like the only one who treated him like a normal boy. He never beat him, like the caretakers did. But Sephiroth was always told that the beatings were necessary to make him the strongest soldier.

“I’ll go to Professor Gast’s office,” he said. He walked off, leaving Reeve in the room alone. Reeve sighed.


“Hello Sephiroth,” Professor Gast said. “You’re a little late.”

“Sorry, Professor,” Sephiroth replied.

“No harm done,” he said. “Now hop up here on the table and let’s have a look-see at you.”

“Am I gonna get another shot?” Sephiroth asked fearfully.

“Not this time,” Gast replied. “Just a check-up. Besides, what are you so scared of? I thought you were a big tough guy who was gonna become a great soldier.”

“What is it with everyone and this SOLDIER business?” Sephiroth asked. “What if I don’t wanna be in SOLDIER?”

“But if you join SOLDIER, think about all the people you could help,” Gast said. “You would be saving lives and punishing criminals. You would receive respect and admiration. You would be a hero.” He began to look over Sephiroth, checking his blood pressure, reflexes, etc.

“But I just wanna be normal,” Sephiroth said. “I don’t wanna be famous. I just want to have friends. And I—I want my mom.” He shut his eyes trying to force back the tears.

“Your mother,” Gast began. “I didn’t know her very well. Her name was Jenova.”

“Why did she leave me?” Sephiroth asked.

“Because she died giving birth to you,” a man replied. Sephiroth turned to see a gangly man grinning with long, greasy black hair pulled into a ponytail. His glasses magnified his beady little eyes. His skin was pale. He wore a white lab coat over black slacks and a navy shirt.

“Hojo,” Gast nodded to his assistant.

“Hello Professor,” Hojo replied. He looked down at the boy. “Greetings young Sephiroth.”

Sephiroth nodded.

Gast walked over to Hojo and the two talked about something for awhile. Gast then turned back to Sephiroth.

“I have to go somewhere, Sephiroth,” Gast said. “I don’t know when I’ll be back. So Professor Hojo will finish with the check-up.”

“Hurry Professor,” Hojo said. “We can’t keep Miss Ifalna waiting forever, now can we?”

Gast nodded and walked out of the room.

“Now then,” Hojo began. He walked over to a cabinet and took out a syringe and a bottle containing some type of greenish liquid. He inserted the needle into the bottle and filled it.

“Professor Gast said no shots…” Sephiroth informed Hojo.

“Well Professor Gast is getting senile in his old age,” Hojo replied. “This is a requirement.”

“N-no!!” Sephiroth protested. “No more shots!! They hurt me!!”

“If you don’t quiet down, I will hurt you even more!” Hojo exclaimed, cornering the young child.

“NO!!” Sephiroth shouted. “I HATE YOU!! I HATE SHIN-RA!! I HATE—AHH!!”

He screamed as Hojo smacked him. Hojo slapped him again.

“Now will you cooperate with me?” Hojo asked. Sephiroth lifted his arm to shield himself. Hojo took the opportunity and forcefully grabbed Sephiroth’s arm. He pierced the boy’s skin and sent the fluid into his bloodstream.

“There,” he said. “Now was that so bad?”

Sephiroth looked at him with tear-filled eyes. His eyes were a mixture of fear and hatred. It made Hojo smile. Sephiroth vowed to someday wipe that grin off of that monster’s face.


As the years went on, Sephiroth grew to hate Hojo with every fiber of his being. Many children were afraid of a monster in their closet or under their bed. But those monsters were all fake. Sephiroth’s monster was different. His monster was his physician. Every night Sephiroth would be plagued by nightmares of Hojo and some creature with tentacles. They called out to him. Each time he woke up in a cold sweat, then would stay up for the rest of the night. When he screamed out in his sleep, a caretaker beat him and told him to keep the noise down or he’d wake everyone up. Professor Gast never came back. Sephiroth heard that he died. His heart was full of sadness. Not only did Sephiroth lose his mother, but he also lost the only man who had ever been somewhat of a father to him.


