Chaotic Bloodlines

By Ersatz Sobriquet

The dragon-like creature was out of control and wanted blood. It's victims blood. The monster known as CHAOS delivered a fierce blow to the Red Wizard. Seeing as how he was loosing blood fast, the White Wizard quickly cast the strongest CURE spell on his downed comrade.

The beast, CHAOS then started to chant something unfamiliar to all. Before he could finish chanting though, a slash from behind halted CHAOS from finishing the spell. As he turned around to see who it was, the sharp pain of a sword fell across his face. Lurching backwards, CHAOS saw through his purple blood dripping over his eyes who his assaulter was. Before he could react though, the fast, painful movement of fist and feet pummeled his whole body, provided by the Master. When CHAOS fell to the ground, the White Wizard foolishly cast MUTE. Laughing, if you want to call it that, CHAOS got up and surprisingly charged at the Master and swung at him. Sure he would avoid such an attack, the Master surprised everybody as he took the blow from CHAOS claw, falling to the ground, being knocked unconscious. Moving very swiftly still, CHAOS took a swing at the stunned Knight as he also began chanting. Still in a state of stupor, the Knight clumsily dodged the attack but was not able to dodge one of the most powerful fire attacks known to mankind, NUKE. Crying out in pain as the flames slowly died out on his body, the brave Knight fell down to the ground slowly about to die.

The Red Wizard quickly cast the strongest LIGHTING spell on the being known as CHAOS but no immediate effect was shown. Chaos then focused all of his energies to produce a spell only known as TORNADO. The White Wizard moved fast enough out of the way from the path of the violent, swirling wind. The Red Wizard though, became caught up in the raging wind and was lifted several thousand feet before he fell back to the earth.

Unable to heal any of his teammates, the White Wizard knew that he had to fight. As the White Wizard began to unsheathe his Masmume, a bright blue aura began to filter throughout his body. He felt his magic powers slowly coming back to him as he charged towards CHAOS. Not a fighter, but as he began to attack, he produced techniques that he never knew about, or for that much, seen even the Knight perform. It was as if the sword was programming moves into his mind. As he dodged and blocked yet another attack, the White Wizard ended the battle as he thrust his sword forward, piercing CHAOS in the heart.

An extremely high pitch sound was heard from CHAOS as he slowly fell to the ground, dead. Feeling as though all was won, the White Wizard cast the strongest CURE spell on his downed party. Once they regained most of their strength, they walked over to the black orb and warped 2000 years into the future.


The celebration of the Light Warriors victory over CHAOS in the castle of Coneria was a joyous occasion to say the very least. The king of Coneria had a huge banquet for all to enjoy: roast pork, beef stew, snake eggs, and a rare specialty, chocobo legs and thighs. All very appetizing. The king had some of the finest forms of entertainment present namely, Queen Jane. Queen Jane was a very accomplished dancer and the citizens of Coneria loved to see her dancing to the renowned music that the Coneria orchestra provided. Everybody that the Light Warriors encountered on their journey was also in attendance, the elf prince, the crystal ball and its bearer, witch Matuya, the citizens of Lefin, King Bahamut and a cast of many more. All here congratulating the Light Warriors for resting their troubled hearts from the evil that the dark mind of CHAOS unleashed upon this once peaceful land.

Everyone was having a great time, enjoying the rich food, wonderful entertainment, and each others company. All that is, except for the Red Wizard. He isolated himself from of the rest of the guests, standing in front of a huge window which overlooked the land. There he stood, looking up into the moon, contemplating the situation at hand. The Knight saw that the Red Wizard removed himself from the rest of the celebration, but knowing the serious attitude that the Red Wizard had, he gave it no thought. The Master though, when seeing the serious look on the Red Wizard's face knew it was one that he saw before. An expression the Red Wizard gave whenever a very important decision had to be made.

The Master walked over to the Red Wizard and asked, "What is troubling you, Besio?"

Besio did not even turn his attention away from the pale, blue moonlight. His heart full of indecisive action was unsure how to answer such a question. So he said nothing.

"Why don't you join us, Besio? The food is delicious and the woman are willing." the Master said trying to coax him into joining the fun.

