150G Notes D'Auteur

By Ersatz Sobriquet

I always thought other fanfics that dealt with Final Fantasy I were a bit on the shallow side. The characters had no real defining meaning, like they were all staple D&D clones. I was trying to fix that little cliché by showing how they originally met and give them some background story and personal feelings. Square provided no real background story for these warriors, so this gives us authors free reign in making them however we want!

One thing I felt the game didn't do was show us just how the characters met. It always stuck me a bit odd that these four warriors all had these black orbs and just banded together to stop an evil. Where did they get the orbs from? How did they come to meet in the first place? Granted, I don't go into much detail on how the orbs came into existence, (Probably work on that with another story) but at least we see how each of the warriors obtained the orbs.

Also, whenever I read a Final Fantasy I fanfic, the author always chooses to write about the staple four characters: the Fighter, Black Belt, White Mage and Black Mage. The other two characters are always ignored, the Thief and Red Mage. You don't always need a staple fighter, people! Thus the reason I choose to write about those characters instead.

I would like to now give a special thanks to Dan Simpson for allowing me to graciously use his idea from the fanfic, "One Heal, Please". Thus, where I received the inspiration for that mildly amusing scene in the item shop in chapter three.

A special thanks also goes out to CRITCal for reviewing one of my earlier Final Fantasy 1 stories and recognizing that I erred in the conception I had when the Light Warriors went into the future and killed CHAOS. Once they returned to the present time, no one knew about CHAOS or the adventure of the Light Warriors. That insightful reminder helped me to tie up all the loose knots during the epilogue.

And, finally a special thanks goes out to Wraith for reading and continuing to read ALL my drafts when I write anything and all the feedback given.

I hope everyone enjoyed this story as much as I've had fun writing it.


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