Sephiroth was now 13. While other boys his age were interested in girls and Playboy magazines, Sephiroth was studying. He didn’t have any friends or any companionship of any sort. He only had his books and his own mind. And soon, his training would begin. He would be the youngest person to ever enter SOLDIER. If he passed the entrance exam that was. He looked over to see a staff he used for training. Sephiroth shut his book and stood from his desk. He had been studying and reading for the past few hours. He needed a break and to stretch. His body was stiff all over from sitting in one place all that time. And now he felt odd. He noticed his features in the mirror. Emerald green eyes that had a glow to them, silver hair which extended past his shoulder blades, bangs which perfectly framed his delicate features. There had been other girls his age interested in him, but he always pushed them away. He always felt he didn’t deserve companionship, yet he yearned for it so much. But he always felt that none of the girls he met were right for him. Perhaps he was just extremely selective. Or perhaps it was something more…

“Sephiroth,” a man said. Sephiroth turned to find himself face to face with his trainer, Maestro. He was a large man with dark skin, chisled features, and a tattoo of a skull on his head. For reasons unknown, his left eye had no pupil at all. His mere presence frightened those or made them uneasy. He was a great trainer, but too grim.

“Hello Maestro,” Sephiroth said. Maestro motioned for Sephiroth to follow him. It was time for another day of training.


Maestro led Sephiroth into a large gym in which he was trained. Waiting was a man about five years older than Sephiroth. He had short black hair and was fairly muscular. There was a girl there as well, about the same age as Sephiroth. She had blood-red hair and a sly look about her.

“Sephiroth, I want you to meet Garrison Cohn and Elizabeth Monika,” Maestro said introducing them. “You will be training with them now as well as with myself. Both are skilled fighters, same as you. However, you three still have a lot to learn. So today, we will be using actual swords. You are too advanced for boken.”

“What type of swords will we be using?” Garrison asked.

“Katanas,” Maestro replied. “Choose your weapon.”

Elizabeth stepped over to the rack and drew one of the blades. She took a few practice swings then relaxed her stance. Garrison and Sephiroth followed suit.

“Garrison,” Maestro said. “You will be fighting Elizabeth.” Garrison nodded and confronted his opponent.

“Wow,” Elizabeth said with a grin. “Are you sure he can handle me, Maestro?” Maestro gave her an annoyed look. She grinned and winked at Sephiroth.

“I’ll try not to hurt you,” Garrison assured her. “So don’t worry.”

“Who’s worried?” she asked. The two lept into action, their blades clashing. Sephiroth watched as they employed different techniques. And while he knew they had no intention of harming each other, they certainly looked like they were mortal enemies.

“Garrison swung at Elizabeth who guarded herself with the blade. She shoved him back with all her might. Sephiroth was amazed. Despite Garrison’s superior size and strength, Elizabeth was able to hold her own against him. Perhaps strength wasn’t the only factor in a battle...

Elizabeth swung at Garrison’s leg. When he blocked with his sword, she delivered a roundhouse kick to his temple. He fell back into the wall. Elizabeth pushed him up against the wall with her foot, putting her weapon mere inches from his face.

“Like the view?” she asked.

“Somewhat,” Garrison replied. “But I like THIS view better!!” With a lightning-fast move, Garrison twisted Elizabeth’s ankle, causing her to release him. She dropped her sword and began to massage it. Garrison put his sword to her head.

“Very good,” Maestro said. “You were cocky, Elizabeth. You thought you had him right where you wanted him, then he countered. There is a word for that--sloppy. If you’re not careful, your carelessness will one day cost you your life. There is no room for grandstanders on the battlefield. You fight your hardest, regardless of the situation. Understand?” Elizabeth and Garrison nodded. “Good. Garrison, you will now face off against Sephiroth.”

Elizabeth walked past Sephiroth and gave him a wink.

“I’ll be rooting for you,” she said. Sephiroth pretty much ignored her remark. Instead, he lifted the blade up, the point aimed straight at Garrison. The hilt was held high, up to his face. Garrison readied himself in a classic position. Knees bent, sword held downward with one hand supporting it on the hilt.

