Completion Chapter 16

Crescendo Three Continues: Darkness Sleeps

By Drakonlily

The two Aeons drew their blades. The heroes were cornered, attacking now would mean victory for Apollyon and Yrene.  There was a snarling above their heads, the ceiling cracked open, pouring even more daylight into the now bright room.  The demon's roared at each other.  They fell together, like two eagles at war, plummeting at the Aeons. Apollyon and Yrene hopped over as the demons hit the ground between them.  Chaos pushing in this time, to Havoc who hit the ground, causing more cracks to the temple floor.  Havoc threw his arms up, driving Chaos back and yet again they were both in the air, snarling curses in their demon tongue.  The temple wouldn't be able to take much more of this abuse. Like a force of nature, there was no stopping the demons.  The Aeons looked back to the heroes.

 "Looks like you lose."  Yrene extended a hand to point at the frightened Suzanna, "Hand her over or she'll die like the rest of you when this temple-"  A bright flash from the statue crashed about them, her hand flew up from pointing to shield her eyes.  Yrene and all action froze as light hit the room in a dangerous, all encompassing wave.  It was so loud it was without sound, but one could feel the vibrations coming from within their souls.  The light faded to nothing almost as soon as it appeared, giving the beings in the temple no time for their eyes to adjust. Silence drowned them.

 "Suzanna!"  Reno's voice echoed through the chamber, eliciting gasps from his friends.  His voice was the catalyst for action to continue.  The Aeon's rubbed their eyes and the red head bailed through Rude and Elena to kneel by Tifa and his daughter.  Cid and Yuffie stood up to give him room. 

 "Daddy?"  The little girl jumped into his arms, the blood from her cheek and neck coloring his light blue shirt purple. She whimpered about Tifa and trembled.  "Daddy I'm scared!"

 Reno hugged Suzanna close, waiting for her shaking to stop.  The demons crashed to the ground yet again, and Yrene and Apollyon snarled at them.  Reno didn't care.  He didn't even bother to look up to Havoc and Chaos, somehow Yrene and Apollyon he had expected.  His daughter was all that had his attention at this moment.  He held her away from him just a moment, looking her cuts over in parental worry.  Once he was satisfied that they weren't life threatening he hugged her again.

 While Suzanna clung to his neck he shook Tifa.  "Teef?"  The brunette opened her eyes about halfway but said nothing.  Reno brushed her hair from her face, "You okay Tifa?"  She nodded slowly, it looked like she had a concussion. He looked up at Yuffie worry and anger evident on his scarred face. "What's going on?"

 The little Ninja was standing next to Rude, her back to Reno and watching the fighting demons.  Her large companion was watching the Aeons regrouping.  When Yuffie did  speak there was fear in her voice.  "I only have low level cure, Cloud has the master materia." 

 Reno now looked where she was looking, his eyes went wide.  One of the monsters tearing the temple apart was obviously Chaos.  The other- he wished Cari had been wrong-  was Cloud.  Carbunkle had said it would be this way, they were determined to kill each other.  They were crashing into the walls, ceiling and floor, taking everything in their path out like twin wreaking balls.  

 Nanaki looked up at Carbunkle, she had dragged them back here at all speed.  She had attained human form, just as Reno had become an animal in the other world.  Long hair the same fire-bright shade as Reno's and Suzanna's waved down a slim back.  Physically, she looked no where near as intimating as Apollyon and Yrene, but he could feel her power.  Nanaki pushed against Rovina with his head, "They need our help!" 

 Carbunkle watched the two beasts rush to their companions sides.  Her eyes focused on her nephew, the small girl was obviously the daughter he had mentioned.  She noted the wounds on the girl, Havoc you coward.  Still ignoring the other two Aeons completely she stared at the warring demons.  A barrier spell may help it hold…   

 Reno sat his wide eyed, hurt daughter down.  "I'm not going to let them hurt you again, promise, Baby."  he assured her.  With another look over to the still half conscious Tifa, Reno stood.  It had been years since he had truly felt helpless.  Winning a fight with those two was a near impossibility, he understood.  But this would not continue.  He has a family to protect and Reno would give up his life for that if he had to.  Calmly pushing past Rude, he drew his nightstick from his belt.  "I have had enough." 

