Bizarre Occurances Chapter 25


By Dino Pollard

Cloud looked out towards the horizon. The Highwind had come to pick up his team and they also flew over the waters to find the escape pod. Now, Strike Force was back in Costa del Sol. They were obviously upset over Barek’s death at the hands of Kyoske.

“Shin-Ra’s....finished....” Cait Sith said. “Scarlet and Heidegger don’t have what it takes to pick up the pieces. Hojo and Rufus are dead. And no one knows what happened to Kyoske.”

“And we’re left to defeat Bizarro-Sephiro--” Cloud began. “I mean, Seraph.”

“I’ve been thinkin’...” Cid said. “We’ve been flyin’ around this planet for awhile now, an’ it seems so big.”

“I agree,” Cloud said. “Sometimes, it seems like it’s just too big for me to handle, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do.”

“I came up with something different,” Cid began. “I used ta think that this planet was so huge. But lookin’ up at it from space, I realized how small it really was. An’ it’s dying. Plus, it’s got Seraph festering inside of it like a sickness. That’s when I realized how big this universe is, and how small this planet is. Then it hit me. This planet just like a little kid, sick and trembling in the dark. Someone’s gotta protect it. Ya follow me? That someone is us!!”

“Cid,” Tifa began. “That was beautiful.”

“Yo Cid!!” Barret exclaimed. “Ya even got ta me!!”

“So how do we help it, though?” Sephiroth asked.

Everyone looked towards Cid, who scratched his head. He then reached for a cigarette and lighted it.

“I haven’t figured that part out yet....”

“I have,” Aeris said. “Remember when I was praying on that altar in the Ancient City?”

“Where Seraph almost killed you?” Sephiroth asked.

“Yes,” Aeris replied. “I was praying for Holy.”

“Holy?” Barret asked. “Whazzat?”

“The Ultimate White Magic,” Aeris replied. “Holy is the only thing that can counteract Meteor. Only a survivor of the Cetra can pray for Holy. And if their prayer reaches the planet, Meteor. WEAPON, everything will disappear. Maybe even us.”

“What the fuck do ya mean by that?” Cid asked.

“It’s up to the Planet to decide what’s good and what’s bad,” Aeris said. “There’s no way to tell what we really are.”

“But if the prayer is complete, then how come Meteor still exists?” Tifa asked.

“I’m not sure,” Aeris replied. “Something must be blocking the prayer from reaching the planet.”

“.....Him,” Sephiroth said. “Seraph. He’s the only one who could do it.”

“So in order to summon Holy, we must defeat Seraph,” Red said.

“So,” Cloud said. “Meteor is going to fall in...”

“ days,” Red finished. “That’s what grandfather said.”

“Red,” Cloud began. “You want to see everyone in Cosmo Canyon again, right?”

“Yes....” Red replied.

“And you want to see Marlene, right?” Cloud asked Barret.

“Don’ ask me that...” Barret replied.

“We’ll beat Meteor and Seraph,” Cloud said. “But we all need a reason to fight. I’m doing this for revenge against Seraph for violating my mind the way he did. This is a personal feud. So I want you to all leave this ship and search deep within yourself to find that reason. Then come back.”

“What if none of us come back?” Cid asked. “Meteor’s gonna destroy us, anyway. What’s the use of any useless struggling?”

“If you don’t return to this ship, I won’t hold it against you,” Cloud replied. “After all, you can’t fight without reason.”

“Yeah....” Barret said. “It sounds cool ta say we’re fightin’ ta protect the Planet, but I’m really doing this f’r Marlene. F’r Marlene’s future.”

“See her,” Cloud said. “And come back. If you can.”


The Highwind sat anchored just a little ways off from where Cloud and Tifa were standing. The entire team, with the exception of Cait’s stuffed body, had gone.

“Cloud....” Tifa began, looking off in the distance to the sunset. “Everyone else is gone. Don’t you want to visit your father and brother?”

“Strike Force is too busy with their own problems right now,” Cloud said. “And Dad is in Cosmo Canyon, asking not to be disturbed. What about you, Tifa?”

“Have you forgotten?” Tifa asked. “I have no one. Except for Zangan. But I haven’t seen him in years and I have no idea how to contact him. Do you think they’ll come back some day?”

“I hope so,” Cloud said. “But even if they don’t, I’ll still go on alone.”

“You won’t be alone, Cloud,” Tifa said. “I’ll be right here, by your side. Always.”

