Completion Chapter 12

Movement Six: Tension

By Drakonlily

Rude looked about as he and Yuffie followed her father into the palace. He had never been inside the palace itself. As expected, it was splendid; so easily hiding the poor family and the lies that lied within it. He pulled her closer to his body as she shivered despite the heat of the night. The entire place reeked of a trap, there were people watching the three of them closely. He sent a glare over his left shoulder, to the people he knew were there, just think about it.

 They stopped in a large, elegant conference room, complete with an oaken table displaying a gold laden top. Everything was shining, from the dark imported wood to the native gold. An older woman entered the room, her eyes widened at the sight of the huge ex-Turk and her tiny princess. She bowed to both, hiding her shock.

 "Yuvette could you go with TeLin? I want to talk with this young man," The Lord of Wutai's voice was clear and level but Rude didn't miss the note of warning to it.

 Yuffie's eye narrowed for a moment, sizing up the intentions of her father. "As you wish, Sire." She bowed to him as if she were a commoner and followed the kimono clad woman out of the room.

 Lord Godo sat at the head of the golden topped table. His reflection clear on the highly polished surface. He glared at Rude; it was obvious to him that he would not be able to threaten the large ex-Turk.

 Rude's own eyes were busy, he looked about the room. Lord Godo's ninja's were masters-that was certain, but they seemed afraid. All attention was turned to the large man at the foot of the daunting center table. Rude remained standing, he had counted about three people watching him. After he was sure that they were no real threat to him he looked down at Godo over the tops of his sunglasses. Rude knew that Godo wouldn't have anything pleasant to say to him. He found himself thinking about how Yuffie had beaten him in hand to hand combat. Rude wondered how Lord Godo must have felt after the fact; he still had so little faith in her. With a heavy sigh he waited for the Lord to speak.

 Lord Godo let the silence choke the space until he was certain that Yuffie was far out of earshot. He glared across the table at Rude. "What do you mean by being here with my daughter?" While he tried to sound conversational his voice was threatening.

 Rude raised one eyebrow and said nothing. When the Lord began to drum his fingers in agitation the ex-Turk sighed and sat down. "Whatever I have to tell you won't be good enough." He responded, "So why tell you anything?"

 Godo smirked slightly at that. "She won't have a cent from me you know."

 Rude shrugged; in all honesty he had more then enough money to go around. It was a non issue how rich Yuffie would be.

 "So you aren't after her money or power?"

 Rude rolled his eyes from behind his glasses. He didn't want to say that he was in love with Yuffie. But he knew it was more then sex or a physical attraction- much more. There was that way she made him actually smile, a feet only Reno could claim to until her. There was the way she held him, the way her face lit up when she saw him. The way she seemed to depend on him without seeming needy. After it was plain the Wutain Lord was waiting for an answer he growled. "No."

 "Then what is it? You actually are in love with her?" Godo was getting frustrated with the monotone nearly mute man his child had decided to bed.

 Rude stood up in agitation. "Your daughter is a hero of the planet. She even beat you in combat. She needs no help to rule Wutai. If you could get your head out of your ass to see that then maybe you would get the honor of knowing her for yourself." He turned to leave.

 "I have not dismissed you!" Godo stood. As Rude ignored him his ninjas jumped in front of the doorway. "You won't make it off this island alive."

 The big man ignored the ninja's and whirled to face Lord Godo. "You think you are the first person to threaten my life?!" Rude's intimidating voice raised in his agitation. "You are not the first or the last, what gets me is how little faith you have in her."

 "I have enough faith to know that street trash like yourself isn't good enough for her!"

 "You want to throw names around? Mine is Ashira." Rude crossed his arms over his broad chest and waited.

 "Of the Junion Ashiras?" Godo's jaw dropped at the powerful name. He knew many Ashira's from Junion. He had been told many times about how their eldest son had been killed in a reactor bombing in Midgar. His wife and children had disappeared in the bowels of Midgar like many others. Was it really possible that one of his children had survived?

 Rude nodded, "so take your money and shove it up your ass." He then turned on the ninja's behind him, "Move." They obeyed. Lord Godo of Wutai watched his daughter's lover- the lost Ashira heir- walk uncaring into the deep purple night.