“Begin,” Maestro ordered.

Sephiroth wasted no time. He rushed forward and slashed at Garrison. The sword barely missed. Sephiroth wasn’t playing around. He meant business. He ALWAYS meant business. Allowing the enemy even the slightest bit of reaction time could be fatal. It was one of the first lessons Maestro had taught him. Another was to never underestimate your opponent.

Garrison’s technique was very skillful. Sephiroth realized that was obviously because of Maestro’s training. Maestro. The General of SOLDIER. He had always been that and it would never change. He had taught Garrison much. Just as he had taught Sephiroth much. And because of that, the two were too evenly matched.

Sephiroth realized that if he was going to have any hope of winning, it wouldn’t be by constantly avoiding Garrison’s attacks and making the exact same ones. Action was required. The only way he could win was if he took the fight to his opponent. Sephiroth looked at Garrison. Instead of seeing Garrison, he saw Hojo. And then, the rage boiled up inside of him. Sephiroth lashed out, swinging violently. Garrison desperately tried to block all the slashes. To Sephiroth, it was no longer a training session. It was the battlefield. Hojo was the enemy. And Sephiroth was out for blood.

Garrison was knocked to the floor by Sephiroth. Sephiroth poised the blade by his throat, pulled it back, and executed the manuever.


Sephiroth saw Maestro standing above him, blocking Sephiroth’s sword with his own.

“That will be quite enough of that,” Maestro said. He turned to Garrison. “Get up. I don’t want to see you fail so miserably again.”

“No one can handle him,” Garrison replied. “He’s a maniac.”

“Sephiroth, you are done for the day,” Maestro said. “Hit the showers then return to your quarters.”

Sephiroth nodded. As he walked away, he grinned. He had found his motivation for fighting. And he knew it would make him the best.


Another appointment.... another day of being poked and prodded by that sick man.


Sephiroth hated that name--that man--more than anything else.

“Hmm, splendid...” Hojo muttered. “You are coming along very nicely in your training. I also see that you are schedueled to take the entrance exam next week. Very nice.”

“Let’s just get this over with...” Sephiroth growled.

“No patience I see...” Hojo grinned. “What is the hurry?”

“Maestro is going to show me how to use Materia,” Sephiroth replied. “I am eager to see how magic works.”

Hojo’s body stiffened. His grin faded to a frown. Lifting his hand up, he struck Sephiroth across the face!!

Sephiroth said nothing. He mearly took the blow.

“Never EVER use such an unscientific term as magic!!” Hojo exclaimed. “Magic does not exist!! It is an old wives’ tale, nothing more!! Do you understand me?!?”

Sephiroth grinned.

“Well?” Hojo asked.

He slowly nodded his head, still grinning. That seemed to make Hojo uneasy, and it gave Sephiroth more joy than anything else.


Maestro and Sephiroth walked around the streets of Midgar side-by-side (no, they aren’t lovers or anything you sick people).

“I am very impressed with your progress, my pupil,” he said. “Now you have made it into Third Class SOLDIER. And at age 14 no less!! At this rate, you may make First Class by as early as next year. Therefore, there is something I wish to give you.”

“What?” Sephiroth asked. He was confused. Generally, Maestro never showed any emotional attachment to his students, let alone Sephiroth. So why would he give Sephiroth a gift?

“This way,” Maestro said. He motioned for Sephiroth to follow him to where a Shin-Ra truck waited. “Come on.”

Sephiroth got in the truck as Maestro started it up.


The drive was about an hour long. Maestro stopped in front of a cave and got out.

“There,” he said, pointing to the entrance. “There is where your gift awaits.”

Sephiroth slowly entered. Inside, there was an old man. He was busy at work on crafting a sword.

“Greetings Shiro,” Maestro said.

“Hmm?” Shiro asked. He turned to look at his visitors. “MAESTRO!! How ya been, buddy?”


“Same as usual, eh?” Shiro replied. “Ah well. What can I do for you, today?”