“Tifa....” Cloud began.

“You may not remember it,” Tifa began. “But back when we were in the Lifestream, I thought I heard you calling my name. And I know you’ve been through a lot lately...”

Tifa turned away and sat down on a rock, covering her face with her hands.

“Tifa,” Cloud said.

She felt his arms wrap around her shoulders.

“I’m here.”

Then, she collapsed in his arms, sobbing. Tears of joy. Tears of pain.

“It’s all right...” Cloud said, stroking her hair. “I’m right here, Tifa. Where I’ve always been. Where I always will be.”

“Cloud....” she said, slowly parting her lips. “I--I love you... But I know I sound like an idiot right now. We both know who you’re really in love with...”


Her face flashed in Cloud’s mind. Yes, he loved Aeris. But the way a brother would love a sister. With Tifa, it was different.

“Tifa,” Cloud said. “Aeris is a friend, nothing more. Do you remember what you saw in my subconcious? I tried my best to impress YOU. Not Aeris, not my mother, not anyone else. Just you. You’re the only person I’ve ever loved, Tifa.”

Their eyes met, and their lips slowly parted as they came into an embrace.

“Where do we go from here?” Tifa asked, breaking the kiss.

“We’ll find out,” Cloud replied. “Together.”


Aeris lightly knocked on the door of the house in Icicle Inn.

“Dad...?” she asked. The door slowly creaked open as she rapped on it.

“Who’s there?” Professor Gast asked, stepping out of the shadows.

“Calm down, Dad,” Aeris said. “It’s me, Aeris.”

“Aeris!” Gast shouted, running over to her. “How have you been? Tell me everything.”

“After we went to the Crater, a lot of things began to happen,” Aeris replied. “Basically, the last few weeks have been pretty hectic. But Shin-Ra, and Hojo, are finished. Meteor is going to fall in one week. Cloud told us to find our reason to fight.”

“Your reason to fight?” Gast repeated. “Do you know what your reason is?”

“I’m not sure,” Aeris answered. “I guess it might be for you and my adoptive mother, or maybe it’s just for the life of the Planet. Anyway, I just had to come see you before I left to say goodbye. There’s a chance we won’t make it out alive, or if we’ll even be able to stop Meteor.”

“I have something to tell you as well,” he began. “I’m sorry for not being there for you. For missing out on your whole life. I wish I could turn back time so I could have been there.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Aeris said. “You’re here now. And that’s all that matters. Your being alive is the most comfort you could ever give me.”

“You’re just like your mother, you know?” he said with a grin.

“Thanks Dad,” she said, hugging him. “Thank you for caring...”


Jonah carefully molded the shape of the blade. This metal was supposed to be the strongest--and rarest--in creation.

“How ya doin’ over there?” Knolan asked.

“OK I guess,” Jonah replied. “I’m not that great of a weapons maker.”

“You’re doin’ fine,” Knolan said.

“Any luck finding the Ultimate Summon?”

“Bugen thinks he may have found something,” Knolan replied. “But he’s with Red right now, so I decided to give the two of them their time together.”

“Good,” Jonah said. “Anything that can help Cloud.”

“These weapons should be enough, though,” Knolan said. “You finished with that sword yet?”

“Almost....” Jonah began, edging out the blade. “Done.”

“Hand it over here,” Knolan said, flipping to a spell in a magic book. “Now it’s my turn.”



Warrior. Hero. Defender. Father.

But to Nanaki, or Red XIII as he was called, Seto was the latter.

And although Red spent most of his life thinking his father a coward, now his thoughts are far from it.

“Ashame you couldn’t get to know him better,” Bugen said.

“Grandpa...” Red said, acknowledging his grandfather’s presence.

“Are you prepared for the coming battle, Nanaki?” he asked.

“I pray so,” Red replied.

“He’s proud of you, Nanaki,” Bugen said, looking at Seto. “I have something to give you which belonged to him.”

“What?” Red asked.

“It’s called the Limited Moon,” Bugen replied. “I pray you will use it well.”


Cid stared at the launch pad of the Shin-Ra No. 26 in disbelief, a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

“Cid...” Shera said. “You can’t just stay here starting at it.”

“What the fuck am I gonna do now, Shera?” Cid asked. “Goin’ inta space was my dream. An’ now I’ve done it. What more is there for me?”

