Bizarre Occurances Chapter 27


By Dino Pollard

Garrison delivered a quick swing to the indigo man’s head.

“This is it, Demur!!” he said. “I may not be in SOLDIER, anymore. But I’m still gonna take you down!!”

“You’re a fool, Garrison,” Demur said, delivering a quick roundhouse kick to Garrison. “Without your sword, you’re doomed!!”

Garrison dodged the kick--barely. Demur was right. Without some sort of weapon, he was as good as head.

Demur was an expert martial artist, one of the best ever. His attacks were fast as lightning, and Garrison couldn’t dodge forever. To make things worse, the brass markings on his body were a form of mystic armor which protected him from harm.

Garrison flipped back, his eyes darting from side to side, searching for some form of defense.

A small metal pipe was the only thing he could spot. It wasn’t much, but it could at least help him fend off Demur.

Grabbing the pipe, he swung just as Demur approached him.

The pipe hit Demur right across the face with a clang. There was no blood, but he was definately stunned.

Garrison took advantage, hitting him again, beating Demur down.

“Careful, Garrison,” Demur said.”While you’re wasting time fighting me, who’s there to protect your little woman?”

Garrison stopped.


He dropped the pipe and ran off.


Barek hated jobs like these. Eventhough Demur was paying him well, he still had a great moral objection to it. True, he was trained to be a killing machine when he worked for Seido, but assasinating an Ex-SOLDIER’s fiance wasn’t worth it. It was just.... wrong. A defenseless woman against a well-trained assasin.

The house was virtually empty. Barek wondered if she was even here.

Then, he heard the sound of the television. She was here, all right.

Carefully, he pushed open the door of the room that the sound was open.

She turned to look at him, a grin on her face. She was probably expecting Garrison. Instead, the last thing she saw was the barrel of Barek’s gun as he opened fire.


Garrison ran through the front door of his house, looking around furiously.

“Vionna!!” he shouted.

He ran through the house, calling her name. The door to the living room was open. He burst through just in time to see a strange man fire two shots off at Vionna. HIS Vionna!!!

“VIONNA!!!!!” Garrison exclaimed.

Barek spun around, bringing his gun up.

“You son of a bitch!!” Garrison cursed, leaping at Barek. The gun was instantly knocked out of Barek’s hands.

Garrison swung at Barek, hitting the assasin in the face.

“Who are you?” Garrison asked. “TELL ME!!!”

Barek was screwed. It was a mistake to take this job. Demur assured him that he would keep Garrison occupied.

Reaching into one of the pouches on his belt, Barek threw a smoke pellet on the ground, using it for escape.

Once the smoke cleared, Barek was gone. Garrison ran over to his love’s side.

“Vionna....” he said, cradling her lifeless body in his arms. “I’m sorry.”


Garrison awoke at his desk.

The same dream. The dream of the past. Only recently has it begun to haunt him.


That was something he couldn’t understand. But he had more important things to worry about. Shin-Ra is finished. Rufus and Hojo are dead. Kyoske is missing. Reeve is off in Kalm. And Scarlet and Heidegger don’t know what the hell to do.

He had granted his team leave. SOLDIER was finished as well. His squad was done with.

All except for Calibretto, that is. The war golem was still in the deserted Shin-Ra Headquarters.

Garrison overlooked the papers scattered on his desk. Crime was running rampent now that there was no SOLDIER or Police Force.

He didn’t like it. He had to do something about this.

The sound of heavy footsteps echoed through the halls. Too big to be human.

The door opened and Calibretto stood there before Garrison.

“Hmmzt... I have some disturbing news,” Calibretto said.

It always shook Garrison that Calibretto had a gravely, yet non-synthesized voice. It sounded almost human. That “hmmzt” always seemed to bother the SOLDIER, though.

“What would that be?” Garrison asked.

“I know of your past with the criminal Demur.”

“What about Demur?” Garrison asked, a tone of anxiousness in his voice.

“He’s been spotted in Midgar,” Calibretto replied. “He and Barek Siamo were responsible for the death of your fiance, correct?”

Garrison’s head lowered.


“You quit SOLDIER because of her, didn’t you?”


“If I may ask, then why did you return?”


“Hmmzt, these one-word answers are beginning to disturb me.”

Garrison sighed, looking down at a picture of Demur. Thoughts of his former master came into his head.


“You must master your rage,” Maestro said. “Lest your rage become your master.”

Garrison grunted as he tried to keep his rage in check, fighting against the robot drone. It was fairly weak, only used for training. He was 18, and still training to be in SOLDIER.

“Harder!! Faster!!” Maestro demanded. “Show no mercy!! Take control of your rage!!”

Garrison gritted his teeth, rushing the drone. The drone replied by knocking Garrison back.

“Stop,” Maestro said, pressing a button on a small device in his hand. The drone went limp.

Garrison stood and slammed his fist against the wall.

“DAMMIT!!” he cursed.

Maestro put a hand on his student’s shoulder.

“You’re letting your emotions control you,” he said. “You cannot fight that way. If you do, then you will lose. The more you let your rage command you, the less chance you have of making it into SOLDIER.”