“I am here for the blade,” Maestro replied.

“You can’t be serious,” Shiro said. “I mean, not even you could wield it in battle.”

“Not for me,” Maestro said. “For young Sephiroth here.”

“You have got to be joking.”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

“True there...” Shiro replied. “Alright kid, let’s see if you can use it.”

He led Sephiroth over to an area where an extremely long sword lie on the ground.

“Eight feet long with sheer distructive power,” Shiro explained. “According to legend, it was crafted a millenium ago, and only the strongest of warriors can wield it in battle. It’s called the Masamune.”

Sephiroth cautiously bent down and wrapped his hands around the hilt. He felt a surge of power overcome him as he tried to lift it. Miracously, he was able to get it off the ground!!

“My..... God.....” Shiro said. He looked up at Maestro who simply grinned.

“Uhhhh....” Sephiroth groaned as he attempted to hold it in a battle stance. The blade fell to the ground once again. Maestro’s grin faded back to his usual demeanor.

“Very impressive, Maestro,” Shiro said. “But he got no furthur than you did. Sorry kid. You’re just not cut out for the Masamune.”

Sephiroth gave Shiro a cold stare which caused the man to flinch. As he followed Maestro back to the truck, he could only think of how the Masamune gave him a sense of power. He wanted to wield it in battle. No matter what, he would grasp the Masamune in his hands and use it in battle one day. He would use it to kill that bastard Hojo, as well as anyone else who dared to get in his way.


Sephiroth was busy training in the gym, performing a sword kata which Maestro had just taught him. It had been five months since the day when Maestro took him to Shiro’s cave. Just two months earlier, Sephiroth had made Second Class.

“You remember your lessons well, Sephiroth,” he said.

“Is there something you want, Garrison?” Sephiroth asked.

“We’re ready to depart,” Garrison replied. “Think about it, Sephiroth. If you do good on this mission, you will be promoted to First Class. And at only 15.”

“What of you and Elizabeth?” Sephiroth asked.

“Elizabeth is good,” Garrison replied. “But she won’t make it to First Class for at least another year. As for me, I’ve waited long enough. I deserve this more than anyone else. I have spent my whole life training to join SOLDIER. And now, I’m so close to achieving my dream of earning the rank of First Class that I can almost smell it. What about you? Aren’t you glad you’re going to become one of the best?”

“Not particulary,” Sephiroth replied. “The title of First Class is just that--a title. I don’t care about becoming some great war hero.”

“Let’s just get moving,” Garrison said. “Maestro is waiting for us.”


“This is no typical mission,” Maestro began on the truck ride. “There have been reports of some strange creatures roaming the countryside.”

“You can’t be serious,” Garrison laughed. “Monsters?”

“Apparently, there was a malfunctioning Mako Reactor,” Maestro continued. “These creatures are the result. Are you all ready?”

Sephiroth looked around at the other Second Class officers. They were all donned in the usual armor. They began to put their helmets on and readied their lances. Sephiroth did the same as did Garrison. All Second and Third Class Officers had to wear exactly the same armor and use all the same weapons. It wasn’t until you reached First Class that you could choose your own uniform and weapon.

The truck came to a stop and the five SOLDIER Officers piled out and stood before Maestro.

“Good,” he said. “Sephiroth, you’re in charge. Now get moving.”


Sephiroth held his lance carefully with both hands as he led his team through the woods. Plenty of space for these monsters to hide in. Not nearly enough for a full out battle.

A figure darted past Sephiroth’s field of vision. He broke into a run after it.

Another figure.

Sephiroth saw that his teammates were standing close by.

“They’ve surrounded us, sir,” one of the officers said.

“What next?” another one asked.

“Get ready for battle,” Sephiroth ordered. “If you have any Materia, be prepared to use it. But not until we know what type of weaknesses and strengths it has. We don’t want to accidentally heal it.”

“Yes, oh fearless leader,” Garrison replied smugly. Sephiroth shot him a cold glare.

A low growl was heard.

“Holy shit...” one of the officers said.

