Completion Chapter 9

Movement Four: Run

By Drakonlily

Elena woke quickly. She snapped her mako toned brown eyes open, bathing the dark cell in an eerie greenish light. The blond ex-Turk rolled to the side and surveyed her surroundings. Those mako eyes widened as she realized where she was. Oh Holy Ifrit, Hojo's lab. The desire to escape overwhelmed her, even with Hojo dead and gone his memory choked the place like radiation after nukeular fallout. She pushed herself swiftly off the still cold pavement. She hadn't been unconscious long. Reno could have put me out for hours.... A groan came from Yuffie behind her, taking her mind out of her confusion.

The little ninja had a small bruise on her neck. It wouldn't be painful, or even visible later tonight, but it did explain her difficulty waking. She moved over to the younger woman and checked her for broken bones, finding none she flopped down onto something hard. "Eep!" Elena felt in her back pocket and pulled out a small vile, smelling salt? She shook her head at her ability to prepare herself and then totally forget that she had done so. She broke the vile and held it under Yuffie's delicate nose. The ninja princess batted Elena's hand weakly away. "You okay Yuff?"

"I-I think so," she opened her stormy gray eyes and blinked at her friend. "'Lany, where are we?" Yuffie sat up and shook her head, clearing it. Elena stood and extended her hands to Yuffie, who accepted the help to her feet. She peered and Elena's eyes, "You know, I never really noticed the mako until now." Yuffie commented.

"Yeah, its the dark. We need to get outta here." The blonde looked to the door. "Right now," the blonde swallowed nervously, "this is one of Hojo's labs." Yuffie's eyes widened, even she was not immune to the dead man's poisonous aura.

She walked over to the door and smiled. "Those Aeons aren't so smart." She placed one hand on her hip as she turned to face Elena. The ninja then thrust her thumb over her thin shoulder, "They forgot to padlock the door!" There was a chain and lock laying on the desk across the narrow hall. "You know the way out of here?"

That is so not like Reno, he always paid attention to details.... "I know the way to the garage." Both women knew they would never be able to outrun the Aeons. They would need a car or something to escape them. "It is going to be pretty touch and go though."

Yuffie dug into her pocket and removed the lock pick she constantly carried with her. "Worth a shot right?" She popped the lock with no problem, this is too easy.



Reeve limped into the conference room, using Cid for support. The pilot helped his friend to a chair and lit a cigarette as Reeve propped his leg up on the table with a barely audible grunt of pain. "I must be getting soft," Reeve half chuckled as Vincent and Scarlet entered the room.

"You saying I pick bad Turks kid?" Vincent asked, leaning over the table.

"Kid," Reeve laughed. "I used to call Reno that all the time. Pissed him off something terrible."

Scarlet helped Reeve roll the loose leg of his pants up to the kneecap. "I have always said that you are too nice for your own good, never soft." She took out a needle and gave Reeve a shot directly into the knee. Reeve didn't make a sound, but his face contorted in pain.

"What is that shit?" Cid asked.

"Its called Quadramean, it is a very high grade mako enhancer." Scarlet stepped back and Reeve jerked his long leg to his chest. "It counteracts the Dopamine that grand king psycho freak put in his knee."

"I think I have hearda that." Cid gave one last puff on the cig before dropping into one of the many ashtrays Shera had the sense to litter about the airship. "Hojo did that to ya?"

"Yeah," Reeve sighed as he extended his limb again. "He didn't take to kindly to my meddling. He got his hands on all three of us. He kept Vince, and let Scarlet and myself go. Not without a nice memento though," he motioned to his knee. It was shot out during the fight with the SOLDIERs. Hojo replaced it with a Dopamine infused one."

"Dopamine eats mako, and anything infused with it. It is like an acid to mako." Scarlet explained. "Without the shots Reeve wouldn't be able to walk." She helped her husband to his feet. His knee was still too weak to totally support him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and put her head on his chest, steadying him with a hug. "Hades, Reeve. I thought I was going to lose you."

Reeve sat his chin on her shoulder and put his arm around her. "If I ever get it banged or injured then the Dopamine goes into overdrive," Reeve sighed and stretched his leg again. "He was bloody brilliant. Insane, but bloody brilliant."

"You Okie Paw Paw Reeve?" Suzanna asked as she, Tifa and Rude entered the room.

Reeve nodded, "yeah Trigger, I'm fine."

Rude glanced around as the rest of the team came into the conference room. "Where's 'Lany and Yuffie?" The silence was deafening, even to Rude. "What happened?"

"Reno's not acting himself," Rovina said lowly. "He took them."

Rude said nothing, he leaned against the doorway. In the space of less then a week he had now lost both of his best friends and Yuffie. Reno and Elena were like his little siblings. He felt responsible for them, he always had. Then there was Yuffie. He didn't want to admit how he felt about her. He didn't know how to admit it, he didn't have the words. "I should have gone," he said at length.

