Hel & Back Chapter 10

Under Siege

By Dino Pollard

“I’m not too sure about this…” Reeve stated.

“Please, you need this,” Domino insisted. “The executive staff can handle everything.”

“Are you sure?” Reeve asked. “I mean…”

“Are there any world-threatening disasters?”


“Are there any pressing matters with the government?”


“Are things the most peaceful they’ve been in awhile?”

“I suppose so…”

“Then now’s the perfect time for you to take a vacation!!” Domino exclaimed. “You’ve been planning this trip for weeks, and now you’re going to call it off?”

“Of course not,” Reeve replied. “It’s just… I’ll have my PHS with me, call me if you need anythi—“

Domino picked up Reeve’s phone, and dropped it in the desk drawer.

“No,” he said. “You need a vacation. Which means away from all distractions like work.”

“Lemme at least give you the number of the hotel I’ll be staying at…”

“Already taken care of,” Domino continued. “Now come on. The limo’s waiting downstairs to take you to the airport.”

“…All right.”

Reeve entered the elevator and pressed the button for the First Floor.

“Are you su—“

“Goodbye, Mr. President!” Domino stated a final time just as the doors closed.

He walked over to the window and watched the limo. After about ten minutes, Reeve exited the building and climbed into the limo, just before it pulled away. It was at this time that Domino took out his own PHS.

{{ Yes? }}

“It’s Domino, sir,” he stated. “Reeve has just left the building.”

{{ What about…? }}

“Everything is already prepared for your arrival, sir.”

{{ And the rest of Avalanche? }}

“The MP has just been sent warrants for their arrest,” Domino replied. “And I was just about to call in SOLDIER.”

{{ Good work, Domino. You’ll be promoted for this. }}

“Thank you, sir.”


The Next Day.

Aeris Gainsborough sighed as she began the walk from Wall Market to her home. Shopping like this was beginning to become too much of a chore. She always seemed to have a tendency to wait until the last minute before she went out.

“I should probably try that home shopping Mom’s always raving about…” she muttered. “Listen to yourself, Aeris. It’s not like a little exercise ever hurt anyone.”

“Excuse me, ma’am.”

Aeris looked behind her to see an MP standing there. The masks they wore still freaked her out. It was nylon, which obscured their facial features.

“Something wrong?” Aerisasked.

“Do you need any help with those bags?”

“No, thank you, I’m fine,” she replied.

“Are you sure? They look pretty heavy.”

“I’m fine, my apartment isn’t that far from here.”

“I insist,” he stated, blocking her path.

“Okay… what’s going on here?” Aeris asked.

“My partner’s just too nice to say it,” a second MP stated, taking out a gun. “Aeris Gainsborough, you’re under arrest.”

“What?!” Aeris exclaimed.

There was a crack heard as a bullwhip wrapped around the MP’s pistol.

“What’s the charge, mate?”

Aeris looked to see a man with spiked, blond hair standing there. He was dressed in a navy-blue suit, and a smug look on his face. He cracked his whip once more to warn the MPs to stay back. She recognized him as Reyke, one of the latest additions to the Turks.

“Don’t just stand there,rookie!!” the MP exclaimed. “Get him!!”

“Wouldn’t do that, pal,” Reyke stated. “You don’t wanna mess with a Turk.”

“D-Did he just say Turk?”

“He’s bluffing!! There are only three Turks, and he’s not one of them!!”

“Wanna try me?” Reyke asked, cracking his whip once more. He twirled it around his head, and snapped it, snagging the other MP’s gun from its holster.

“Oh shit…”

“We can take him!! It’s two on one!”

“Y’know what? FUCK the warrant!!” the rookie exclaimed. “I’m outta here!!”

He took off in the opposite direction, making a run for it.

“Dammit!!” his partner exclaimed, following.

Reyke began to roll up his bullwhip as Aeris slowly approached.

“You all right?” he asked.

“I—yeah,” she replied. “Aside from some confusion, I’m fine. I’m trying to figure out why I’m wanted by the MP, and why you, a Turk of all people, would come to my rescue.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about us,” Reyke stated. “We’ve got some connections on the inside. This isn’t a secure area, so I can’t talk long. Someone’s got it in for you guys. A mutual enemy. The Turks are trying our best to see that it doesn’t happen, but there’s only so much we can do from the shadows. The rest is up to you.”


{{ Sir, there are some MPs here to see you. }}

“MPs?” Barret asked, pressing the intercom button. “Awright, send ‘em in.”

The door opened, and two men dressed in uniforms entered.