A large behemoth emerged from the woods. Two others appeared on either side of them.


Sephiroth leapt at the creature, driving his lance into it. It cried out in pain, and slashed at him with its claw.

Easily dodging the attack, Sephiroth slashed again.

Blood. Horrible, green blood.

The creature roared in pain, once again. It went all out, slashing at Sephiroth coninually. He blocked whatever attacks he couldn’t dodge with his lance.

Sephiroth looked down at the green orb on his armlet. He concentrated on it, and then uttered the word.


A bolt of lightning shot down from the heavens and struck the behemoth.It fell back, groaning.

He grinned. It was time for the kill.

Running at the creature, he leapt into the air, and came crashing down, driving the lance into the behemoth’s head.

It fell back. Dead.

Sephiroth removed his weapon. It was stained green. He looked to see that his companions had defeated the other two.

“Oh my God...” one of the officers said as he saw Sephiroth and the dead behemoth. “He took it out all by himself!!”

“B-but that’s impossible!!” Garrison exclaimed. “No Second Class Officer could do that.”

“Exactly,” Maestro said, walking towards the group. They all removed their helmets. “Which is why Sephiroth has been promoted to First Class.”

“What?” Garrison asked.


Sephiroth looked at all the SOLDIERS and MPs arranged before him. Normally, the Shin-Ra didn’t make such a big deal out of a Second Class Officer being promoted to First Class. However, Sephiroth was to be a lieutenant. Not to mention the fact that he was the youngest man to ever make First Class. He slowly stepped out, clothed in his usual garb holding his helmet in one hand and his lance upright in the other. As he walked forward, the other soldiers saluted him. The SOLDIER Officers lifted their lances above the walkway, causing Sephiroth to walk under them.

At the podium was President Shinra, Heidegger, and Maestro. He slowly stepped up to them.

“Sephiroth,” the President began. “You are the youngest man to ever receive the rank of First Class. For that, I salute you. You will be promoted to the rank of lieutenant and will command your own unit. Congratulations.”

He stepped to the side and Maestro approached Sephiroth.

“You were my best student, Sephiroth,” Maestro began. “My master once told me that the greatest joy a teacher can experiance is to have his pupil surpass him. And you have done just that.” He reached out and took Sephiroth’s lance. That would no longer be his weapon. The helmet came next. He would have no need for it.

“Welcome to First Class,” Maestro said with a grin. “Perhaps one day, you will take my role as the leader of SOLDIER.”

Sephiroth turned to face the others gathered beneath them. While they all wore masks or helmets, one thing was clear. They were swarming with jealousy. And he liked it.


Age 18. Sephiroth had been in First Class for three years now. Garrison was promoted two years earlier with Elizabeth not too far behind. Garrison was 23 years old, yet Sephiroth continued to surpass him. No doubt he had nothing but jealousy in his heart. Jealousy and hate. Sephiroth frequently caught him using the gym and training non-stop.

“Good,” Sephiroth thought. “Let him hate me. Let him continue to condition his body. Not as if it shall make a difference.”

Sephiroth didn’t feel he should bother with Garrison anymore. He had more important matters. An advantage of being in First Class was that you also got to choose your weapon. He didn’t care much for the swords that the Shin-Ra had in their possesion. For he knew there was only one sword for him.

The Masamune.


The walk to Shiro’s place was long and tedious. True, Sephiroth could have easily taken a truck or a chocobo, but he preferred this route. Up ahead, he saw the cliffs and realized he was coming near to Shiro’s cave. Sephiroth began to run towards the entrance as it came into view. He stopped before the entrance and regained his composure. He then stepped inside to meet his destiny.

“Sephiroth,” Maestro said. He was sitting at the table drinking what appeared to be tea. “What are you doing here?”

“The Masamune Blade,” Sephiroth replied coldly.

Maestro looked at his host. Shiro eyed Sephiroth curiously.

“Do you really think you can do it?” he asked. Sephiroth nodded. “Alright. You’re the boss.”

