Completion Chapter 4

Movement Two: Questions

By Drakonlily

They pulled up outside the fallen gate of Midgar city. The rusted entrance of what had once been sector one was closed. The rubble of the city now housed only the bodies of those that could not escape the great plate's fall. Mold and vines clung to everything in green-brown patches. Everything that wasn't rusted over that is. A skeletal hand seemed to be reaching out to the Turks as they got out of their vehicles. Midgar was a wasteland.

Rude looked over to Elena who was sitting in the driver's seat of the large diesel truck. She shrugged, "maybe the lock is rusted?" The blond looked over at the two vans that came with them. Reeve climbed out of the first and Vincent followed suit, climbing out of the second. The dark haired men walked up to the truck. "So Reno's here?" Elena questioned.

"He has to be," Reeve looked up at the fallen city he had a large part in building. He had no idea that it would become a tomb. A wave of guilt hit him as he saw the broken and scattered bones of those that never escaped, I had a part in trapping them in. "His signal is coming from in there. We have to break that down." Reeve motioned weekly to the once grand city's entrance.

Rude got out of the truck and walked with Vincent and Reeve to the gate. They all pushed on the rusted entrance. It groaned in protest, but held firm. Rude looked over to the others and shook his head. Yuffie climbed out of the back seat of the truck. She was holding a sleepy Suzanna. Their eyes met and she nodded. Yuffie spoke for Rude, "We are going to have to knock it down." Elena smiled from the driver's seat.

"Now we're talking!" She punched the gas of the truck and barreled into the gate. There was a loud squealing as the new metal of the grill connected with the rusted metal gateway. It finally burst open in a red cloud, allowing them back into hell. Elena jumped out of the truck and surveyed her damage with a smile. "I love running shit over," she then walked back over to the group to help dig their equipment from the vans.

"You sure Daddy's here Pawpaw Reeve?" The little girl asked from Yuffie's arms.

Reeve nodded to her. She hopped down and tugged on Vincent's shirt. "When you gonna find Daddy, Pawpaw Vic?"

Vincent looked down at the red head sadly. She smiled up at him, without fear, but with hope. Vincent was amazed at the ability of children to look past things like physical appearances. He smiled back at the girl, "as soon as we get set up, Trigger."

"He has got to be here. The tracking chip won't work if they take it out." Reeve looked into the monitors. "Lets see if we can get the remote to work." He flipped out a palm pilot looking device and pointed to a blip on the screen. "Here's his signal. He is awake, but not really moving. He can't be far."

A shadow glided over the land. Vincent looked up to see the Highwind. A sense of foreboding was evident in the ex-Turk's voice. "No they can't be far at all."


"Must you fucking pace like that? You're making me edgy!" Cloud snapped at Reno as the red head paced their small cell.

"Must you speak? You are giving me a headache." Reno retorted, first I get molested by an amazon on steroids and now I have to be confined with Jerk-Off.

"How about I break your legs ya lanky bastard? Then we can both relax." Cloud was more then simply edgy, the thought that he may end up a lab rat again was giving him major anxiety. The addition of Reno to his situation was not helping matters. Cloud was bitter about Tifa leaving him. Reno had been doped up until about an hour ago, and then life got interesting. The two had traded insults since then and things were coming to a head.

The ex-Turk turned to Cloud. His eyes changed color, from a deep blue to light mako green. "I would love to see you try that short shit."

"Lets go then!" Cloud got to his feet, "I seem to recall you tucking your tail between your legs and running home to your Shinra last time we fought."

"Yeah I was outnumbered, jackass." Reno slid into a fighting stance, "it's just you and me now."

"To bad for you." Cloud growled as he attacked. Reno didn't dodge as Cloud had expected him to, instead he met the blond with a hard block. Both men started to kick out at the same time, knocking their lower legs together with a loud crack. Reno took advantage of his height and jumped backwards, throwing a leg over Cloud's head and turning it into a hook kick. The blond grunted as Reno's boot connected with his ear. On his way down Cloud threw an elbow to Reno's back, both men hit the ground.

Reno rolled back against the wall and jumped to his feet. Cloud did the same. Both men were aware that fighting would get them nowhere, but thoughts of a certain brunette and sheer aggravation with the situation egged them on.