 Yrene hadn't expected him to actually attack, before Reno was been all dodging and running.  She felt the charge of the lightning stick up her side before she drew her blade.  The Aeon hissed and danced back, barely being missed by the ex-Turk's second attack. He kept coming at her, going through attacks that Turk training had burned into his brain.  Blocking another blow with her metal guard only earned a hard jolt from the lighting rod.  Reno had the timing of that switch down to a fine art.  Three more times he actually connected with her before Yrene drew her blade.  The masume came at Reno cutting the air with a sharp hiss.  Yrene missed and snarled, her slashes became almost fever-paced at last Reno couldn't dodge her.

 The red head locked his nightstick with her blade sending white hot electricity up the sword.  It sparked at the hilt, a rain of light fell to the floor. Reno turned up the amp on the stick, both it and the sword were getting hotter to the touch.  His arms ached with holding her, the nightstick began to buzz, it wouldn't take much more.  He shoved back, sending the blade deeper into his weapon and forcing Yrene to steady her sword closer to the metal,  he could see the pain in her face; the sparks from the blade were hitting her hand.

 Anger made the mako in his system affect his vision.  The room and his opponent loomed before him in bright, perfection. Reno was too mad to care about the pain; unlike true clarity of better vision, mako enhancement was painful, like a spotlight in the face. Neon green light from his eyes played off the sparks of lighting between himself and Yrene.  The fire between their green eyes as deadly as the lighting flowing around them.  Yrene gave one final push and sliced the lightning rod in two creating an explosion of electricity.

 The blast took Reno off his feet and forced Yrene to totter backwards.   Reno's back hit the floor, he slid and tried to roll up to his feet. Before Reno could push up he felt Yrene's blade on his throat.  Propped up on his elbows Reno locked eyes with the Aeon again.  He was sick of running, his hands burned from the lighting rod's explosion.  He could feel them blister.  He knew that giving up was not an option, anger took over where fear should have.  He would not lay down. 

 Yrene didn't bother to hide shock on her face, the Aeon took a moment to catch her breath.  Once she did, Yrene let out a barking laugh, "you are pathetic!  Imagine, all I had to do to get some fight out of you was threaten a few humans insects."  She pressed the blade slightly, but still Reno remained where he was.  "Even then it was a sorry attempt,"  the blade was still hot on his neck, he could feel it start to cut his skin.  "Look at yourself, I thought I could talk sense into you, but you are as crazy as your damn mother.  Incompetent human fucker.  All that came of her worthless hide is you,"  she took a deep breath to continue when she flew backwards into her brother.

 Cari had watched the exchange intently, waiting for a good time to intervene. She stood in-between Reno, who was getting back to his feet, and the Aeons.  Her pretty face held anger and a deep disgust dripped from her voice,  "keep my sister out of your blasphemous mouth and your dirty paws OFF my nephew Yrene."  She shook her head sadly, red hair shaking as she did so. "You sicken me truly.  Call these humans insects?  At least they are not brats.  I have seen enough of this." 

 Apollyon threw Yrene off of him, this was humiliating, her own pride was in the way of what in his mind was a sure victory.  Now they had Carbunkle to deal with, the smaller and much older Aeon didn't look like much to him. He snarled and lunged at Cari who disappeared in a flash of light to reappear behind him. The red head threw her elbow into his back, throwing the larger Aeon to the ground.  She was obviously stronger then she looked. Cari then kicked out, proving much faster the Apollyon and sending him back across the floor at Yrene's feet. She began to walk towards them, "It is time to go home children."

 "CHILDREN?"  Yrene bristled at the insult, "I will show you a child Carbunkle!"  Both Yrene and Apollyon drew their swords and advanced form either side.  They were  attempting to box her in.  It appeared that Cari did not care, or that she did not notice. Yrene was getting more agitated by the moment, "Havoc!  Stop your nonsense and kill them!"  There was a distinct whine in her ice river voice.

 Cari lifted her eyes to the fighting demons, giving Apollyon and Yrene a moment to charge.  "Reno, box them in."  she ordered and disappeared in another bright flash.  Yrene and her brother almost collided, so intent were they to attack.  Carbunkle was beside Yrene with another burst of light throwing a tornado to her head.  By the time Cari landed her jump Yrene had been cast to the wall, creating yet another hole in the temple. 