Shiro opened the clear glass case in which the 8 foot long sword was held. He then stepped back as Sephiroth looked at the weapon.

It was breathtaking. The blade was a clean silver, reflecting everything that was in its path. The hilt was very hard and midnight-black. He reached down and slowly wrapped his fingers around the hilt. Slowly, carefully, he lifted the sword from the case.

“Shit...” Shiro said, his mouth open in shock. Maestro had a grin from ear to ear on his face.

Sephiroth swung the blade around a bit with one hand as if it were a feather. He then sheathed it by his side.

“Well?” Sephiroth asked, turning to Maestro and Shiro. “Is the sword mine?”

“O--of course!!” Shiro replied. “It’s not like I can do anything with it.”

“Congratulations, Sephiroth,” Maestro said. “You are truly the greatest Shin-Ra warrior who ever lived.”


Age 20. Maestro had summoned Sephiroth to his quarters. Sephiroth was quite curious as to why. President Shinra and Heidegger were waiting there as well, and sitting in the shadows, was Hojo.

“What is the meaning of this?” Sephiroth asked.

“You are being promoted once again, Sephiroth,” Shinra replied.

“I have already made First Class,” Sephiroth replied. “What other possible position is there?”

“Mine,” Maestro replied. “General of SOLDIER.”

“Gya ha ha!!” Heidegger laughed (sorry, I had to do it). “It makes perfect sense!! Sephiroth is the BEST warrior in Shin-Ra!! Who else could become the leader?”

“Well,” the President said, standing. “We’ll leave the two of you alone to discuss this. Come on, Hojo.”

Hojo followed President Shinra and Heidegger out the door. As he walked past Sephiroth, he gave him an eery grin. Sephiroth just stared back at him coldly.

“Maestro,” Sephiroth began. “What will happen to you?”

“I’m just going to become a trainer, Sephiroth,” Maestro replied. “After that traitorus Shen Long betrayed Shin-Ra and went over to Wutai’s side, we need a new trainer.”

“What of Garrison?”

“Garrison will remain under you,” Maestro replied. “If you weren’t in SOLDIER, he would be receiving the rank of General.”

Sephiroth turned to the door. Out of the corner of his eye, he could have sworn he saw red hair...


As Sephiroth walked out the door, he grabbed the red hair.

“Mind telling me what you’re doing?” he asked.

“Let_me_go!!” she exclaimed.

Sephiroth released her hair and she turned to face him.

Elizabeth Monika. Or Red Monika as she was now called due to her bloodthirsty tendancies.

“What do you want, Monika?”

“Congratulations,” she replied. “I just heard the good news.”

“Where is Garrison?” he asked. “Did he send you?”

“Nope,” Monika replied, brushing herself off. “I’m here all by my lonesome. Garrison’s off with that new girlfriend of his. Vionna or something.”

“Out of my sight,” Sephiroth ordered, narrowing his eyes. “NOW!!”

“Okay, okay,” Monika replied, backing off. “Geez.”


The war was fierce. They were losing many men on the battlefield. But for every SOLDIER that died, five Wutains joined him.

“We’re getting nowhere!” Garrison exclaimed.

“I agree,” Sephiroth replied.

“Well, what do you expect?” Monika asked. “You two boys are too busy fighting with those swords. You need something... a little more long-range.”

Garrison and Sephiroth watched her. She drew a gun and began firing at several Wutains.

“That’s dishonorable,” Garrison said.

“So?” Monika asked. “You oughta see what the head of the Weapons Development has cooked up.”

“What would that be?” Sephiroth asked.

“Some giant robot-thing,” she replied. “Calls it a war golem.”

“Knolan is senile,” Garrison replied. “A robot wouldn’t work out here. It’s power supply is limited and Bolt spells could cause it to short-circuit.”

“That’s the beauty of it,” Monika replied with a grin. “It runs on Materia and spells have no effect on it.”

“Well, then where is it?!?” Garrison asked.

“Here,” a booming voice replied. The three turned to see the source.

A large robot, about 7 feet tall, stood above them. One of his arms began to shift into a cannon.

