Questions and Answers Chapter 1

By ElectroJako45

She still couldn't decide.

Locke had been there in the beginning, had comforted her while others had gasped and been horrified by her powers. He had rescued her from the mines of Narshe, leading the Moogles against the men who wanted to take her away. Then he had met Celes, apparently fallen in love with her, and left her without anyone.

He'd betrayed her.

Edgar was a womanizer, a "hopeless romantic" as some had called him, had had innumerable lovers, could've gotten any woman he'd wanted. But he had stayed with her through their whole adventure. He'd flirted with her, made her feel pretty, intelligent, and witty.

He had never betrayed her.

Logically, it was an obvious choice. But her heart still held onto the hope that Locke would leave Celes and come back to her. As the wind whipped through her long-


-green hair, she knew it would never happen. But she didn't want to...settle for Edgar. Not that she had had any previous experience with love.

"Hey, Terra. Whatcha doin'?"

Speak of the devil.

She turned to face him, looking into his eyes. "Nothing, Edgar. Just thinking."

"About what?"

Terra looked away from him, so he wouldn't see the torn expression on her face. "Lots of things. Kefka. The world. What'll happen to all of us when - if - we succeed in destroying Kefka."

Edgar grinned. "Whadaya mean "if" we get him. Never have doubt, Terra. Always believe in yourself."

How can I believe in myself when I'm being pulled apart from the inside?

"Yeah, sure. Whatever."

Apparently taking this as a sign their little conversation was over, Edgar moved away from the airship's railing. Terra turned back to face the ocean they were passing over, looking at the waves on the surface, and kept thinking.

* * *

Celes sat on a padded bench in the airship's interior, also thinking.

She was worried about Locke. Celes had seen the way Terra was lately, in fact, the whole time they'd known each other. Locke and her had had something before him and Celes had met each other. What that something was, she didn't know. She didn't even know if Locke still had feelings for Terra.

I stole him away from her. I know it, I realize it, she knows I know it, and she hates me for it.

Well, it was her tough luck. Celes knew damn well what love was, and it wasn't her fault if some little Esper girl couldn't handle herself if competition arose. If Terra indeed wanted Locke.

I really shouldn't think that way about her... we're friends, after all.

But still, Locke was hers, and if she had any say in it, it would stay that way.

* * *

Two years had passed. Kefka was defeated. The world was rebuilding. The children of Mobliz were playing outside. Terra still couldn't decide.

Locke and Celes had wound up moving to South Figaro. Terra hadn't heard about an engagement or a marriage or anything.

Edgar still lived in Figaro Castle with Sabin. The two of them threw wild parties every few months. Everyone that had had a part in Kefka's defeat was invited.

At the moment, her invitation to one of those parties was sitting on the table in front of her.

Dear Terra Branford ,

You are officially invited to the Second annual Go Crazy At Figaro Castle Party, being held August 17th at Figaro Castle, Figaro. Refreshment will be provided, as well as clean changes of clothes for all sizes in case of a refreshment-related accident. If necessary, contact Figaro Castle via carrier pigeon and a cab will pick you up and transport you to the party.


The Figaro Brothers
Edgar and Sabin Rene Figaro

P.S. - Hope you can come, Terra!

Did she actually want to go?

Last time... oh my god... Gau swung from a chandelier, Cyan actually made out with some girl, Sabin "accidentally" threw beer all over the front of my dress, and him, Edgar, and Setzer stared like babies for about a minute before I slapped them all... Oh what a night...

Of course, she had had to endure watching Locke and Celes make out the whole night, dance to the hired band's slower songs, and go into the bathroom for about ten minutes together. A two-year-old could've guessed what they were doing then.

But, yeah, she wanted to go, if only to try and get herself to accept Edgar as the one she should be with.

* * *


The doorbell to Locke and Celes' house rang.

"Oh, that must be the cab," shouted Locke. "Celes, hurry up!"

"Coming!" replied Celes. She ran down the stairs, dressed in a pretty, flowing white gown. Locke knew it would probably be ruined by the end of the night.

"You look great, honey!" Locke smiled and gave Celes a quick kiss.

"No time for that now, Locke," said Celes, waving her finger at him. "It can wait 'til the party."

Like last time, thought Locke. Oh yeah!

Noticing his hesitation, Celes, already halfway out the door, reached back and grabbed Locke's arm, pulling him toward the waiting chocobo-pulled cab.

This is gonna be a party.

* * *

So what's gonna happen? Will Terra get Locke, or will she have to settle for Edgar? Will Celes feel sorry for Terra, and, maybe, give up Locke? Maybe. Find out in Chapter Two!

Chapter 2

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