Hel & Back Chapter 5

Back In Action

By Dino Pollard

“They are drawing closer.”

“Good. Have the complex doors open, as well as a cadre of agents to greet them.”

“Even without their weapons, they should still be a formidable force.”

“This shall be most interesting, indeed....”


Zack continued to fidget with his manacles, trying to remove them.

“I’d be careful with those things if I were you,” Reno warned, walking in and followed by Rude and Elena.

“Fuck off!!” Zack spat. “Reeve was kind enough not to fuck you guys over, because you helped us against Seraph!! And now, you’re turning on us?”

Reno delivered a quick punch to Zack’s face, bowling the Ex-SOLDIER over. He then held him down, his face inches from his ear.

“There’s more to this than you know,” Reno whispered. “We’re not exactly enemies.”

Reno stood up and brushed himself off.

“Why are you doing this?” Elmyra asked.

“You may not know this, but after Reeve took control, the Turks soon broke away from his organization,” Elena replied. “We’re guns for hire, now. Mercenaries”

“And your first job was to betray your allies...” Zack muttered. “You Turks make me sick, always have.”

Rude turned to Reno, who nodded. The large man then stepped forward and slugged Zack.


“Get ready, kids!!” Cid exclaimed. “This is the drop-off point!!”

Cloud held the Ultima Weapon in his hands. He wished he was in his SOLDIER uniform, it was more comfortable, possessed armor, and he was able to sheath his sword. Jeans and a t-shirt didn’t have those advantages. So now, he was forced to carry the thing.

Red purchased armlets for the team, so at least their Materia was in easy reach.

The Tiny Bronco hovered inches above the ground. Cloud opened the passenger door, and leapt out, followed by the rest of the team.

“Remember the plan!!” he exclaimed. “My team will rescue the hostages, Barret’s will cover our tracks!!”

“We got it, ya went over it 10 times in th’ Bronco!!” Barret exclaimed.

“Then let’s get moving...” Cloud said, running ahead with Red, Shen, Deadpool, and Sephiroth close behind.

Shen took the lead, and ran up to the mountainside. He began feeling around the rocks, searching for something. Finally, one of the rocks became depressed when he pushed against it.

A pattern of rocks began to lift up, breaking away from the mountain to reveal a metal corridor.

“Let’s go,” Shen said. “I have an idea where they are...”



“They’re here...” Reno said, checking his nightstick. “Get ready.”

Rude slipped on a pair of brass knuckles.

Elena drew a pair of guns and checked to see if they were loaded.

“See if the new guys are ready.”


Barret flexed his artificial hand, hoping that it and his own strength would be a sufficiant substitute for the Missing Score. Although he secretly prayed it didn’t come to that.

“Look!!” Aeris exclaimed, pointing to about a dozen armed Seido agents charging out of the Mythril mines.

“I think they know we’re here,” Yuffie muttered.

“What tipped y’ off?” Barret asked.

Vincent said nothing, just opened the battle by firing several shots from his Death Penalty.

“We don’t have time to indulge,” he said. “Let’s just get this overwith.”

“This shouldn’t take long,” Barret said, taking an agent down with his artificial hand. “We’ve taken out hundreds o’ these guys!!”

“No,” Reeve corrected, delivering a roundhouse kick to one. He picked up the agent’s discarded gun and checked to see if it was loaded. “You’ve taken out hundreds of Shin-Ra MPs.”

“They all th’ same!!” Barret retorted, seconds before an agent slammed the butt of his rifle on his back!!


Yuffie leapt over Barret, and tapped the agent on the shoulder. “Hi, I’m Yuffie.”

Then, she delivered a swift kick to his groin, followed by an uppercut. She turned to Barret.

“THAT’S how it’s done, old man!!”

Barret stood up and glared at her. He then pulled his fist back, prepared to strike.

“Wh-what are you--”

Before Yuffie could finish her question, Barret knocked out the agent coming up behind her.

“Watch yer mouth, brat,” he said.