“SHIT!!” one of the Wutains yelled. “What the hell IS that?!?”

“Hmmzzt,” the war golem said. “I am Calibretto. I... must apologize for what I am about to do.” He aimed his cannons at the Wutains and took them out with a few blasts.

“You may continue,” Calibretto said. “I will take care of this.”


Sephiroth marvelled at the sheer force of the golem. Old Knolan still had a few tricks up his sleeve.

He stopped by a building. Rice paper, just like all the others. The Pagoda was not far off. There was a sound. A knife being drawn from its sheathe.

Monika leapt at Sephiroth, knife in hand. Garrison delivered a swift kick to her gut, causing her to fall back down.

Sephiroth lifted her up by the hair.

“What do you think you’re doing?!?” he spat.

“Someone paid me a LOOOOT of money to kill you,” she replied. “They say you’re some monster who should be killed. Otherwise the world will suffer.”

“I would kill you now, but it would jeapordize the mission,” Sephiroth said. “We have to go back.”

“What?” Garrison asked.

“You heard me,” Sephiroth replied.

“But we may never get another chance to reach the Pagoda!!” Garrison exclaimed.

“That’s an ORDER!!!” Sephiroth shouted.

“WHO’S BACK THERE?!?” a voice ordered.

“SHIT!!” Garrison cursed.

“We must hurry,” Sephiroth replied. “We can’t fight them and watch Monika at the same time.”


Age 25. The war had ended three months earlier. Tomorrow Sephiroth was schedueled to go on a mission to Nibelheim with a teenage boy who had just made First Class as well as two Shin-Ra MPs. They were all young, and no doubt very psyched about tomorrow’s mission.

But Sephiroth had other things on his mind. Elizabeth “Red” Monika was sentanced to life for betraying the Shin-Ra and SOLDIER. That was five years ago. Calibretto was now deactivated after the war had ended. Knolan left Shin-Ra four years ago for reasons unknown and was replaced by a woman named Scarlet. Young Rufus Shinra, now 16, had become the Vice-President of Shin-Ra.

He and Garrison still remained the same. Garrison was to be married next month, at which point he would leave SOLDIER for good.

This would be their last sparring match.

Sephiroth unsheathed his Masamune and held it up to his head, the blade pointing straight at Garrison.

Garrison drew his broad sword (think of it resembling He-Man’s) from its sheathe on his back and held it before him with his hand on the hilt. A typical sword stance.

Sephiroth ran forward and slashed.

Garrison easily blocked it and pushed Sephiroth back. He then leapt in the air, slicing down.

Sephiroth rolled out of the way.

Garrison’s blade became lodged in the floor. He tried to draw it out when he saw Sephiroth running at him, sword poised to strike.

At the last second, he dislodged it and blocked. Rolling to the side, he pushed himself up with his hands, kicking Sephiroth in the temple. A slash.

Sephiroth felt the sting and warmth as blood ran down from the gash in his abdomen. Garrison smiled.

He then attacked again, slashing at Sephiroth’s arm.

It stung like hell. Sephiroth had no choice but to drop his sword. He wouldn’t be able to wield it with his arm like that.

Garrison sheathed his sword and lifted his arm up for the final blow.

Sephiroth looked up at him, his bangs hanging in his face. Garrison’s fist was about to come crashing down on him.

“Ice3,” Sephiroth chanted.

The air around Garrison slowly began to freeze until ice shards came together and shattered on him.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?” Garrison exclaimed.

“Winning,” Sephiroth replied.

“You dishonorable bastard...” Garrison said. “Didn’t you learn anything from Maestro?”

“Yes,” Sephiroth replied. “When you are about to lose, you must do whatever is necessary to win.”

“You’ve lost your honor, you’ve lost your pride Sephiroth,” Garrison cursed, standing. “Perhaps that is where your fault lies.”

He walked out of the room leaving Sephiroth alone.


Sephiroth was reading the books in the Shin-Ra Mansion as if he were possessed by something. The SOLDIER Officer... Zack was his name... he had already come down once to check on Sephiroth. Sephiroth told him to leave him be.

