Dust in the Wind Author's Notes

By Eponine

Dust in the wind happened to come to me while I was sitting at work one day, bored out of my mind. Another loose end left in the game was Queen Zeal, and I just happened to wonder on that day, a that time, exactly what happened to her after her return to earth, following her defeat and the destruction of the Black Omen.

With Lavos' control having finally slipped, of course her memories would return, along with her former personality. According to Schala, in the game, Zeal was not originally an evil person, and so I made her grief palpable, as anyone fallen that far from grace would inevitably feel as soon as their conscience returned.

And so yes, I had Zeal kill herself in a gesture of ritual suicide, a cleansing of her soul as a way of apologizing for all those whose lives she affected, many of them into their graves.

And as I'm sure some of you will be very angry at me for, yes, Schala is dead in my little version of CT. I originally was going to write a fanfic about Janus' searching for Schala, but that's been done before, and really, Janus' life seems that much more tragic if she were truly dead and gone. Not to mention her own story ending something like that of a Shakespearean play.


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