 Yuffie sat on the widow ledge of her old room. She looked out just in time to see Rude storm out of the palace and away. Her heart crashed to her feet, what did he say to Rude? She pushed TeLin aside roughly and bolted back down the stairs. "GODO!" She yelled as she skidded into the room

 Her father was sitting, very uncharacteristically in deep thought. He started as his daughter's voice hit him. He composed himself quickly before she slid into the room. "You can address me as Sir, Lord Godo, or Highness, NOT by name."

 Yuffie ignored his comment, "Where is he going? What did you say to him?"

 "Obviously he felt you weren't worth fighting for." Godo sniffed

 Yuffie swallowed. No, he wouldn't just give up on me like that would he?

 "That man is probably just toying with you. He has no need of you what so ever. Can't you see that in your lovesick head?" The lord walked around the table to her, his callous tone stung more then his words. He walked to be face to face with his defiant child. "Now what?"

 "I'm going back to my friends." Her sure, clear tone masking how she felt.

 "Back to hide behind them? Can't you do anything for yourself?"

 "Yes. I can." She spun around as her jaw snapped shut. "Leave you and this horrible lie filled place." Once again the ninja's moved as she walked outside. Lord Godo was on her heels.

 "Don't bother coming home." He stood in the doorway with all his regal bearing.

 "This never was home." She said to the slamming door. Biting her lip she looked up at the overcast sky, the thunder rolled.


 The wind from the oncoming storm whipped Tifa's hair up, pulling light strands away from her pony tail. She brushed them back as she walked with Reno up the winding paths of Da-chao mountains. They were side by side, just walking. The sun was setting, painting the mountains gold, red, and orange. The two of them walked in silence, she didn't even remember how they decided to go for a walk. She was almost afraid to break the silence, as if speaking would some how rip him from her again.

 As they got to the place they had rescued Yuffie and Elena just a year ago. Reno sat down on the hand of the mountain god. He looked over Wutai and back to Tifa, watching her sit down, "what are you thinking?" He asked her at length.

 Tifa looked at him looking over the village below them. This had been where she could have spoke up. Where she could have run up to him and told him she was sorry, that she missed him. He had looked right at her, sad blue eyes wishing that she would have. But she didn't; she acted like he was an enemy, a person that she had never met before. Right here, he let them go. Right in this spot he and Rude had helped them and she never acknowledged them. "Reno, I'm sorry."

 He wanted so badly to forgive her, but he couldn't forget how his daughter had cried. How when she had just been given back to him from Shinra he had to tell her Tifa wasn't coming back. That she was alive, but didn't want him any more. The little girl hadn't understood, she thought that it was her fault for some reason. It had taken weeks for her to think otherwise. And Reno was pretty sure that she still blamed herself. He closed his eyes.

 She forced the lump in her throat down; a waiver was in her voice the next time she spoke. "Reno I should have never left. I never once believed those things I told you-"

 "You should. They were the truth." Reno finally looked over to her.

 She frowned, "No. Reno they are not." God, all the things I called him, they weren't true. He wasn't a coward, he wasn't a murderer, he wasn't a whore. He just did what he had to do.

 "Tell that to the world Tifa. I have been denied jobs, credit, places to live, you name it. I can't go to Costa Del Sol, to Rocket Town, to most anywhere without cops watching my every move. Junion laws are so strict on people enhanced by mako that I got a week in jail for a pocket knife. I got lucky to find a little town that tolerated me long enough to get to know me. The whole world is waiting for me to screw up."

 Reno hadn't been exaggerating; Tifa knew that the new Junion Chief of police was anti Shinra. All mako enhanced people had to have their ID cards marked, they couldn't carry weapons of any kind, and they couldn't join the police force or the fire fighting squad. He had a special beef with Reeve for some reason. But Junion was the only place that they could stay and so they put up with the persecution to try to have a normal life. Even Cloud wasn't immune to theses new anti-mako laws. People were so afraid of another Midgar that they created a new form of racism to beat every one who had been involved down.

 "I don't care about the world anymore Reno. I am sick of pleasing other people, of doing what I thought I should do because I don't want to rock the boat." She moved closer to him and traced one of his scars with her finger. "I just want to tell that to you. As long as you know it wasn't the truth." He put his own hand over her's. Suzanna had said she wanted Tifa to come back when he asked earlier in the day. She had been excited to see her, happy that things were back to what the little girl had considered normal. "I don't know what I am anymore Tifa. One minute I am just a guy, then a Turk, and now I'm supposed to help save the planet."