“Somethin’ I can help ya with?” Barret asked.

“Actually, there is,” one of the MPs replied. “Barret Wallace, you’re under arrest.

“HA!!!” Barret laughed,slapping his  knee. “That’s a good one fellas!! What’s next? I’m an enemy of th’ state? Tell Reeve it was a nice joke.”

“We’re serious.”


“You heard us. You’re under arrest.”

“An’ th’ charge would be…?”

“Conspiracy,” the MP replied.

“Y’gotta be kiddin’ me..” Barret muttered, standing. He really wished that he kept the Missing Score with him more often.

“I never kid about my job, Mr. Wallace.”

“Well, seein’ as how I’m under arrest, there’s no harm in me doin’…. THIS!!”

Gripping his desk, he toppled it over, shocking the two officers. Then, he leapt over it and delivered apunch to one of them with his bionic hand. The other got an elbow in the face.

“Me an’ Reeve are gonna have words,” Barret grunted. “But first, time t’ take out th’ trash.”

He threw them both out of the second-story window into the dumpster below, one after the other. Then, he went over to the fallen intercom and pressed the button as he slid on his coat.

“Sally, Marlene an’ I are goin’ away f’r a few days,” he said. “Cancel all my appointments.”

{{ Yes sir. }}


Sephiroth brought his sword up, then swung down, chopping into the tree. He brought it up once more, and delivered another strike. And another.

Slowly, the tree began to topple. Once it crashed to the ground, the former General sliced through it several times, fragmenting it into many different logs.

He looked around the abandoned town. It was a bright, sunny day, yet the Nibel Reactor and the Shin-Ra Mansion seemed to block out the sun. It was almost as if Hojo’s sins had completely corrupted the town, preventing it from ever seeing sunlight again.

And yet, here he was. The nightmares had passed, yet he was still drawn to this place. He led a simple life, which consisted of light labor, hunting, meditation, and practice. And at night, once he had finished his dinner, he would sit by the fire and read oneof the many books left in the Mansion or the town library.

He heard something behind, yet didn’t turn. Instead, he knelt beside his sword, his hand slowly wrapping around the hilt.


{{ Target in range. }}

{{ Wait for my mark. }}

{{ Damn, it’s really him, isn’t it? }}

{{ Yeah, that’s him alright.}}

{{ Bigger than he looks in pictures… }}

{{ And that sword… I heard it was long, but I didn’t know it was THAT long!! }}

{{ Will you idiots pipe down? We’ve got a job to do. }}

{{ Sorry sir. }}

{{ First operatives, get ready. }}


One of the officers leapt from the bushes, holding a jousting sword in his hands. Sephiroth spun around in an instant and brought the Masamune up.

The officer speared himself on it, and slowly slid down. Sephiroth recognized the uniform he wore. It was that of SOLDIER.


A squadron of SOLDIERs leapt from hiding, charging at Sephiroth. He dispatched many of them with ease.

Then, he heard the sounds of guns cocking. Several MP attack squads surrounded the area, their weapons trained on him. One man walked past them. The marks on his uniform indicated he was a General.

“Sephiroth, you’re under arrest for crimes against humanity.”

Sephiroth’s eyes darted around. If he wanted to, he could probably summon the energy to eradicate them. But if he did that, he would give up this tactical advantage to learn more about his enemy.

He dropped his sword to the ground, and slowly raised his arms.

After all, no prison could hold the Great Sephiroth.


Shen Long drove the Eternal Blade into an oncoming MP, then shot it upwards.

“Are you people insane?!” he shouted. “I’ve done nothing wrong!!”

“If you won’t come quietly, then you’ll be taken!!”

“Then I’ll be taken!!” Shen exclaimed, cleaving through another MP. “Someone needs to teach you people a lesson!!”

He moved quickly, dodging bullets and cutting down his opponents. Gunshots rang out, and the MPs fell.

“Vincent…?” Shen asked, turning. Instead, he found a woman with short, blond hair and a navy blue suit. “Elena?!”

“Been awhile, Shen,” Elena replied.

“Wanted to upstage your old teacher?” Shen asked.

“Is that the thanks I get for saving your life?”

“What are you doing here?”

“Watching your back,” she replied. “Other people would be more grateful.”

“I’m not other people.”

Elena pointed her gun at him.

“What are you doing?” he asked.


She haid said nothing, just fired, the bullet whizzing just above his shoulder. He heard a cry of pain, and the sound of a body falling. Sword at the ready, he ran over to check the body.

