Dark Winds Author's Notes

By Eponine

Being a fan of the Magus, I had to at least compose one story about him. His dark psychology and bitter upbringing fascinated me. And really, there are so many loose ends with the Kingdom of Zeal that I just had to tie up a few of them.

One thing I always wondered, was who in the world could melt that icy heart of Janus'? If, indeed, anyone could. The only woman he had ever loved in his life was Schala, his sister, and so I composed a character like her, loving, and utterly accepting of Janus, no matter what his current state of mind. And so, Meoni was born into literary existance.

Having read several of the fanfic published on Icybrian's page, I often saw romance between the characters, Crono and Marle especially, yet I rarely saw anyone assuming the Magus was capable of love. (And yes, I am aware that a few author's broached or attempted to broach the subject.)

Deciding to take things a step further, I then created Delora (which means 'sorrow' in Spanish, I believe), and had Meoni die mysteriously in the past. (That's a story for another day, mind you.) Delora is the child of Meoni and Janus, who grew up hating her father openly, and wondering about him in private.

And some of you may ask, how in the world did Flea get into all of this? Well, in my little version of this world, Flea didn't exactly die when attacked alongside Ozzie and Slash (in fact, Ozzie and Slash might make later appearances in my fanfic, who knows). Simply put, Flea found the time door and exploited it. I'd say more, but if I ever decide to write about this, I'd hate to ruin it in my notes on another story!

At any rate, I've grown rather attached to Delora, so more then likely, you'll see her surface again in further fanfics. Stay tuned!


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