"You can't even turn your head around Rude." Scarlet reasoned. "We will get them back. All of them."



Elena moved swiftly down the twisting corridors, Yuffie on her heels. Yuffie was finding a strange comfort in Elena's softly glowing eyes. Like the nightlight I had in Wutai. A bitter sigh escaped the ninja's lips, don't think about Wutai, even after it all he still treated me like a child, like a commodity. Hell, he was going to marry me off to-

"You okay Yuffie?" Elena asked, "stay alert."

"Yeah sure, Reno." she quipped at Elena's change into Turk mode. It was scary how her group of friends- even Reeve- could go from nice to assassin mode in the bat of an eyelash. She recalled when Dio had wanted to hire them and Reeve scared the living piss out of him. Dio hadn't even stayed in Junion that night. At least you know they trust you, they talk to you like an equal. They depend on you. Yuffie comforted herself.

Elena half smiled at the off handed complement. Reno was a great Turk, a great leader. Even if his life had to be in danger for him to act like it. They turned another corner and halted just short of an open door. Elena peered inside and looked at the backs of Apollyon and Yrene as they sat at a coffee table. Reno was sitting facing her. He looked up and she ducked back behind the wall, sure that she had been seen. Yuffie took the cue and remained silent, she would have made a great Turk. Elena caught herself thinking. With nothing else to do she listened into their conversation.

"Any luck finding the orbs?" Reno asked as he leaned back in the chair.

"No, but the bonding is going well. The majesty has no clue." Yrene chuckled.

Reno shook his head. "I refuse to call him 'majesty.'"

"Take it easy young one." Apollyon responded. "Don't allow the pest to get to you," a rather dangerous smile crossed his face. "Speaking of pests how long will they be out? I am in need of some entertainment."

"The ninja will be out for at least two more hours and I hit the blonde one pretty hard. Give them until you are done with patrol." Elena made a face, Reno knows damn well he didn't hit me that hard.

"Fine then, I need to go to check on our hero." Apollyon stood and Elena's heart rose up her throat with him. If he sees us we are as good as dead.

"What's the point?" Reno also stood, giving Elena and Yuffie a chance to cross the doorway unnoticed. "I mean lab 422 isn't going anywhere and he can't exactly move. He's only got about an hour left before its done, why not wait till then?"

"He has a point, finnish your patrol then meet us back in the room. We can all go see this creation of yours brother."

"Ah yes, excellent idea sister. Things are shaping up rather well I would say." He glanced over at the other two. "Speaking of plans shouldn't you two be busy?"

Yrene stood and laughed, her icy voice sent a vicious chill up Yuffie's spine. "Certainly brother." The three started out the doorway, Elena and Yuffie were already down the hall like the smoke in the night.



"I cannot wait to be free of that moronic majesty." Yrene snarled as she and Reno entered her sleeping chambers.

Reno leaned against the door, an amused smirk on his face. "You are so tense Yrene, what happened to all that being patience that you and Apollyon have been feeding me?" He pushed off the door and sauntered up to her. He looked up at her face, she truly was beautiful, if only on the outside.

"I am tired of monotony." She lamented, like a spoilt child on the edge of sanity.

"Then let's spice it up." Reno pushed her swiftly, forcing her back against the wall. Her sharp eyes widened as he closed the distance between them with a hard kiss. With practiced expertise, Reno slid his hands up her lean body. Yrene closed her eyes and put her hands over his shoulders. Reno moved his mouth down to her neck, "see how easy it is to relax a bit?" his deep voice rumbled against her skin. He nipped her neck roughly.

Yrene felt the pinch to late, she shoved Reno away from her weekly and stared at the syringe in his hand. "You tricked me!" She was slurring her speech already. Reno backed up as she lurched forward, falling onto the floor.

Reno took another needle out of his pocket. He kneeled next to her. "You really should see someone about your delusions of grander." He injected her again. "Sleep tight, I know I will." He looked up to the clock, time to go.



Elena ran to lab 422, intent on getting Cloud and getting the hell out of this nightmare. She stopped cold at the sight of the hero of the planet. His body was white as a sheet, his face- Elena had always thought to be very handsome- had violet bags under the eyes. For all purposes, Cloud Strife looked like a vampire.

"Is he dead?" Yuffie whimpered, edging closer to her friend.

Elena took a deep breath and moved to him. She placed her fingers on his still warm skin. A faint pulse beat in the hero's muscular neck. "He's alive," she sighed in relief. Medical training took over for the ex-Turk, "Yuffie, find some Quadramean or Mako-cloroxide." she busied herself looking as well.

"Commina wha?" Yuffie responded. A glare from Elena stopped her, "right long 'Q' word or mako-something or other. Got it." Yuffie's materia hunter luck paid off, the first cabinet that she found contained over 20 jars of Quadramean. Elena tied off Cloud's arm while a very queasy Yuffie unhooked him from the odd table. "Now what?" Yuffie asked.