Maestro turned away walking out the door.

“I’ll be in my office if you need me.”


“I need to find Demur,” Garrison said.

“Hmmzzt, easier said than done,” Calibretto replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Our numbers are severly depleted.”

“Shit,” Garrison cursed. “Wait, I may know someone who can help us.”

“Who?” Calibretto asked.

“An old.... someone I used to know a long time ago,” Garrison replied. “I’ll be back soon.”

He ran off to the elevator.

“Hmmzzt,” Calibretto said. “What an odd man.”


Garrison kneeled before the gravestone, placing flowers down on it. He looked at the name inscribed on it.

Vionna Cohn.

Technically they weren’t married, but she said in her will that she wanted to take his last name even if she died before they were married. No matter what, she wanted to be known as a part of him.

Lord, he missed her so much.

“What’s done is done,” a deep voice said from behind. “You can’t change the past.”

“You....” Garrison said, turning to face his former teacher.

“Yes,” Maestro said, standing. “Did you hear about what happened?”

“What?” Garrison asked.

“Sephiroth is dead,” Maestro replied. “Leaving the position of General of SOLDIER open.”

“And that affects me how?”

“President Shinra wants you for the position.”

“President Shinra can go fuck himself!!” Garrison cursed.

“Strong words,” Maestro said. “This position requires someone with great physical skill as well as superior leadership qualities.”

“If it’s so important, then why don’t you take the job?” Garrison asked.

“Because I’m no longer the man I once was,” Maestro replied. “I don’t have all the skills needed. I’m getting reckless in my old age. The position requires someone who is also young.”

“I’m through with SOLDIER,” Garrison said, anger building in his voice. “You can take your precious position and shove it!!”

“You’ve forgotten, my student,” Maestro said, calm as ever. “And it is time for one final lesson. A lesson in responsibility. Vionna is dead. You must come to grips with that.”

“Don’t you EVER mention her name again!!” Garrison shouted. “I’m responsible for nothing!! I promised Vionna to never go down that path again!!”

“You cannot run from your destiny, Garrison,” Maestro said, drawing his sword. In a lightning fast motion, he cut Vionna’s gravestone across the center, causing the top to collapse.

Standing there was a large broad sword. The one used by Garrison. The blade was dug into the ground with the hilt sticking straight up.

“Look,” Maestro ordered. “Look at the sword. It is your future, Garrison. It is your destiny. It is your salvation.”

Maestro’s retreating footsteps didn’t even register in Garrison’s mind. He was just sitting there, staring at the sword.


The hike was long and harsh. But Garrison still pressed on. To him, it was like a nature walk.

Up this cliff, at the top of the summit, he knew there was a cave there. He remembered who was still inside.

Garrison just prayed he was still alive.

He pulled himself up, onto the ledge.


Garrison slowly entered the cave, his hand going to the hilt of his sword.

“Are you in here?” he asked, his voice echoing.

“What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you,” Garrison replied. “Maestro.”

Maestro stepped out from the shadows. But to Garrison, it looked more like he was limping.

“What do you want?” Maestro asked, sitting at a table.

“Demur is out,” Garrison replied grimly. “But Shin-Ra is finished, and I have no resources to help me find him.”

“So you need me,” Maestro said, rubbing his chin. He chuckled a bit. “Ironic, isn’t it?”

“You can gloat later,” Garrison cursed. “I need your help, and that’s all there is to me.”

Maestro stood, looking at the sword which hung on the wall.

“I have no desire to fight alongside you, though,” he said.


“And I will only help you on one condition.”

“Which is...?” Garrison asked.

“You leave me in peace,” Maestro replied. “No two ways about it.”


Maestro collapsed in his chair, eyes closed, the tattoos covering his body beginning to glow.

His eyes snapped open. The pupiless left eye still glowing brightly.

“Sector 5 Slums.”

“Where in the slums?” Garrison asked.

“The church.”


“Are the trains operational?” Garrison asked, walking back into Shin-Ra HQ.

“Yes,” Calibretto replied. “Why do we need a train?”

“He said Demur was in the slums of Sector 5, specifically the church,” Garrison replied.

“Hmmzzt, why the church?”

“No one would look for a bloodthirsty killer in a church,” Garrison said. “It makes perfect sense.”

“Shall I accompany you?” Calibretto asked.

“No,” Garrison replied. “This is my fight. My revenge.”

“Hmmzzt, as you wish,” Calibretto said.


“I’m glad you decided to come back to us, Garrison,” President Shinra said.

“You can shove your compliments, Shinra,” Garrison spat, glaring at his former, and new, boss.

“That’s what I like about you, Mr. Cohn,” Shinra said. “You’re fearless. And that’s exactly the kind of person we need in charge of SOLDIER.”

“What happened to your prized soldier, Sephiroth?” Garrison asked.

“That’s classified,” Shinra replied.

“Even to the General of SOLDIER?”

“Precisely,” Shinra said. “Your old uniform is waiting for you.”