 She then faced off with Apollyon.  A smirk on her face that was eerily like Reno's.  The large Aeon swung at her wildly.  She hoped over, to the side and under the blade with ease.  There was no hitting her.  Without warning Carbunkle slid forward and grabbed the wrist of Apollyon.  She snapped into a cat stance- feet at a ninety degree angle and all the weight on her back leg- and brought her hand to her ear.  A precise slide of her hips into a wider stance made the larger Aeon fall forward, the hand she held before at her ear was thrust as a knife hand to the side of his neck.  There was a crack at his collar bone and he flipped landing flat on his back. Now she had his masume in her hand.  She met Yrene's second attack with ease.

 While the three Aeons battled below the demons clashed above.  Havoc heard Yrene's order plainly, but for now he was consumed with rage against Chaos.  This body wasn't as strong as he was used to, but it was still adequate for now.  He slammed the older demon to the ground and alighted across the room from him.  They threw themselves at each other again. 

 Reno took this moment to hop in between the two.  He touched his left hand up to his forehead, touched his shoulder and then threw the arm down.  Chaos was caught in a pyramid, the demon hissed for a few moments and then resigned himself to his predicament with an icy glare at Reno.

 Reno dived to the side of Chaos' pyramid to be missed by Havoc.  The demon with Cloud Strife's body hit the ground, his eyes narrowed at the red head.  Navy blue eyes burned with anger.  Before him was the son of the Aeon who had let Chaos live, the descendent of the being who robbed him of his closure for his families demise.  He drew his blade, "Son of Sillian?"

 Reno quirked his eyebrow up, "Yes.  I am."

 "Then get ready to die,"  Havoc pushed off the wall, it cracked in protest.  The demon lifted Cloud's sword, intent on slicing Reno in two.  He suddenly hit a wall.  "What the-" He snarled, "DAMN your incessant kind and their barrier spells! LET me out of here!"  He clawed at the pyramid, it only made him feel tired.  With a final roar he slashed in Reno's direction.

 Reno cocked his head to one side then the other.  "So you can kill me?  That would be REALLY stupid buddy." With that he went back to his daughter, picking her up and watching the Aeons with interest.

 Yrene and Apollyon picked themselves off the broken stones, fury burning out their very pores.  This was the fourth attack to fail on the red headed Aeon.  She now held both of their swords, a smirk still on her pretty face. Together they began a chant, the only words that were audible were "Ultigaga" and "Aeroes."

 Cari threw the blades to the ground, they both disappeared up to hilts in the floor.  She ran in front of the heroes, "diamond light!  Ruby light!"  she yelled before the other two finished.  A gentle glow of white and red drifted around the heroes and the trapped demons like fireflies.  As the dusty glitter settled a blast hit them. The magic attack was absorbed by  the lights.  Not a hair of the heroes was moved as the blast bounced off them and seemed to double in force back at a wide eyed Yrene and Apollyon.  The Aeons were tossed back through a wall and into the relic room beyond.  Cari again stood in front.  "I can keep this up all day children."

 The  pair stood slowly, their bodies damaged and pain writ on their faces.  A new pain washed over them, Yrene hissed and held her head.  "DAMNIT."

 Apollyon also appeared to have a sudden head ache.  "Lets go Yrene.  We can finnish them later."

 Cari started laughing, she felt the pull of the individual who held their orbs. "So you are answering to a human master? Go on then, while your master is calling."

 Yrene limped after her already retreating brother.  "This is NOT over, Carbunkle.  Mark my words I will kill you."

 "Idle threats are not actions, child."  The red head turned back to the demons.  The retreating Aeons were no longer a concern of hers.   All attention followed her.  Stepping over fallen SOILDJETSI and rubble a circle formed about the two demons.  She slowly walked in between them surveying first one then the other.  "Now, can't you two play nice?"

 "Let me OUT of here Carbunkle!"  Havoc snarled, still clawing at the prison. 

 Chaos was more relaxed then his younger counterpart.  "Valentine finds this utterly hilarious, just so you realize."  He spoke to Reno.  The red head smiled, Suzanna's face buried in his shoulder.  "We were in the middle of something Aeon.  Let us finish."

 "You have fought quite enough! Let them both back out."  Cari demanded.

 "Who are you to demand of ME Aeon.  I will keep him hidden as long as I want to."  Chaos' wings shifted restlessly in his confinement.