Cloud wasn't fazed as Reno faked forward. The second time the red head moved it was too fast for him. Reno came up to the left, but slid right making the blond punch thin air. Without even setting his foot down, Reno threw three return kicks at Cloud. Hitting him in the lower leg, the stomach and his head. Reno then jumped up and hit Cloud in the ribs with a side-kick. The blond didn't fall, but he did hit the wall hard.

Cloud shook his ringing head. He knew that Reno would win if he kept fighting this way. Reno had him on speed and height, making him able to hit the blond at a distance where Cloud couldn't reach him. If Cloud could get in close it would be a different story.

Reno didn't attack again, he slid into another stance and waited. "Had enough yet chocobo head?"

"Puss'n out?" Cloud asked, trying to make Reno come to him.

"Not likely, but you seemed to need some time alone with the wall there." Reno was the king of baiting people in fights. He was not going to let the blond get him in close. Cloud had only really hit him once, but that hurt like a bitch. It was not going to happen again.

"Then do something you sorry excuse for a heroin addict." Cloud snapped.

"Lead the way great hero." Sarcasm dripped from Reno's voice.

"I think there's more to this then the whole Turk, Avalanche thing." Cloud muttered, sliding into a stance to match Reno's.

The red head was surprised, but didn't lower his guard. "That is a shocking revelation coming from you meat head." Reno switched his stance, "so what if there is?"

"Maybe something named Tifa?" Cloud backed away further from Reno. "Maybe a bit jealous? That she wasn't interested in some Shinra whore?"

"You're hitting below the belt Strife," Reno's voice was dangerously level.

"If you kept your below the belt in check more often then it wouldn't be so easy to jab at."

Reno lunged at Cloud while the blond was still speaking. Cloud grabbed a hold of Reno, but the red head expected it. Reno rolled down to the ground and kicked Cloud's legs out from under him. Forcing the blonde's arm strait Reno rolled over behind him. Cloud was on one knee, his arm craned up so he couldn't move. "I am going to let that last comment slide, blondie. The next time I get you like this, your going to have to use your other hand to jack off for a long time." He kicked Cloud in the back as he let go.

"Fuck it," Cloud growled, rubbing his arm. "Just stop the got damn pacing."

"I am claustrophobic, I can't exactly help it. It is kinda like you being a dick."

Cloud sighed heavily this is going to be a long night.


"What the fuck are they doing here?" Barret yelled as the ship touched down. The large man lead the rush out of the Highwind. The Turks turned and looked at the oncoming heroes. Vincent walked forward, bringing the two man charge to a halt. "Have you forgotten that Yuffie and I are here as well?"

"You always were fucked in the head," Barret snapped. He glared around the other group and huffed.

Cid leaned on his lance and lit a cigarette. "So what brings you guys to this pile of shit?" the pilot asked.

"Reno appears to have been kidnapped as well." Vincent said as mildly as he could.

"Who the fuck cares where that murdering tramp is?" Cid snapped.

"I know who does." Yuffie said slowly. All eyes turned to the ninja and the little red head she was holding.

"He probably took off with some slut for a few days." Barret growled loudly.

"Stop yelling!" The little girl pleaded. "I want my Daddy!" Everyone looked wide eyed at Suzanna, she started to cry. "That scary lady and those monsters took him."

"Reno wouldn't leave his daughter unless he had no choice in the matter." Tifa muttered from behind Cid and Barret. Tears welled up in the brunette's eyes. She ran to Rude, wrapping her arms around the big man's neck. "I am sorry! I was such a selfish bitch to all of you." She was sobbing, "you all probably hate me don't you?"

Rude gripped Tifa's slender shoulders and shook her, "you know that I could never do that, none of us could." He pushed the bangs from her face, "no matter how hard I think some of us tried."

"He speaks!" Cid yelled earning a glare from both Rude and Yuffie.

"You can't just waltz back here when your boyfriend disappears and expect us to take you seriously!" Scarlet snapped.

"I was on the way to Junion for Reno!" Tifa yelled at the blond woman.

"Bullshit." Scarlet said slowly.

Reeve placed his arm around his wife's waist calming her. "What do you want?"

"Reno's missing too?" was all she asked.


Nanaki and Rovina came through the gates of Midgar, looking back and forth in shock. "Its been so long, Nanaki. I don't think I am ready." She moved close to his side, his body bringing her comfort.