"This should work quickly." Elena stepped back and Cloud sat up gasping for air, red color rushed back into his pale face. He snapped his eyes open, they were an alarming violet color instead of his cobalt blue. "Cloud are you okay?"

Cloud shook his head slowly and fell back down to a laying position. "Re- Re-" he didn't even have the strength to speak.

Elena was strong, but there was no way that she could carry Cloud's dead weight without help. "We gotta go." she said desperately.

Amazingly Cloud forced himself to sit up again. "Can't leave Re-"

The door to the lab opened and Reno dashed into the room. "Grab your side 'Lany we gots ta GO!"

"WAIT a minute! Why should we-" Elena started laughing. "Holy, you are good Reno, did I ever tell you that? You shoulda been an actor!" She got on Cloud's right side while Reno lifted his left.

"You can praise me later, if Yrene wakes up and gets her hands on me I have a feeling that I will be incapable of having any more kids."



Barret and Rude were pacing about the Highwind, no one dared to interrupt them. Both were struggling silent battles, the others could only feel the tension and be glad they they were not involved. An old radio cackle broke the silence, "CID GET THE PLANE OFF THE GROUND! WE ARE ALMOST THERE!" Yuffie's voice cut the tense air.

Cid ran to the control room with a barrage of cussing. "Who all you have with you?" Reeve yelled.

"Every one! Reno needs the damn academy award! OH GAWD!" the line went out.

"Yuffie!" Rude yelled. The room stood still for a second and then everyone dashed up the stairs. "Tifa, you and Reeve stay down here with Trigger." The bald man ordered.

The scene on the deck of the Highwind was that of people watching a storm roll in. There was an army swiftly approaching the airship. The Highwind was hovering about ten or so feet above the earth as a beat up old Turk car slid to a stop below it in a cloud of dust. Reno and Elena had the still weak Cloud held up between them. Yuffie leaped out and caught the rope that Vincent tossed down. "Watch out!" Nanaki yelled as the zombie army opened fire. Cid turned on the guns of the Highwind to cover the escapees.

"I won't make that," Cloud said lowly as he looked up the rope.

"Don't give me that, this was your idea Spike." Reno growled. "Yuffie, send Vince or Rude down here to get him!" The army was coming closer, "tell the guys to shoot them in the head or don't bother!"

Yuffie suppressed the nausea that was threatening to overpower her. Her feet didn't even touch the ground before she rushed into Rude's arms. "I have NO idea what's going on!" she yelped. Rude hugged the young woman close, not caring that they were on a crowded ship.

Vincent jumped down from the still rising Highwind. He locked eyes with his son. Looking at the two- Reno decked out in a variation of Vincent's old costume and the now shorted hair on both men- there was no denying that Vincent was Reno's father. They said nothing, Vincent pulled Cloud up the rope with him with impressive ease. Elena and Reno followed.

Reno jumped to the deck and untied the rope, letting it and their pursuers who had reached it fall the 30 feet to the ground. He let out a ragged breath and and folded his arms over the rail of the airship sitting his head on top of them. "Thank Holy, that worked." he told himself.

"In coming!" Rovina yelled, causing Reno to snap his head up. Apollyon landed on the front of the Highwind, just beside the railing. Reno ran forward, Avalanche flanking him.

"You are a fool, Reno." the Aeon sneered. "You actually think that these insects have a chance against us?"

"What makes you any better then them?" Reno was too upset to be afraid. "Why don't you tell me that? You call them insects but they are free! You are a slave to an insane man!"

"Silence!" Apollyon almost roared.

"Hit a tender spot?" Reno smirked. "Leave before you are injured, Apollyon."

The Aeon jumped at Reno who blocked and dodged. Whatever Yrene had injected him with was wearing off, but he was still a fair match to Apollyon. For the moment at least. Apollyon drew his sword and swung. Reno hopped to the other side of the railing, balancing precariously on the outside of it. The railing took Apollyon's blow throwing a burst of sparks around them. Apollyon snarled as they danced about the railing. He missed Reno three more times.

"What's a mater? The half breed too fast for you and your pedigree?" Reno taunted as he jumped to the inside of the railing. The rail took yet another blow on his behalf. This time Apollyon's sword stuck into the rail. He was on the outside this round and Reno took the chance to shove at the Aeon. Apollyon released his sword and grabbed Reno by the back of the shirt as he fell. Both of them toppled off the Highwind. Reno felt an arm grab his, jerking him to a stop. Apollyon lost his hold and fell, Reno watched wide eyed as his attacker was lost from view. He tried to grab hold of the arm that held him, but it was to large. He was hanging by his wrist, totally helpless. Reno looked up, expecting to see Rude, the shock was plain on his face as he stared up at none other then Barret Wallice.

Ok Wallice, what do you do now? Barret asked himself as he looked down at the man that had killed so many of his friends. Pull him up or drop him?

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