Aeris felt a little awkward using Cid’s spear in place of her staff. It was heavier than the Princess Guard, and she was trying hard not to use the sharp end of it. Unlike most of her teammates, killing her opponents didn’t sit well with Aeris. Killing at all didn’t sit well with her.

As she thought about this, she took note of Vincent emptying shell after shell into the agents. She could see the rage building in his red eyes, and it sent shivers down her back. He seemed more ferocious than ever, and she wondered if it was because of Tseng’s death, or something else. He claimed that the Chaos persona was purged from his psyche, and she wondered if that caused his newfound rage. Was Chaos simply an outlet for his rage and aggression? And, if so, now that it was gone, did that mean that all that rage had taken over his mind?

“AERIS, BEHIND YOU!!!” Reeve shouted, laying down fire with the machine gun he obtained.

Tifa began pounding down on her enemies, her Premium Heart glove allowing for more damage. She didn’t want this, she thought that after Meteor was destroyed, her fighting days would be done. Instead, she found it was just the opposite. She just wanted to settle down with her husband and enjoy life like a normal person. Was that so much to ask?

Her rage built up, and she found herself continuing to pummel the agent even after he fell unconscious. She looked up in the sky to see the Tiny Bronco II gone. It looked like Cid was already circling.

She only hoped Cloud’s team was faring as well.


The corridor exploded with flames just seconds before Cloud stepped into it!!

“What the hell?!” Deadpool exclaimed.

“The range and use is familiar,” Red replied, a grim expression on his face. “...Turk Light...”

The flames began to dissipate, and blocking the team’s way were five people dressed in dark, navy suits. The team recognized Reno, Rude, and Elena, but the other two were a mystery. One of them was brandishing a bullwhip, and the other held a pair of daggers.

“Just great...” Cloud muttered, bringing his Ultima Weapon up. “I was praying it wouldn’t come to this...”

“Long time no see, Cloud,” Reno said, the tip of his nightstick sparking with electricity.

“Who are these schmucks?” Deadpool asked, motioning to the newest Turks.

“Say hello to Midreian and Reyke, the two newest additions to the Turks,” Reno replied. He lifted his free hand, and snapped his fingers. With that, Elena opened fire with her handguns.

“SCATTER!!” Cloud ordered, dodging the female Turk’s bullets. He brought his sword up, and leapt at Reno.

“Oh no you don’t!!” Reno exclaimed, zapping the hero with a burst of electricity. Cloud fell to the ground, the pain intensified without any form of protection save for the t-shirt he wore.

Reno came towards him, bringing his nightstick down. Cloud blocked in the nick of time with his sword, and kicked Reno back. He then stood, and got into a battle stance.


“Get back!!” Reyke ordered, cracking his whip. Red leapt at the newest Turk, only to be knocked down by the flailing bullwhip. He made no sound, just stood once again, feeling the sting of the wound and blood running down his side.

Red circled around Reyke, who was smart enough to keep his distance. He noticed that Reyke wasn’t as inexperienced as Elena was when she first joined the Turks, which made him deadlier.

Reyke cracked the whip once more, a warning for Red to keep his distance. Red took the hint, taking care not to antagonize the man. Though he seemed like a cornered animal, in reality, Red was forming a battle strategy in his mind. He couldn’t fowl this up, so he had to time the attack just right.

Reyke had no such intentions, as he swung the whip once more, this time striking Red on the side of the nose. He lifted his paw up to his nose to test the injury. It wasn’t much at all.

He crouched down low, prepared to pounce when a green aura began to surround him.



Rude swung at Sephiroth, barely missing him.

Sephiroth leapt back, away from the larger man, the Masamune clutched tightly in his gloved hands. He brought it up in his trademark battle stance.

Rude stood there and said nothing, just removed a small device from his pocket, which he tossed inbetween them.

Sephiroth recognized it immediately and dodged out of the way as it exploded in flames!!

“Turk Light...” he muttered. Rude got into a battle stance, his weight constantly shifting from foot to foot, prepared to do battle.

Sephiroth looked down at the 8 ft. sword he carried. He could gain an easy victory with this weapon, but it wouldn’t seem right. Killing Rude didn’t seem to sit well with him. But why? Rude was a Turk, and the Turks and Avalanche have always been at odds. Yet, they were valuable allies against Seraph...