 "You helped save it before Reno. I know you were there." She responded. "Quit beating yourself up about what you had to do to get by. Please Reno, listen to me. You told me a long time ago that I deserved better, well I looked. And there isn't any "better" as far as I'm concerned all there is, is you."

 Reno blinked; he remembered when Cloud had told him she left. He smiled and let himself pull her over to him. It had been over a year since he hugged her. Since he hugged anyone like this. Actually caring about them. "So maybe we could give it another try?" Reno asked as he pressed his forehead against Tifa's.

 "I would really like that Reno."

 The sun vanished behind the mountains as they kissed for the first time since before the sector seven plate fell. Reno moved a hand to her hair, using his other arm to hold her waist. Tifa's hands traveled around his body and to his shoulder blades. They kissed that first time like it was their last, needing every minute of it. As the thunder opened the sky up they paid no heed to the rain.


 Nanaki and Rovina ushered Suzanna and Marlene inside as the rain began to fall. They entered the conference room to find Cid, Shera, Barret, Elmyra, and Scarlet. Scarlet was shuffling a deck of cards. Shera was looking over some manuscripts. Cid was smoking while Barret and Elmyra stood up to say hello. "It rain'n?" Barret asked Marlene as he scooped the four year old up.

 She nodded, brown braid flopping. "Yeah, but its too much ta play in."

 "That's a pretty braid there." Elmrya looked down at Suzanna, "you do that Trigger?"

 "Uh huh." She looked around, "Daddy and Auntie Teef ain't back yet?"

 "Yo Daddy's smart enough ta get out the rain. They'll be back." Barret reassured.

 "Say, Nanaki? You two think that we could go over these manuscripts tonight?" Shera asked not looking up from her reading. "Centra language is astounding."

 Rovina nodded, "I think it would be a good idea. Three heads are better then two."

 At that Shera Rolled up the paper she was reading and placed it in her bag with the others. She stood up and smiled at Cid. "Okay Cid, be good." She kissed the top of his head as she passed making the pilot flush slightly.

 "Damnit woman!" He snapped. As the three scholars left he noted the other's barely controlled laughs. "LAUGH it up you crack heads." Cid took a long drag on his smoke in frustration.

 Elmyra shook her head at the pilot. She then took Marlene from her father. "Comon you bath time."

 "Aww I don't wanna." The little girl protested.

 "Nope. Don't you start that. Bath." She said sternly. The little girl allowed herself to be drug out of the room. Leaving Suzanna with the three adults.

 "Still playing poker when Reeve gets back?" Scarlet asked.

 "Hell yeah. I'll take ya to the cleaners." Cid smirked as he lit another cigarette with the butt of the first.

 Suzanna stood up on an empty chair. "Can I play?" She asked sweetly.

 "If mister Wallice and mister Highwind say its okay," Scarlet winked at the girl and the red head winked back unnoticed by both of the other men.

 "Sure, can't hurt much teaching her how to play." Barret sat down.

 "Kinda young ain't ya?" Cid looked the little girl over after dumping his ashtray.

 Suzanna sent a smile to the pilot that was strait from Reno. "You think I'm gonna take your gil pops?"

 Cid snatched the cards from scarlet and slammed them in front of the girl. "Deal, Twerp."


 Two orange boxes were ripped open and tossed carelessly in the corner of the lunch room. Cloud and Elena were side by side at a table covered with various tools, pipes and gears. The contents of the boxes- two remote control four wheelers- were ripped apart. They were getting along as though they had known each other for ages. Cloud and Elena had more in common then motorcycles, and they were figuring this out slowly.

 "You are SO not adding a muffler are you?" Elena laughed as she peered over Cloud's shoulder, her eyes drifted, such nice arms.

 Cloud held a section of thin piping in one hand, "you think Cid wants this?" It was a cover for an out of the way control panel. Not to important. With a shrug he split it apart. So what if he was showing off a bit? "I'm gonna have blowers!" He grinned triumphantly.

 Elena rolled her eyes, "Nothing is going to matter, you are still going to eat my dust hero boy." She took the back off her controller to see if there was a way of adding a turbo button.

 Cloud started a bit at that. "Hero boy?"

 She laughed, "what's wrong with that?"

 Cloud shook his head, "you really don't know me." He turned the toy around to better fit the blowers on it.

 "It fits." Elena stuck her tongue out at him, "Gimmie the wrench over there hero boy."

 "Whatever, villain girl." Cloud was really enjoying himself, Elena was just a lot of fun to be around. She had a sunny disposition and really nice legs. He playfully tossed the wrench onto her lap. "Just promise not to cry when I smoke you."