“A lot more than you think,” Shera replied. “There are people who care about you, Cid. Don’t push them away.”

Cid took the cigarette out of his mouth and turned to her.

“People who care, eh?” he asked. “Is that so?”

“Yes,” she replied, slowly turning. “As a matter of fact.... I’m one of them.”

One of them? This comment shocked Cid. He would have expected her to say Avalanche, or the people in the town. Anyone but her. Yet, that’s what she said.

He looked back at the launch pad, then at Shera’s fading form.

Maybe he did have a reason to fight after all...


“This way,” Vincent said, walking past the waterfall.

The cave. Lucrecia’s cave.

“Lucrecia...?” Vincent asked. “Are you here?”

“Mother...” Sephiroth whispered to himself.

Vincent slowly stepped towards the altar where they had seen Lucrecia before.

However, they were too late. Lucrecia was no where to be seen.

“Not even her spirit is here anymore...” Vincent said, collapsing on the ground.

“Seraph,” Sephiroth cursed. “Again, it’s Seraph!!”

Vincent looked up, strands of black hair hanging over his face.

“It is time...” he said solomly.

“Yes,” Sephiroth replied. “We both know what we need to do.”


“Papa!” Marlene shouted, running to her father.

Barret picked up his adopted daughter and put her on his shoulder.

“I’m so glad t’ see ya!!” Barret exclaimed.

“Hello, Mr. Wallace,” Elmyra Gainsborough said.

“She been a good girl?” Barret asked. “An’ it’s jes’ Barret.”

“Yes,” Elmyra replied. “How’s Aeris?”

“She’s fine,” Barret replied. “She went ta see her father.”

“Her father?” Elmyra asked, surprised. “Her real father?”

“Yeah,” Barret answered. “Turns out he wuz alive all dis time.”

“How did you know we were here?”

“Cait Sit—er, Reeve told me,” Barret replied. “I’m glad yer outta Midgar.”

“We’ve been here in Kalm for quite some time,” she said. “Reeve treated us surprisingly well, considering the fact that we’re his hostages.”

“He’s a good man,” Barret said. “Best in Shin-Ra, dats f’r damn sure.”

“Papa!!” Marlene scolded. “Don’t say naughty words!!”

“Sorry baby,” Barret replied.

“Did you leave the rest of the group?” Elmyra asked. “Meteor is still up there.”

“I gotta leave in da mornin’,” Barret replied. “But in the meantime, I wanna spend some time wit’ my baby girl!”


Reeve continued to pack up the things from his office. After Hojo was defeated and Rufus was killed, Scarlet and Heidegger were hopeless. They gave up the fight. The MPs let him out of prison, apologizing continuosly.

He looked down at the little device which controlled Cait Sith, his creation. It had a small video screen on it so he could see through the toy cat’s eyes as well as a microphone for him to speak as Cait. There were also controls to control Cait’s movements. As for the mog, vocal commands were easily used to have it attack.

He slipped the device into his suit pocket, then headed towards the elevator. He looked back on his time with Shin-Ra for one last time. Shaking his head, he pressed the call button.


“Did you get the Materia?” Godo asked.

“Not yet,” Yuffie replied. “We’re not done yet. I just decided to come back here for a little bit.”

“WHAT?!?” Godo exclaimed. “I didn’t send you off with them for you to come back empty-handed!! I want that Materia!!”

“Calm down,” Yuffie said. “See that giant thing hanging in the sky? That’s Meteor. And we don’t get any Materia until Meteor is gone. Get it?”

“Don’t you dare speak to me in such a tone!!” Godo commanded. “Get out of my house and don’t come back until you complete your mission!!”


The morning sun shone brightly. Cloud’s eyes slowly began to flicker open. He turned his head to see Tifa’s resting on his shoulder.

“Tifa,” he said quietly, gently nudging his shoulder. “It’s dawn.”

“Mmm?” Tifa mumbled, slowly opening her eyes.

“Morning Tifa,” Cloud said. “It’s morning.”

“Mmmorning Cloud,” Tifa replied. “Just give me a little longer. This day will never come again, so just let me have this moment...”

She closed her eyes again and put her head on his shoulder.

Cloud wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. She happily obliged.


“Wow...” Tifa said, looking around the Highwind. “This ship is so big and lonely without the others.”

“It’ll be okay,” Cloud said. “I’ll make a big enough ruckuss for everyone. Besides, I’m the pilot now. No more flying around casually like last time. We won’t have time to feel lonely.”