"You are as ready as I am." Nanaki listened as Barret's raised voice bounced off the fallen walls.

The two beasts shared a look of concern and took off running. They saw the Turks and Avalanche in a clearing. Barret and Rude were nose to nose, Tifa and Yuffie trying to get in between the two big men. "What! Can't say anything? Too slow in the head to explain yo self?"

"Barret leave Rude alone!" Tifa yelled as she tugged on his gun arm.

"Rude don't kill'em! Please, just back up and walk away!" Yuffie begged the bald man as she squirmed in between them.

"He ain't gonna do shit brat!"

That comment appeared to piss the big Turk off. Rude's arm shot up and gripped Barret by the collar. His other arm pushed Yuffie gently but firmly aside. He jerked Barret almost off his feet. "First off you aren't worth talking to, and secondly she isn't a brat." Rovina and Nanaki arrived just in time to stop the fight.

"Rude!" Rovina yelled as she ran down to the fight. "Nanaki stop him!" Both beasts pushed in between the two men, who were in shock at seeing Rovina speak. "Rude we need each other! I mean it!"

Everyone stared at Rovina and Nanaki. Reno's daughter was the one to break the silence, "Dark Nation?" The little red head darted to the black beast and wrapped her arms around her neck. "Ya got your fire back! You talk too!" It was the first time that she cracked a smile since Reno was captured.

"It is Rovina now, child. Yes I did." She put her head on the girl's shoulder, giving her a hug.

"Do you know where Daddy is?"

The black beast looked into the girl's face, she placed a paw over the child's hand. "We will try to find him, but we must work together."

"Pardon my fucking french," Cid said "but what the Holy shit faced hell is going on?"

"I don't exactly know, we need to look in the Shinra building, we need to see what they want with Cloud and Reno." Rovina looked at the girl, "you stay close, Trigger. You are the final piece, as long as we have you they cannot win."

"You learn to talk and you speak in fucking circles!" Highwind cursed.


Sitting at a table outside the vans Barret was getting more agitated by the minute. The revelation that Reno and Tifa had been so close was a blow to his ego. The idea that she could have a relationship with Turks made his skin crawl. He kept throwing almost nervous looks at Rude, who was far to close to Yuffie for his comfort. Barret wouldn't tell her, but he loved the little ninja like a daughter. Yet another betrayal in the black man's eyes. The fact that Rude could have turned him into a pile of goo about fifteen minutes ago was also something to stew on. Barret wasn't as stupid as he acted, he made a mental note never to piss Rude off one on one again.

Coffee was brewing in one of the vans, they had decided to explain everything and then get to work in the morning. A lot of explaining was going to have to go on as far as Barret was concerned. Cid was sitting next to him, also shifting about in discomfort. Yuffie and Rude returned from the truck where they put Suzanna to rest. Thankfully, Trigger was asleep in the truck and couldn't hear what was being said about her father. "How old's that kid again?" Barret asked in an almost disgusted tone.

"She is seven." Yuffie snapped at Barret like a mother answering an annoying child.

"And the missing shit head is?" Cid asked. His temper also was flaring. The pilot hated being confused. He hated not understanding what was going on and as a result this day went way beyond just ticking him off.

"Reno is twenty two." Vincent said, he was beginning to lose his temper with his old companion.

"Shit, did he come out fucking?" Cid asked almost dropping his cigarette. "That would make him fifteen when that kid was born!" The blond pilot shook his head in a mixture of pity and hate. "Where'd he learn that? His whore of a mother?"

Vincent moved like a flash of light in a mirror. Cid's chair was kicked out from under him. Vincent held him by the neck, the thumb of his human hand pressed on the pilot's windpipe. The ex-assassin's voice was calm, but Cid's face was slowly changing to a shade of blue. "Don't ever make assumptions about shit you know nothing about again, Highwind." The dark ex-Turk released Cid, who erupted into a coughing fit. Looking every bit a Turk at the moment, Vincent stood up. He sighed and spoke again in a low mournful tone, "that woman was no whore. She was my wife."

"What about you and Lucrecia?" Yuffie asked, "Weren't you lovers?" Vincent looked at Yuffie, an unfamiliar look of surprise etched on his face.


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