My Dear, Dear Valentine

By Dragonknight Yuffie

I suppose I should thank Cloud for releasing from that prison in which I slept so long but I don’t know if I’m truly thankful. I just want to rest some more. I don’t think my weariness will ever be relived. I’m so very tired. I wasn’t always this way, though. Once I was a normal man with an almost normal life until that slimy, detestable Dr. Hojo.....Well let me just tell you the story.

I had just gotten out of the shower when my PHS rang. I answered to hear the voice of an angel, my angel, my dearest Lucricia.

"Vincent. Are you off duty?" She was referring to my job as a Turk. Yes, I was off duty until the next morning. Perhaps had I been on duty then, none of this would have ever happened. Ah, but it’s too late to change that now. I will never know. In any case I told her that I was off duty. I noticed a hint of worry in her voice as she invited me to join her at a local bar that evening. I didn’t ask her what was wrong. Maybe I should have.

At six o’clock I arrived at the bar to see her sitting alone. Her head was bowed and she hadn’t seen me enter. I walked over to where she sat and planted a kiss on the top of her beautiful head. She turned around to face me and smile. It was a weak smile, kind of wavering. She reached her hand up and quickly wiped away a tear hoping that I hadn’t seen it. I sat down beside her and ordered some drinks.

From six till seven we had a wonderful time talking and laughing like we always did but I could tell that she was still worried about something. I decided that I would ask her right before we left. It didn’t matter if I had to miss my work in the morning because I stayed up all night with her. If Lucricia needed me I would be there. That was a promise I had made long ago.

A little after seven, Hojo showed up at the bar and took the seat on the opposite side of Lucricia. I saw her wince as he slid his arm around her and I took a deep breath to subdue my anger.

"Vincent, my boy, might I buy you the next drink?" He asked in an oily, snaky type voice.

"Sure," I said wearily. He called over the bartender and ordered the special. I sipped it slowly as I jealously watched him converse with Lucricia. She answered him in even tones, her face showing no emotion.

Suddenly I began to feel lightheaded. I thought I might have drunk too much. My vision started to get blurry. I tried to get up and fell to the floor. Lucricia was immediately at my side.

"I’m sorry, Vincent!" She whispered. When I woke up everything was black. I attempted to rise but my head hit a low hanging ceiling. I stretched my arms to the sides to feel walls barely inches away. I was in a box, no a coffin! Was I dead? I wanted to scream but I couldn’t even open my mouth. My body began to feel numb and my eyes got heavy. I heard Hojo’s voice then. It haunts my dreams even now.

"Sleep well, my dear, dear Valentine," I heard nothing else for years.

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