 "Villain girl huh? Well I always wanted to be the femme fatale. Mwaaa haa haa." She snickered. This was the most fun she'd had in a very long time. She wouldn't have ever thought that it would happen with Cloud Strife of all people.

 "Don't you start laughing like certain Shinra execs now," Cloud warned in a joking tone. "I may just have to stab you."

 Elena thought his smile was really nice too, but she wasn't going to say anything. "Oh hell no. I can't sound that evil. They were more like 'gyhahahaha' and stuff like that."

 Cloud laughed at her and threw her a lopsided grin. "That was perhaps the scariest thing I have head all week." He sat the four wheeler right side up and frowned, "damn it. Now I need a lift kit."

 "Resistance is futile! 'GYAhahaha." Elena teased.

 "EEP!" Cloud jumped up in mock fright. The blondes looked at each other for a few minutes and then burst out laughing. Just when he was going to say something else, Cloud sat the toy down and started to cough again, a deep, painful sounding popping could be heard from his broadly built chest.

 Elena bit her lip in concern but didn't say anything. He was much better now then he had been. And she didn't want to fuss over him, that would make him uncomfortable wouldn't it? To change the subject she pulled out a tiny engine. It was a rocket, at about 1/13th size. "You think that this'll fit?"

 Cloud's eyes lit up. "And where did you get that, villain girl?" He walked around the room a moment. "A lift kit!" he smiled and began to unscrew the control panel box in the corner.

 "I found it." In Cid's locked tool room, under some files in a box. Even though it dwarfed the body of her four wheeler, it looked cool. She bet it would be really loud, too. She glanced at him to see his reaction. Well, that, and to check out his arms again now that he was pulling on the box. That voice in her head that told her not to do that with him was oddly silent. She turned back around quickly to not get caught staring.

 Cloud looked over his shoulder to Elena, since she was preoccupied with her toy he took the opportunity to look her over again. Not that he was glaring or thinking to hop in bed with her, she was just very nice to look at. With her perfectly toned body and those legs. He grunted and pulled the box free at last. "Stupid welding." He plopped back down next to her. "You mean like I found this?" he held up a small can of rocket fuel.

 "No way! Share?" She reached for it and Cloud jumped back.

 "Hmmm, ask nice villain girl." He lifted the can above his head.

 Elena was laughing so hard she couldn't make a good attempt at getting the can. She put one hand on his shoulder and jumped. "Damnit hero boy!" She said in between laughing fits. She was really having fun, not that Rude and Reno weren't a blast, but somehow Cloud was different. If she had stopped to look at it she would realize that she hadn't thought about how lonely she was all day. For the first time since Tseng died she hadn't thought about how much it hurt without him. All Elena wanted right now was to race Cloud.

 Cloud backed up quickly, putting the can behind his back. Elena fell forward with the sudden movement. Her hands went to his chest to catch herself. Cloud put his free arm to her hip to keep her up. She looked up at him, wow you have a nice chest. Cloud almost dropped the can of fuel. He took a second to recognize that he still had his hand on her hip. They both started laughing again.


 Reeve had to walk out his leg. The pain was finally starting to go away, it had dissipated to a dull throb that only went up half of his body. He at last figured that it was as good as it was going to get. He went back into the conference room.

 As Reeve entered the conference room he could have cut the tension with a knife. Cid was losing his poker face, sweat dripped onto his half smoked cigg. Barret seemed THROUGHLY confused, he kept looking from his cards to the gil on the table and back to the 10 gil coin he had left in front of him. Scarlet also seemed to be thinking very hard, the blond made her mind up and sat her cards down. On two phone books sat the only person who wasn't thinking with all of her facilities- Trigger smiled, "heya paw paw Reeve!" The exceedingly large pile of chips in front of the seven year old was more then comical.

 Scarlet and Reeve shared a look, "Fold." The blond said. Reeve pulled a chair up next to her and sat down slowly. "how's the leg?"

 "Been better," he leaned over and whispered in Scarlet's ear, "please tell me you told them?" Scarlet shook her head and laughed.

 Barret pushed his last coin on the table, "hit me twice, brat." Trigger flipped him two cards quickly. All heads turned to study Cid Highwind.

 The tiny red head fixed the pilot with a Reno style smirk. "Ya gonna play pops?" She wrinkled her freckled nose at the ashtray, "It's full again."

