R-66Y Chapter 5

By Dennis Smith

"Robots! Androids! Lend me your visual and sound sensors!" said an R-Series Robot and he stood on a large podium that overlooked the rest of the factory.

It was December 31, 1998, 3:00 a.m. After the last meeting, all of the robots were told to meet back at the factory at this time, and everyone had returned. A large moniter lowered next to the R-Series Robot. A cut-away picture of the planet was shown, revealing the planet's layers.

"Pressure sensors indicate a large sorce of energy in the planet's core," said the robot. "This unknown sorce of energy has reached critical mass, and has been specifically predicted to emerge through the planet's surface at presicely January 1, 1999. When this happens, a large scale reaction will take place, which will lower the energy recieved by the humans. It is then that we will attack, for they will have no power to detect our coming or to defend themselves."

Another robot stood up. "What will prevent our own energy supplies from being cut off?"

"We have already prepared special emergency generators," answered the head robot, "The only other place in the world with such special generators will be the Info Center at the Arris Dome, but it should be close enough to the 'Lavos', as the humans call it, that it will simply collapse upon itself."

"Understood," responded the robot.

The moniter started to retract back up to the ceiling.

"We will all now recieve attack instructions from the Mother Brain," said the head robot.

As the Mother Brain's holographic image was being uploaded, Prometheus and Atropos, who were in the back, started talking.

"Finally, the humans will get what they deserve," said Atropos.

"Yes," replied Prometheus, "The planet will finally serve a useful purpose; supplying suitable living conditions for robots."

The Mother Brain's image came into effect.

"The attack squadrons will be as follows," said the Mother Brain, "Johnny..."

Johnny, who was sitting in the front row, stood up. "Wzup, Mama Brain?" he said.

"Indeed," said the Mother Brain, "You will lead a group of Proto 2 robots into the Laboratory 32 Area, via Highway 307."

"No prob," responded Johnny, "Just call me 'The Man'."

The Mother Brain went up and down the rows, giving orders on where attacks were to be launched, and who was to launch them. Finally, she got to Prometheus's row.

"Prometheus and Atropos will lead R-Series Robots 50-59 to the attack on the Proto Dome," she said.

"Did you detect that, Prometheus?" Atropos said, "We get to exterminate humans side by side!"

"Yes, Atropos," Prometheus said, "It will be an honor."

The orders were given, and all of the robots were excited. Most of the robots who were in the small army lived near or in the Geno Dome. Only a few, such as Atropos and Johnny, lived farther away. In these instinces, the Mother Brain overrode the computer system in the building which the robot came from and made it seem as if they never left, using special holograms when neccessary. For now, though, all of the robots were off to hide near thier attack points.


"Sir, you must see this!"

At the Info Center, it was 11:55 p.m. Small tremors were popping up all over the world, as well as here. A timid young man ran furiously up to the Director.

"Sir, this thing is going on all over the world!" said the man.

The Director ignored him, though. He was conducting very special examinations on the large computer in front of him. He tapped a few buttons and read the text on the screen very quickly. As he finished, his jaw dropped as his face turned a horrified white.

"Put out the emergency broadcast system," said the Director, "This is going to be nothing like mankind has ever faced before."

"That's just it, sir," said the young man, almost breaking into tears, "For some reason almost all of the power in the world has been disabled. Only our special emergency backup EMERGENCY generators are keeping us going."

"Oh my God," said the Director, "Can it be?"

"Sir, we must escape to the emergency shelter!," said the man.

The Director stood still as a large explosion could be heard from some miles away. Some debris from the ceiling fell down on top of their heads.

"Sir, we must go now!"

"Leave me…" said the Director.

The man tried to tug on the Director's arm, but suddenly a massive shock wave passed through the area which knocked him down. He cowardly stumbled up and ran out of the room. The entire building shook as a large chunk of the ceiling came crashing down, narrowly missing the Director's head.


A few beams broke as the entire room collapsed upon itself and the Director.


Buildings shook to the ground and massive chemical chambers exploded as the ground shook and cracked open. The people of this dome, known as "Proto Dome" were scurrying out of the area. Many of them may have survived the great disaster, if not a fairly large group of robots had been waiting for them outside.

Metal punches flew, lasers fired, and the screams of many were heard. Human corpses were dropping left and right, all killed by a robot.

Prometheus and Atropos, who were heading up this assault, ran into the dome to catch humans before they came out. Prometheus activated his uzzi arm and fired away, killing three humans instantly. They screamed in horror and agony, for they had no means of defending themselves. Atropos opened her chestplates and activated a combustion mechanism. After the chemicals met, a large flame burst out all over Atropos, killing many. The flame died down and Atropos shook off the burnt metal from the edges of her.

"The feeling is tremendous!" Atropos said, shooting a human in the shoulder just to see him wiggle in agony.

"Indeed!" Prometheus said with evil in his voice. "I must kill more!"

Prometheus barged his way to a burning residential area.

"This can't be allowed!" said a human from behind him.

Prometheus looked behind himself, then to the right and to the left and found that about six humans were closing in on him with crude weapons.

"Inaccurate statement," said Prometheus, with a buzzing sound coming from within him. "The punishment is..." His chestplates quickly opened and a blinding barrage of deadly electricity emerged from his body, traveling through the air and on the ground, electrifying and killing everyone in a twenty foot radius. "…DEATH!"

Prometheus laughed as he retracted his chestplates and ran off toward a burning house.

A man ran out of it carrying a little girl who was obviously burned badly.

"There's no use trying to escape!" said Prometheus, cocking his arm cannon toward the man.

The man gasped as he quickly put the girl on the ground and scurried her along.

"Run away, honey!" said the man, "Don't worry about daddy!"

"Oh, you'd better worry about daddy!" holored Prometheus. He let his ammo fly, hitting the man in the stomach at least thirty times.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO," the little girl screemed in horror. She ran off crying. Prometheus let her go, knowing that some robot would get her eventually.

"Perhaps we shall find a mommy to wipe out, too?" Prometheus suggested to himself. He walked through the wreckage of the town to the entrance of the house, where, when he looked down at the dead man, he probobly would have had a heart attack if he had a heart.

The man was Finton, Prometheus's creator and best friend. He got down on his knees and lifted his head into his hands. He had just murdered a man who put his life into creating his and cared for him like he was his son. Alas, Prometheus had also indirectly killed his daughter. The fluid levels in his body started flowing strangly.

Prometheus was so ingulfed in guilt, he didn't even hear the messege that was coming in on his internal radio.

"All robots!" said the voice, "The energy coming from the core of the planet was nothing we ever expected it to be! It appears to be some kind of very large beast, and it's mere coming to the surface has devestated everything within a fourty mile radius of it! Just moments ago, it spewed forth some kind of explosive-like material. Our sensors show that it has shot out enough to destroy the entire face of the planet! All robots take shelter!"

Prometheus just sat there.

"Prometheus!" yelled Atropos from the entrance, "Let us go! You will be destroyed if you stay!"

The earthquakes were getting worse now as a large piece of debris fell and blocked the entrance. Prometheus finally said something.

"Damn this emotion chip!" he yelled as loud as his dolby speakers would allow. "First was happiness, then love, but then came greed, power, arrogance, and evil! Now I face this inescapable guilt! Why? WHY? WHY?"

Prometheus was so ashamed of himself, he simply turned himself off, never wanting to be awakened again. The last of his functions lost power as destruction rained from the heavens, reducing the Proto Dome to ruins.


What will happen to the world?

What will happen to Prometheus?

Play Chrono Trigger to find out!


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