 "You could at least show some respect to Sillian and let him go.  You know what he meant to her."  There was obviously much more to this then any of the other's knew.  There was pain in Carbunkle's voice.

 Now the demon moved he stood as close as he could to Carbunkle with the pyramid in his way.  His red eyes bore into her, there was emotion for once in the monster's voice as well, "and that is the exact reason I want to keep him.  She deserves no quarter from me."

 The red head balked at his statement.  "You ungrateful slime!  How can you say that?  If not for her you would be dead-"

 "He deserves to die for what he did!"  Havoc hissed.  "You left your troops to die!  My family, dead all because YOU are a coward!"

 "Oh don't get me started you little whelp!"  Chaos roared.  "You were too weak to join the battle, you wouldn't know.  I very well was dead!"

 "But my sister found you.  Sillian went against DIRECT orders to help you!"

 "To be dragged in front of a trial and exiled!  To have you BOTH betray me?  Some help she or you were Carbunkle.  Leave me an enemy to your kind and my own.  I owe you nothing!"  The pyramid shook with Chaos' anger. 

 "ENOUGH."  Cari stood between the pyramids, touching them both.  "Fine, you want to act like children as well?"  She began a quick chant, more a low mumble of words.  Both the demons hit their knees and the pyramids faded.  Their wings withdrew with groans and snaps, leaving their shirts in tatters. Talons were replaced with hands and pale skin came back to Vincent while Cloud's eyes retained their eerie glow.

 Both men stared at each other, the tension of the demons filling the air even with Cloud and Vincent back.  Blue eyes looked into red ones, and the next moment they closed their eyes.  The people around them took a step or more back.

 HAVOC  kill him... KILL him.  Do it NOW Valentine! Chaos was growing deafening in his head.  He had never been this forceful.

 Vincent Valentine looked at Cloud, the younger man was confused.  He would figure it out soon enough.  Vincent was getting angry with his parasite.  This time he wasn't blacking out.  Cloud is my friend.  I will not kill him.  GO AWAY.  It would be easier to give in.  But then Chaos backed down. 

 FINE let him kill us both, that damnable Aeon is not any help anyway.  Do this on your own you ungrateful bastard.

 GLADLY  Again his eyes opened, Cloud was having his own battle.

 Kill him.  Kill him.  See the way he looks at you boy?  That is Chaos KILL him.

 Cloud blinked, shaking his head.  The words burned yes, but on the outside all one could see was that the Hero of the planet was pissed.  Whatever you are ROT in hell.  Get OUT of my head.


 Cloud took a deep breath, he closed his eyes.  He could step outside of himself, of his pain.  He had five years with Hojo to learn.  He hissed, It's my body.  If I have to put up with you at least shut the hell up!

 You have to sleep sometime.  With that Havoc's voice slid away.

 Then there was a lance butt at Cloud's midsection.  The blonde was pushed over and then so was Vincent.  "Spike over there!"  Cid pointed in an agitated fashion, "Goth boy over there! Either of you even looks like you are THINKING about fucking sprouting got damn wings I will stick my lance in your fucking ears!"  he then whirled on Cari, lance at her nose.  "YOU talk."

 The Aeon smiled at Cid, humans are amusing.  "I will explain everything while we are safer.  This is going to take a while to explain.  Please just trust me?"

 Vincent's face showed rare shock.  The red head talking to Cid, it couldn't be.  Suzi is dead…  But it looked just like her.  The same illumining smile, the same red hair and green eyes.  That deep, almost heather green as inviting as a forest grove.  Her body was the same as well.  He had memorized every curve long ago.  But when she spoke it wasn't her.  His wife had a calm, deeper voice.  This woman sounded as Yuffie would in about ten years.  She turned to look at him, extending a hand to help him up.

 "Victor?"  She asked, he only nodded still dumbstruck.  He looked even more confused when she hugged him.  "Its really you!"

 Vincent stepped back and looked down at her. "Who-"

 Reno cut him off, still holding Suzanna he hooked his arm around the shorter woman's shoulder.  "Aunt Cari, this is my father, Vincent.  Vince, this is my aunt.  She's heard a lot about you." 

 Reeves voice came from above them.  He was using the Highwind's speakers.  "Guys get OUT of there!  You there?  Reno!? Cloud!? Where are you guys!" 

"I will explain everything I promise, Victor."

Chapter 17

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