“That’s why I was watching your back,” she said. “I can’t talk long. There might be more spies around here. All I can say is that you and your friends had better get moving. You never know what might happen.”

Then, she left. Shen examined the body, and the pieces began to fall into place. The uniform that the spy wore, it had no clear markings on it, but Shen recognized the symbol.

It identified the spy as a Seido operative.


Tifa Lockheart-Strife looked out the large, glass wall. The restaurant was made almost completely out of glass, allowing a view of the sky and the beautiful beach. It was one of the famous hot spots on the island paradise of Baru.

She looked across the table to see Cloud Strife, her husband, concentrating on his food. Tifa Lockheart-Strife… she never thought she’d get that name. But now, here she was. Married to the man of her dreams, the man she loved more than anything. It almost seemed too good to be true.

“Cloud…” she began.

“Mmm?” Cloud asked, barely looking up.

“Do you ever wonder what would’ve happened had things turned out differently?”

“What do you mean?” Cloud asked.

“Well, say Sephiroth had never joined us… do you think we’d still be sitting here right now?”

“Of course,” Cloud replied. “You know we would’ve stopped him. He wouldn’t have been much more of a threat  than Seraph had been.”

“I didn’t mean if we didn’t defeat him…” Tifa replied.

“Oh…” Cloud stated, grasping the situation.

As Cloud began to speak, Tifa looked up at the skylight. There seemed to be some sort of shape on the moon. And it was getting larger.

“Cloud…” she began.

“Tifa, you should know that I wouldn’t be happy with anyone—“



The glass window shattered, fragments flying everywhere. A man with long, black hair and a red cape fell on one of the tables. His left hand was replaced with a golden claw. In his right, he held a large gun.

“VINCENT!!” Cloud exclaimed.

Vincent Valentine slowly got to his feet, his eyes blood red as armed men advanced on him.

“Target located,” one of them said into his headset. “We’ve also located Targets Strife and Lockheart.”

“Good for you…” Cloud stated, reaching for the knife on the table. The knife left his fingers with uncanny speed, but it missed its mark completely.

“Dammit…” he muttered. “I’m better at fighting with blades, not throwing them…”

”Cloud, those uniforms…” Tifa stated.

“SOLDIER,” Vincent replied.

“Why the hell is SOLDIER after you?!” Cloud asked.

“I wish I knew,” Vincent stated. “I was tracking down Hojo when they ambushed me.”

“That transformation would come in really handy right about now…” Tifa muttered as she attempted to fight them off in her dress.

“If I could transform, I would,” Vincent replied.

“Shit…” Cloud muttered.


[[ In President Reeve’s unexpected absence, Mayor Domino has taken over the Presidential duties. We now go live to a press conference with the Mayor of Midgar. ]]

[[ “I patiently await the return of our noble President. Unfortunately, in his absence, some shocking information has been uncovered. There is a plot to overthrow the government. Some of those involved in the plot are also part of SEC’s executive staff. They are Jonah Strife, Knolan, Cid Highwind, and Professor Albert Gast. Strife, Knolan, and Gast have all been arrested. Highwind, however, has evaded capture. Also involved in this plot are the following names, which I will now read aloud. Cloud Strife. Tifa Lockheart-Strife. Barret Wallace. Aeris Gainsborough. Red XIII. Yuffie Kisaragi. Vincent Valentine. Sephiroth. Shen Long. Zack Trimmer. These fugitives must be brought to justice by any means necessary. I’ve already dispatched SOLDIER to begin the hunt. If you have any information regarding these rebels, please report it to your local police station. Thank you.” ]]

[[ The fugitives have fled every town they were seen in. The airship known as the Highwind II is also missing. Again, if you have any—this just in. SOLDIER has just announced the capture of Sephiroth. For those who don’t recall, Sephiroth was the former General of SOLDIER, and after assisting Avalanche in the battle against Meteor, declined the position once again. His whereabouts were unknown, until SOLDIER located him in the ghost town of Nibelheim. With Sephiroth now in custody, the Mayor hopes that t— ]]


“Barret!” Red exclaimed.

“It was pissin’ me off!” Barret replied. “I can’t believe dis bullshit!! They think WE’RE tryin’ t’overthrow th’ government?!”

“I’d like to know where the hell Reeve is anyway,” Zack stated. “And why haven’t we called Cloud and Tifa yet?”

“If you can find a way to contact them, be my guest,” Red replied. “As of right now, this is all we have.”

He looked around the room. Aeris, Cid, Barret, Yuffie, Shen, and Zack.

“So it’s just seven against the world, eh?” Cid asked. “My kinda odds.”

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