 "Hey Reno junior's getting impatient over here." Scarlet tried not to laugh.

 "Shut the FU-" Cid caught himself this time -"uudge up! I'm thinking woman!"

 Scarlet looked to Barret as she got up to dump the tray. "I thought he was a genius..."

 "He's the smartest dumbass I know." The gun armed man laughed

 Cid glared at them, then at the little girl. "I'll hold." He snapped with finality.

 "Dealer takes three." Suzanna chirped, "Okay guys show 'em."

 "I got two pair." Barret mumbled, this was not a good poker day. Elmyra was going to kill him.

 Cid beamed, "Read 'em and WEEP. Full house! Beat THAT ya little card shark!" he reached for the gil in front of him.

 "Uhm? Pops?" Suzanna asked.

 "What the hell you want?" Cid was already counting.

 "What's this again?" She turned her cards to display a royal flush of diamonds.

 Scarlet and Reeve began to laugh while Barret simply stared. Cid blinked and his jaw slacked open.

 "Isn't it called a royal flush?" the little girl giggled. "Yay I win!"

 His smoke bounced on the table from his open jaw. "You- but I." He snatched the Cigarette off the table, "she fucking cleaned me out!"

 Reeve and Scarlet looked at each other and then to Cid. They knew a spew of cuss words was impending and the pilot didn't disappoint, "What the fucking God's fucked all to hells damned shit is this shit?!!!"

 Suzanna's sea green eyes widened, "wow, you cuss better then Daddy."

 Reeve sighed, "honestly Cid there is a child present."

 "I don't fucking damn well give a shit!" Cid snatched the cards from the table to examine them, "I don't fucking believe this fucked in the ass shit." He trialed off into a river of profanities.

 "Way better then Daddy." The little girl said in wonderment.

 Just as Cid stopped to take a breath the back door flew open, Two little remote control four wheelers raced into the room and about the conference table. Everyone momentarally forgot the card game to watch them in silence. Cid's brow wrinkled as he examined the toys. Cloud and Elena followed their toys into the room, oblivious to everyone else.

 "Hey watch it Barbie, you poke me again and you'll regret it!" Cloud laughed, "three laps."

 "Fine hero boy!" She poked him anyway laughing as his little four wheeler hit the leg of a chair. Cloud tickled her quickly, "EEP!" she dropped her control.

 "Take that!" Cloud took the lead about the table.

 Cid finally noticed his stolen parts, particularly the engine that Elena stole. "Where the hell did THAT come from?!" he demanded.

 "What was that Cid?" Cloud joked as he steered his toy around the last lap and to the door, Elena gaining. There was a little flare as she hit the nause. Cloud responded with more laughing and a "get back here villain girl!"

 Three whole minutes went by before everything clicked in Cid's head. Grabbing his lance he took off after the blondes, screaming at the top of his lungs about how he was going to spit them both on it, and turn them into the new bow ornament for the Highwind. Silence reigned in the room for only half a second then the room roared with laughter.

 "Oh holy did you SEE his face?" Scarlet asked wiping tears from her dark eyes.

 "Gods first you two trick him outta all his gil and THEN-" Reeve was laughing to hard to finish.

 "It was for keeps right?" Suzanna queried.

 "No." Reeve said sternly.

 "What you talking 'bout?" Barret asked.

 "I stacked the deck." Suzanna frowned, "I'll give ya money back." She began counting.

 "She does what?" the gun armed man took back his money with a confused face. He put it back in his pocket, "you betta not rub off on Marlene." He warned.

 Suzanna seemed to shrink a bit at that, "I'm not a bad girl really. I was just have'n fun."

 "Aww holy, look kid I'm sorry. Don't take it personal." He mumbled something about putting Marlene to bed and walked out of the room.

 The door no sooner closed then Cid stormed back in, his face bright red. The two ex-Shinra execs moved over to Suzanna, the pilot looked ready to kill. "FUCKIN RENO smashed my railing! GOT DAMN KID of his takes my GIL AND NOW I HAVE TWO OVERSIZED TEN YEAR FREEKN OLDS TEARING MY SHIP UP!" The little red head had never seen anyone's face turn purple, but Cid's was getting very close to it.

 Reno opened the back door to the conference room, just in time to hear his name, "What's going on here? He rushed up to his daughter, dripping wet from the rain.

 "Pops cusses better then you do Daddy." Suzanna slipped behind him pockets full of gil.