This was Aeris’ influence rubbing off on him. But, although he would never admit it, he liked it. The idea of having compassion.

He sheathed his blade and got in a battle stance similar to Rude’s.


Shen swung once more at Midreian, who deflected the attacks with his daggers.

“You’re very good, child,” Shen noted. “But you have no choice of defeating me.”

“I know a great deal about you, Shen Long,” Midreian replied. “And I truly admire your skill, sir. But, this is my mission, I cannot stray from it.”

“That’s a shame,” Shen said as he pulled his Eternal Blade back in a battle stance. “There is much you could learn from me...”

Midreian recognized this stance. Shen would attempt to perform a 360 spin in the air, bringing the sword down on his head. Midreian would not allow it, so he flung a dagger at Shen’s arm.

The Wutain ducked the knife, crouched down low, and leapt up, delivering a kick to the Turk’s jaw.

“Never trust appearences...”


Elena and Deadpool continued to exchange gunfire, constantly trying to find some way to hide from the hail of bullets while trying to work out a plan.

Elena took refuge from the gunfire behind a large rock.

(It’s not much, but it’ll have to do for now...) she thought. She could barely make out Deadpool’s masked face when she looked up. (This guy’s a trained killer, god knows what might be going through his head!!)

(There she was, just-a walkin’ down the street singin’ dowadidididi.... ummm.... DIDI!!), Deadpool thought. (Damn, she’s taking a long time.... I wonder...)


Elena uttered a low growl and sprung up from her hiding place, firing away.

“Never fails...” Deadpool chuckled to himself. He reached into one of the pouches on his belt and pulled out a grenade, Pulling the pin out, he tossed it over to Elena. “CATCH!!”

“Oh shit!!!” Elena exclaimed, leaping out of the way.


Cloud and Reno clashed weapons with a loud clang. However, Reno appeared to be giving up the struggle, as Cloud forced him down.

“Why are you doing this, Reno?” he asked. “I thought we had a truce.”

“We’re not what you think, Cloud,” Reno whispered. “We hate these sons of bitches as much as you guys do. They killed Tseng.”

“I know,” Cloud replied. “Both Vincent and Aeris saw him die in their dreams.”

“The Turks are giving up the battle, if only you guys use a spell to take us all down at once,” Reno muttered, a key purposely falling out of his pocket. “Make it look real...”

Cloud nodded, and threw Reno to the ground. He concentrated on a single, green orb on his armlet, energy beginning to flow through him. A green aura surrounded him, as his hands channeled power. He only needed to utter a single word to change thought into action.


The entire area around the Turks exploded with green energy, as they felt themselves fall to the mercy. Part of them was faking, but the other part was in an extreme amount of pain. Cloud told himself he’d make it up to Reno when this was all overwith.

“Shen, lead the way,” he said, motioning to the corridor. He picked up the key Reno purposely discarded and followed the team.


“You hear that?” Zack asked, looking at his fellow captives. “That’s the sound of liberation. Avalanche must be out there.”

Gast and Elmyra just looked at each other. They only met briefly, when Aeris introduced them. However, though they hardly know each other, they can instantly tell what the other is thinking at this moment.

Is Aeris all right?


Shen moved silently through the corridors, like a lithe jungle cat. Seido agents were crawling through this place, but he knew exactly where he was going.

He motioned for the rest of the team to follow him as he moved about, eyes darting back and forth. After five years of being away from this place, Shen was amazed at how he was able to recall every detail of the complex. It was like nothing had changed at all.

He moved to a single door, and opened it.

“We win...” he muttered.

“Cloud!” Zack exclaimed. “You don’t know how great it is to see you, cuz!!”

“There’ll be time for thanks, later,” Cloud said, using the key to release his cousin’s manacles. He did the same for Elmyra and Gast. “Let’s get out of here.”

As they began to run through the corridors once more, Shen stopped.

“Shen?” Red asked. “What is it?”

“Cloud, remember what I talked to you about?” Shen asked.