Furiously, he scanned the pages with his finger until he happened on a familiar name.

“Jenova...” he said to himself. The name of his dead mother... could it be?

“X Month, X Day, X Year,” Sephiroth read aloud. “Professor Gast discovered an organism in a geological spectrum of 500 years. He named this organism Jenova.” He continued to read.

“XX Month, XX Day, XX Year,” he continued. “Jenova confirmed to be an Ancient or Cetra.

“XXX Month, XXX Day, XXX Year. Professor Gast’s Jenova Project approved. The ultimate goal: to create a being utilizing Jenova cells in an effort to create the perfect super soldier. My mother was Jenova... Jenova Project... is this just a coincidence?

“XXXX Month, XXXX Day, XXXX Year. After many failed attempts, the super soldier has finally been created. A name was given to the organism... Sephiroth.” Sephiroth stopped immediately. The truth was right there in front of him, clear as day. He was nothing more than an experiment. The only successful one. It all made perfect sense now. Why he was stronger than the other children, why he was the youngest man to ever make First Class, how he became General, being able to wield the Masamune. He was the Shin-Ra’s super soldier. It was the only explanation. He slammed the book shut and flung it across the room. Standing up, he picked up the Masamune and slashed at everything in sight. Then, the voice came.

“I’m here, Sephiroth.”

“Who are you?”

“I am your mother. And it is time for you to take back what is ours. This planet belongs to us. We must take it from them. You are the rightful heir to this planet!!”

“Yes...” Sephiroth said, a malevolent grin spreading across his face. “Yes.”

Sephiroth, the Shin-Ra’s prized super soldier, the greatest warrior who ever lived... had lost his sanity. And may God help anyone who got in his way.

He began to laugh.


With the head of Jenova in one hand, and clutching the gash with his other, Sephiroth slowly moved out of the Jenova chamber.

It was that MP. He was able to get the jump on Sephiroth. How could he have been so careless?

As he made his way to the exit, he heard footsteps. His hand instantly went to the hilt of his sword.

“SEPHIROTH!!” he exclaimed. His footsteps came louder and faster.

Sephiroth whipped out the Masamune in a swift motion and jammed it into the young boy’s stomach, lifting him in the air.

“Don’t... push... your luck...” Sephiroth said. The blade began to shake. The spikey-headed blonde soldier gripped the blade and pushed himself off of it, slowly bringing his feet to the ground.

“It can’t be!!” Sephiroth exclaimed, his eyes wide with shock.

The boy lifted the blade with Sephiroth still hanging onto it, then flung him over the edge.

“NOOOOO!!!!!” Sephiroth shouted as he fell into the Lifestream pool below.


“Lifestream,” he thought. “This is the Lifestream. Soon, I will escape from here. And then.... then he shall pay....”

“Of course, my son. They shall all pay.”

Sephiroth grinned as he fell into a deep sleep. It may take him a hundred years, but he would return to wreck havoc on the man known as Cloud. He would manipulate his thoughts. He would become one with the Planet.


Sephiroth awoke on a beach. He saw a booming metropolis off in the distance.

“Midgar...” he said. This was it. Sephiroth looked to his side to see the Masamune. Standing up, he sheathed it and began the walk to Midgar. Cloud was there. He could sense it. So was Jenova. It was the beginning of the end.


Sephiroth opened his eyes. Once again, he was back in the water. He stepped out and shook some of the water from his hair. He put his boots, cloak and armor back on and sheathed his sword by his side. As he began to walk on, he noticed an object in the sky which grew larger as it approached him. The Highwind had landed.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Took me awhile, but I finally finished. Damn, 16 pages. I think this was my longest one yet. There was some more Battle Chasers stuff (Monika and Maestro) and we got to learn more about Garrison. I hope you all enjoyed a look into Sephiroth’s past. Chapter 19 is when Red returns to the scene and when Cloud and Jonah finally meet!! Remember, any comments are appreciated, be they good or bad.


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