Bizarre Occurances Epilogue

By Dino Pollard

“Are you serious?” Reeve asked.

“Very serious, Reeve,” Major Domino said. “After the downfall of Shin-Ra and destruction of Meteor, the Planet has been in a form of chaos. Everyone is wondering what will be of the government. I’ve met with the mayors of the other towns and we’re all in agreement. We need a leader. And that leader is you.”

“Why me?” Reeve asked. “Why not Cloud Strife?”

“We’ve considered that possibility,” Domino replied. “But Barret Wallace, the new mayor of North Corel, has told us that Cloud just wants to relax and enjoy the remainder of his life. Reeve, you have experiance due to your affiliation with Shin-Ra. Scarlett and Heidegger have been arrested, Hojo and Palmer are dead, and Rufus and Kyoske have been missing for sometime. Besides, you were the most moral person who worked for Shin-Ra. That’s why the public wants you.”

“Fine,” Reeve said. “But I have some people I’d like to be in charge.”

“As you wish,” Domino said. “Mr. President.”


Cloud mounted the Ultima Weapon on a slab of wood. He hung it above the fireplace in his Costa del Sol villa.

“It looks nice.”

Cloud turned to see Tifa standing in the doorway.

“Thanks,” he said. “I thought the same thing. A reminder of what we went through.”

“We also have this,” she said, lifting up a framed picture. Avalanche, Tsunami, Strike Force, the Turks, Garrison, Knolan, Jonah, Bugen, and Zack were pictured at the victory party in Cosmo Canyon.

“Yeah,” he said, looking over the people, naming them in his head. “How was the bar?”

“Slow day,” Tifa replied. “It may take a few more days before Seventh Heaven takes off. Something wrong?”

“No,” he replied. “Just thinking about what the others are up to.”


Knolan sat in his new workshop in the Presidential Headquarters where he worked dilegently over a large heap of scrap metal.

“You’ll be back up ta speed in no time, ‘Bretto.”


“You disobeyed our orders.”

“We specifically told you NOT to join Avalanche.”

“Yet you still did.”

“Yes, we did,” Shen said. “What is your point? Look at us. Sara has lost the Witchblade, Ray has returned to Cosmo Canyon, only Zyx, Bleu, and myself make up Tsunami.”

“We will provide you with additional membe--”

“No, you won’t,” Shen replied. “Tsunami is finished. And there is nothing more to it than that. Goodbye, Seido.”

He turned on his heel, heading out the door.

The Tribunal looked at each other.


Yuffie worked hard at the small computer in her house.

“What are you doing in here?” Godo demanded.

“Writing a book,” she replied. “‘Materia Forever.’ It’s about the history of Materia. Red loaned me a LOT of books from Cosmo Canyon.”

“What about the Materia?” Godo asked.

“Keep yer shirt on,” she replied. It’s in my safe. Just pull the right lever.”

Godo walked into the room and pulled the right lever. A giant metal cage fell on him!!



“And now,” Mayor Domino said. “It’s my pleasure to introduce the new President!! Michael Reeve!!”

Reeve stepped up to the podium.

“I’d like to thank you all for choosing me as your President,” he said. “It’s a great honor to stand here. But I guarantee you that my actions will be extremely different from those of Shin-Ra!! To start, I’d like to introduce my executive staff. Cid Highwind, head of the space and aviation department. Professor Gast, head of the science department. Garrison Cohn, head of the security department. Aeris Gainsborough, head of public relations. And Knolan, head of the weapons department. These are responsible men and women who know exactly what they’re doing. At this time, I’d also like to introduce the head of the Turks, Tseng Valentine. The Turks are a specialized task force designed to take down the most dangerous of criminals, if we should ever encounter them. Thank you.”

Reeve stepped down and the crowd cheered.


Red sat out by the statue of Seto.

“He’s proud of you,” Bugen said.

“I know.”

“You know, Nanaki, I have something to tell you. My time grows short.”

“Grandfather no!!” Red exclaimed. “It can’t be true!!”

“It is...” Bugen said with a cough. “Time is passing quickly, Nanaki. Please take me back home. But first, I must let you know that when I’m gone, you shall be the supreme elder.”

“I’m not ready...”

“Yes, you are,” Bugen replied. “Your experiance in the past months far exceeds anyone else.”


Vincent stood outside of Lucrecia’s cave. His eyes glanced around the night sky. This was his place.


Sephiroth looked around the Shin-Ra Mansion. Complete privacy. This would be a good place to stay.


AUTHOR’S NOTES: Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading Bizarre Occurances as much as I enjoyed writing it. This basically wraps it all up.


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