 Reno snagged her by the collar. "Hold it." He turned his bright blue eyes up to Reeve, "what happened."

 Scarlet interjected, "I got her to play poker with Barret and Cid."

 "Scarlet!" Reno said shocked, "you did tell them right?"

 "Tell us WHAT?" Cid snapped. Then his eyes widened, "She got fucking damn stacked the deck!"

 "Aww, Daddy!" said child protested, "his fault he didn't catch on!"

 "Suzanna Mariah!" Reno yelled, surprising Cid with his sudden parental action. "Give him back his gil, NOW."

 "Sir," she handed the pilot his 200 gil.

 "OUT side now. Don't you MOVE till I get out there." Reno pointed to the door in an agitated fashion. He rarely raised his voice to Suzanna, in fact Reeve had never heard him do so before.

 "Sir," Suzanna repeated and eked out the door, hoping Reno would be awhile.

 The door closed and Cid let into Reno. "WHERE do you fucking get off Teaching a got damn CHILD how to stack a deck!"

 Reno's eyes narrowed, "I knew worse things at seven then card games.

 "I bet you did." Cid lit another cigarette and shook his head, "that was the most fucking impressive thing I have ever seen."

 Reno laughed, "yeah well, she knows better. I'm sorry,"

 The pilot shook his head, "could she teach me?" Above them there was another slight explosion, followed by Cloud and Elena's laughter. "GONNA LANCE YOUR ASS SPIKE!" Cid thundered, once again grabbing his lance and rushing out the door spewing a multitude of harms to befall the blondes.

 "Will life ever be normal?" Reeve protested.

 "Nope," Reno and scarlet answered in Unison.


 The rain slid from Vincent's nose down his arm and into the stream below him. He was deep enough in thought to not care about the dampness. The stream connected with the ocean in a gentle lull. He was making patterns in the sand with his claw before the rain had come and washed them away. The same way Shinra washed my life away..

 Oh gods and Bahamute's grave. Chaos' voice burned in his head like acid.

 Can you give me a moment? Vincent hated Chaos in more ways then one. All the Ex-Turk had wanted was a moment of peace. To pretend that he was alone.

 You don't have the common sense to get us out of the rain and you want peace?

 Vincent didn't respond but he resolved to remain in the storm until it stopped.

 Valentine, you are the most irritating human in existence. You know that right? Answer me!

 I am not a human any more then you are. And anything to make you happy, love.

 Chaos hissed at him. The monster hated the rain, water, anything wet. He was like a giant cat in many respects. He tried another tactic. I can tell you if your plan will work you know?

 You lie more then I ever have.

 You will have the worst nightmares of your life tonight Valentine.

 Sleeping pills. Came the frank response.

 I hate you, Chaos rumbled deeper then the thunder.


 Where would you be without me? You think that you would be with her? If I see you replay that last night one more time I will fucking vomit. Damn Aeons did this to us in the first place.

 I would be allowed to die.

 Ungrateful shit. People pray for everlasting life.

 They never fell in love then. Vincent looked at his claw. He missed Suzie. All he wanted ever was just to die and have that chance to see her again. But Chaos needed him alive. Needed him strong and so he stayed alive.

 You aren't the only one who loved and lost. Chaos snorted like a bull.

 Oh like you know. Go to sleep or something.

 I know more then you think.

 And all I hear are half truths of what you do know. You would think that after all this time you would learn to be honest with me or shut up.

 Be honest with yourself first. Coward.

 What do you mean?

 I'm not the one who never talks to his own son or holds his own grandchild.

 Vincent's face contorted in pain with the accusation. He hissed himself as Chaos' words stung both physically and emotionally. Why? Just to watch them both grow old, sick and die?

 You don't get it DO you. Why don't we just go lay back in that coffin then? Or go find Yrene and Appollyon. They'd take care of us.

 How do you know them; why do you hate them?

 They are as stupid as you are.

 Vincent growled

 They see this world as you do. Not real because it fades. What you in your damned ignorance cannot see is the moment of reality IS in the fading. You humans were blessed with the eyes of a child that you close yourselves. One moment of love is worth an eternity of heartache. Think about that.

 Vincent blinked in surprise, I will.

 Can we get out of the gods damned rain?

 Vincent sighed; the monster was very multi faceted. This was the most civil conversation they had ever had. There was only one thing he could think of to do, Vincent Valentine got up off the beach to find some shelter from the rain.

Chapter 13

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