“I despise that uniform, as well as this sword, Shin-Ra, SOLDIER,” Garrison began. “And most of all, I despise you.”

President Shinra simply laughed a deep, throaty laugh.

Garrison uttered a low growl and walked out the office.


The train ride was relatively short. Garrison took the locket off his neck and stared at the picture of Vionna in it.

“Soon, my love,” he said. “Your death won’t go unavenged.”

The train came to a screeching halt. The conductor came over the PA system announcing the location. Garrison stood and walked out.

The station in the Sector 3 slums was quiet. Not a lot of people were using the trains, anymore.

Garrison began the walk to Sector 5 slums.


Demur stood in the church, looking at the flower bed. So beautiful.

If you liked that sort of thing, that is.

Flowers didn’t belong in Midgar. The city was dark, bleak, and hopeless. No bright spots belong in there. Demur would insure that.

He stomped on the flowers, destroying them. Demur grinned, the light shining off his brass plates, illuminating his dark blue skin.

The door slammed open.

Demur grinned.

He’s here.


Garrison slowly walked in, his sword drawn. With Demur, he couldn’t be too careful. The man was a maniac, a relentless killer. And now, Garrison would put him in his place.

“Hello Garrison.”

Garrison spun around on the balls of his feet instantly, his eyes darting from side to side.

“I’ve been expecting you.”

“Show yourself, murderer!!” Garrison commanded.

“Very well,” Demur said, dropping to the ground. “It is time we ended this silly little feud.”

“FEUD?!?” Garrison exclaimed. “YOU KILLED MY WIFE, YOU BASTARD!!!”

“Technically, she wasn’t your wife,” Demur replied with a grin. “Just your fiance. And Siamo killed her. I simply paid him to do the deed.”

Garrison uttered a low growl, getting into a fighting stance.

“Do you recall when we first met, Garrison?” Demur asked, leaping at his enemy. “I was standing knee-deep in a pool of human blood!! Do you recall the tears you shed that day? Do you remember how many times you swore you would make me pay?”

Demur, delivered a few expert martial arts moves at Garrison, causing the SOLDIER to be pushed back.

“Yet, all you ever did was place me in prison,” Demur continued. “And what really set you off? The death of one woman!! Because of that woman, you quit SOLDIER. And once that woman died, you rejoined. Face it, Garrison. YOU ARE WEAK!!!!” Demur threw another punch at his fallen enemy.


Garrison’s hand cupped over Demur’s fist.

“This ends now.”

Garrison delivered a swift uppercut to Demur, forcing the murderer to fall back. Garrison picked up his sword and began slashing at his enemy.

“Pathetic,” Demur said, grabbing the blade. “These markings on my body protect me from your blade.”

“That’s why I have some extra surprises this time around,” Garrison replied. His eyes began to glow as the sword crackled with energy. Within seconds, the blade turned white hot, energy emitting from it.

The sensation burned. It was too much for Demur to handle, he fell to his knees.

“It’s over, Demur,” Garrison said, preparing to deliver the killing blow. “I promised I would make you pay. And now it’s time for collection.”

Demur looked up at Garrison, just as the blade plunged through his heart.

He was still breathing, but in an incredible amount of pain.

Garrison grabbed the blade, pulling it out.

“Now, you suffer,” he said. “The sins of your past being reflected on you.”

Garrison sheathed the blade, then walked towards the exit.

And Demur, a man who had wasted his powers by committing murder, ends his pointless, ugly life in a pointless, ugly way.

No one is around to hear his final screams of anguish.


Garrison returned to Shin-Ra HQ to the waiting Calibretto.

“Hmmzzt, did you find him?”

“Yes,” Garrison replied.

“Then where is he?” Calibretto asked.


“Hmmzzt, we have a problem,” Calibretto said. “Meteor is drawing very close to Midgar.”

“Evacuate the city,” Garrison ordered. “Not much else we can do.”

“That is incorrect,” Calibretto noted.

“What do you mean?” Garrison asked.

“If we can defeat the one who summoned Meteor, then perhaps Meteor will be destroyed.”

“Let Avalanche and Sephiroth deal with that,” Garrison said. “It’s their problem.”

“They could use the extra help,” Calibretto said. “And if we don’t, many innocents may die.”

Garrison stopped, the war golem’s comments ringing in his head. Many innocents may die.

No, he wouldn’t let it happen. No one else would suffer like Vionna had.

“Ready a chopper,” he ordered. “We’re heading to the Northern Crater.”


AUTHOR’S NOTES: More Garrison!! I received some comments on why didn’t Garrison kill Barek back in Chapter 24, and this is the reason!! Sephiroth mentioned the name Demur before, and now you can see why it’s more significant for Garrison to kill Demur instead. This also gave some more insight into Garrison’s past. A lot of people just saw him as a really evil guy, when he wasn’t that at all. Thanks to all who voted him as the favorite character. But after this chapter, I doubt that he’s going to be leading in the villian race, anymore. Anyway, Chapter 28 will shift back to Avalanche heading to the Crater, but not before a quick stop in Cosmo Canyon.


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