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Tifa began. “As long as I’m by your side, nothing matters. I’d walk through the gates of Hell if you were with me, Cloud.”

Suddenly, the engine was heard starting up.

“It’s moving...?” Cloud asked.

The two of them ran into the cockpit.

“Cid! Barret!” Cloud exclaimed upon seeing his two friends. “I’m glad you came back!”

“We didn’t come back f’r yer spikey-headed ass,” Barret said. “We came back f’r Marlene!”

“We just came right on in,” Cid said.

“Wait.... did you hear?” Tifa asked, turning away.

“Cid...” Red said.

“Hey Red, if ya bust in now, yer never gonna know what they’re gonna say!!” Cid exclaimed.

“Red!” Cloud shouted. It’s good to see you again.”

“Well, well, well,” Barret said with a smirk. “The Shin-Ra manager is back.”

“Hey, hey, hey!!” Cait greeted. “Some people in Midgar took me in after I left Shin-Ra. I know I’m just a stuffed body, but I’ll work my hardest!!”

“Mind if I join you?”

“Aeris!” Tifa said. “It’s good to see you again!”

“Vincent!” Cloud exclaimed.

“Why the puzzled look?” Vincent asked. “You don’t want me to come?”

“It’s not that,” Cloud replied. “It’s just that you seem so cold.”

“Cold?” Vincent asked. “Hmm, I guess that’s just the way I come off.”

“Sephiroth!” Cloud shouted again.

“You sound.... pleased?” Sephiroth asked.

“I know what happened in Nibelheim wasn’t your fault,” Cloud replied. “And I know you’ve been trying to turn your life around. So for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”

He extended his hand out.

“As am I,” Sephiroth said, shaking Cloud’s hand. “Apology accepted.”

“Guess that’s everyone then,” Cid said.

“Except Yuffie,” Red noted.

“She ain’t comin’,” Barret replied. “We should be grateful she didn’t take our Materia this time.”

“How can you say that?!?” a voice asked from above.

Yuffie dropped down and shadowboxed briefly.

“I came all this way after being sick as a dog and THIS is the thanks I get?!?”

“It’s good to have you back, Yuffie,” Cloud said.

“Gee Cloud, that’s so nice of you to say,” Yuffie replied. “You sick? High?”

Cloud couldn’t help but chuckle at her remark.

“Well...” she began. “I’ll be in my usual spot...”

“Cloud,” Red broke in. “I almost forgot. Grandfather wants us to go to Cosmo Canyon. He has some good news for us!”

“Cid,” Cloud said, turning to the gruff pilot. “It’s in your hands now.”

“Yeah,” Cid replied. “There are two levers here that’ve been bugging me for awhile. I’m gonna try them out!”

“Go ahead,” Cloud said.

Cid flipped the two levers and the Highwind began to rumble.


The propellers were blown off as jet engines emerged to replace them.

Green steam and liquid emerged from them, propelling the Highwind forward, faster than ever before.


“We’re almost at Cosmo Canyon!!” Cloud shouted. “After this, we’ll head over to the North Crater!! We’re coming for you, Seraph!!”

The Highwind began to spin out of control.

“Cid, what the hell are you doing?!?” Barret asked.

“The controls aren’t responding!!” Cid replied.

Suddenly, the Highwind’s crew ran in and helped Cid with the wheel.

“What the fuck are you shitheads doin’ here?!?” Cid asked. “I thought I told you to go home?!?”

“This is our home, sir,” the pilot replied.

“Fuck!!” Cid cursed. “Don’t need ta be so damn cool about it!! Awright flunkies, hold me down with everything you got!!”


Deep beneath Shin-Ra Headquarters in Midgar. A sub-level laboratory lined with sophisticated equipment.

A computer flickered on and the room lit up.

{{DRAINING NUTRIENT BATH}} a computerized voice said.



The black-haired, gangly man slowly came to his feet. He reached over and pulled a lab coat over his naked body for warmth.

Pulling his long and stringy black hair into a ponytail, he reached down on the table and picked up a small pair of thick spectacles.



AUTHOR’S NOTES: No action, as you can see. Mostly just character stuff. Like I said, we’re coming into the home strech now. The next few chapters will deal with Tsunami and Striker as well as Strike Force and we’ll find out more about SOLDIER and the Turks as well. I also hope you liked the ending of this.


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