“Here?!” Cloud retorted. Shen simply nodded. “Shit... Zack, I want you to take this hallway down, and make a left at the second intersection, You should then see the opening of the complex at the end of the hallway. Take Elmyra and Professor Gast out of here.”

“Hell no, you’re not leaving me out of this!!” Zack exclaimed.

“Not now, Zack,” Cloud ordered. “You don’t have a weapon. Besides, Aeris and the others will need your help out there.”

“Aeris is out there?” Gast asked. Cloud nodded. “Then we need to get out there. I have to make sure she’s all right.”

“All right...” Zack said with a sigh. “But now we’re even for me savin’ your ass in Nibelheim!!”

“Fine, just go!!” Cloud shouted. Zack ran off with Gast and Elmyra close behind.

“Shen, lead the way.”


“There’s too many of them!!” Tifa exclaimed, as more agents poured out of the complex. “How can we stop all of them?”

“We can’t,” Vincent calmly replied.


Aeris turned to see three figures running from the exit.

“Zack...?” she muttered. “Zack!! Mom!! Dad!!”

“They’re fine...” Zack said. “Cloud and the others are still tied up inside, they told us to go on ahead. So, what’re the odds?”

“Same as always,” Barret stated.

“That bad, huh?” Zack grinned, then he saw the agents running from the bay door. “Holy shit... Anyone got any bright ideas?”

“Dammit!!” Yuffie shouted. “Where the hell is old man Cid when ya need him?! Remind me ta swipe his smokes once we..... get.... outta..... this.....?”

To everyone’s surprise, a huge jet flew overhead, hovering above them. Streams of bullets erupted from it, mowing down the agents. The ship then landed softly, and the hatch opened up with none other than Cid Highwind standing there with a cigarette dangling from his mouth.

“C’mon aboard!!” he ordered. “An’ hurry!!”


“Here,” Shen said, stopping at the end of a hallway with large, metal doors. There was a keypad on the side, in which he hit a series of keys. The doors opened with a hiss.

“Get ready...” he warned, drawing his sword. The team slowly made their way inside, seeing nothing but complete blackness.

Then, the darkness was pierced by three lights, barely illuminating three, cloaked figures.

“The Tribunal...” Shen cursed.

“Shen Long, it’s been a long time.”

“We would say this is a pleasant surprise, but it is neither pleasant nor a surprise.”

“We knew you couldn’t resist the urge to attempt to destroy us.”

“What did Aeris’ family have to do with any of this?!” Cloud demanded. He felt a shadow fall over him, and turned to see Sephiroth standing behind him. If Cloud didn’t know better, he could swear the older man was supporting his decision....

“Allow us to introduce you to our newest venture....”

Between the Tribunal and Avalanche, in mid-air. an image of an odd creature appeared. It had a semi-robotic body with blue flames erupting from its head and a purple and red cape.

Shen felt his blood froze as he locked eyes with it.


“Not at all, Shen Long.”

“This is Helspont, Avalanche. The Bringer of Destruction.”

“And you’re gonna allow him to bring this destruction?!” Shen asked. “Why? You spent all that time trying to preserve the world only to see it destroyed?”

“You do not understand.”

“We seek to balance the cosmic scales.”

“And we cannot allow you to interfere.”

“We’re not going to stand by as the Planet is destroyed,” Sephiroth said. “So we will interfere with this Helspont’s plans!!”

“Helspont....” Shen muttered.

“As we speak, a cadre of Seido agents are on their way to our inner sanctum, with orders to shoot on sight.”

“Well, sorry ta disappoint you,” Deadpool said. “But I left a cake in the oven, and I got a dinner party t’ plan.”

Deadpool’s hand went to his belt buckle, which resembled his mask. He pressed the button on the top down, and the team vanished.


Cloud’s team reappeared outside the complex, and the soldiers seemed to have retreated.

“Hey, it worked!!” Deadpool exclaimed.

“Where’s the--” Red began. He stopped himself once his eyes fell on the airship before them. There was an open hatch, and Cid was beckoning them in.

“Come on!!” Cloud exclaimed, breaking into a run towards it.


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