Chrono Trigger: The Lost Force Afterthoughts

By Dragoon Taryn

Now, I know you people out there are probably thinking, What kind of ending was that? The truth is, I got the idea from Icy Brian's fanfic, A Shadow of Evil ( the first fanfic I ever read). In his afterthoughts, Icy Brian said, I hate seeing someone build the bad guy up to be an all-powerful being, only for them to be beaten *snap* like that (direct quote).

Taryn and Zovak were my own personally made characters, and I did make Taryn based on myself. However, I didn't want to write the story in Taryn's eyes, because I wanted to have every characters' thoughts and opinions in the story, not just 'my' own. Judging from the ending, most of you can bet there will be a sequel. And it is currently in the works.

I think I should also explain the hostility between Taryn and Lucca. See, I didn't want all the characters from Chrono Trigger to instantly accept Taryn, I figured at least one of them should feel threatened by her. I finally decided that it should be Lucca, sort of because Lucca was the most 'advanced' human in the group, and now Taryn, a girl with more advanced technology, has shown up. I figured it would be natural for Lucca to feel a little threatened.

The last thing I should explain is why Magus seems so concerned about Taryn, and vice-versa. I figured that Taryn and Magus would sort of have the same kind of personality, both pretty much loners who never rely on others. The other reason is partly because they can both use Shadow Magic.

Now I would like to thank a few people. My sister Amanda, for telling me that I have good writing abilities, a great sense of humor, and is always encouraging me to write more.

My friend Paul, who listened to all my crazy ideas and never complained about it, and stands by me in my times of temporary insanity.

My dad, for telling me to do what I want to do, helping me with my own webpage, and not freaking out on me when I get bad grades, hahaha.

Oh, and one more thing, if any of you has read Lady Marrah's The New Returners, you'll notice that her villain's name, Zarok, sort of sounds like my villain's name, Zovak. Please be assured that this is a complete coincidence. I thought of the name Zovak myself, then around the time I was writing Chapter 6, I read The New Returners and realized that the names were similar.


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