"No." Besio said finally. "I must go now." Turning his attention away from the beaming moonlight and towards the Master, he said, "You have been a good friend, Gantryo. I will always remember you." he finished as he placed his hand on Gantryo's shoulder, patted him for a moment, picked up his staff and began to leave the soiree.

"Wait, where are you going? What do you mean, you'll always remember me?" Gantryo called out, but no answer was returned. Very much concerned for his friend and father-like figure, Gantryo walked over to the Knight.

"Excuse me, Pefia but I think there are some issues regarding Besio that I think we should look into." Gantryo told the Knight.

Since he was surrounded by the many beautiful women of the land, the brave knight retelling his remarkable story on how he personally fought off a Rock Gol single handedly, while his companions looked on, unable to help in their critical condition, he wasn't exactly about to leave if it wasn't important.

"What's wrong with Besio? Is he sick or sum'im?" Pefia questioned with one arm around the waist of one of the ladies and his other hand running up and down the leg of another.

"I'm not exactly sure, but please come. Meet me in front of the castle gates."

The Knight stood up and pulled Gantryo to the side, "Look Gantryo, we've just finish defeating CHAOS and we've been chasing that freak for months. Do you know how long it's been?" the Knight questioned as he turned his attention back to the ladies, awaiting his return. "Do you see the girl in the purple and blue dress? She said that later, once we get... comfortable, she would let me taste--"

"I don't want to here any of the sick things that your going to do to them! Anyway, this is more important."

"More important than THEM?!!" Pefia said, knowing that his friend wasn't understanding.

"Just meet me at the gates."

"Do I have ta? I mean, can't this wait until tomorrow?"

"Yes, you do and no it can't. I will go and get Uron." and Gantryo then went off to look for the White Wizard.

Regrettably, the Knight excused himself from the lovely ladies by his side. He assured them that he will return and followed Gantryo out of the room.


The wind began to pick up as Besio approached the temple of fiends. Besio wished that this day would never have had to come, but it was inevitable that this would happen. He knew this would happen the day he and the Light Warriors "killed" Garland.

Besio stood in front of the iron clad doors with fear and hesitation in his heart. As the wind blew, the soft, caressing feeling it gave Besio calmed his heart some. But not so much. Probably imaging it, Besio was sure that the wind was giving off a soft whisper. Like it was talking to him. It was as if the wind seemed to be taunting him, mocking him, telling him that he is a fool for what he is about to do. But a fool that will try to prove the wind otherwise, he thought. Besio was determined to show all what he was capable of. As he was about to enter into the lair, a familiar voice called out to him from behind. Besio turned around to see that his companions were there ready to help out a friend in need.

"Did you really think I wasn't going to follow you?" Gantryo asked the startled Besio.

"If it is a problem that haunts you, we would be most honored to help you out in your time of distress." Uron said in his usual serious voice.

"Yeah, you know. What they said." Pefia chimed in, hoping to get whatever it was that was bothering Besio over with. He really wanted to get back to the celebration as soon as possible.

"Thank you. Thank you, all of you." Besio said. "But I must fight this fight alone."

"Um, no. I don't think so." Pefia says. "I had to leave a party that had beautiful women all around wanting me!" he says pointing back to the castle. "And you are telling me that we should go back? Shoooot, you musta lost your mind!... But, you know, if you want us to, uh go I'll be, ya know, cooperative and leave..."

"Quiet, Pefia!" Gantryo snapped.

"No, you must go back." Besio urged.

"Okay," Pefia cheerfully said.

Smacking him on he back of his head Gantryo glared at Pefia, the anger waves almost knocking him down.

"At least tell us where the stress that lies within your worries troubles you." Uron suggested, ignoring the little drama that just occurred.

"Very well. You see," Besio started "Garland is my brother." Shock and confusion was written all over the three Light Warriors face.

"How?" Gantryo asked.

"The story on how the two of us are related is too extensive to tell you right now. The thing is though, Garland somehow knew that I was going to be a Light Warrior one day and that I was going to fight him. He also knew that I, along with whoever accompanied me was going to 'defeat' him. That is why he made fake orbs and gave it to the four fiends. Garland is truly dead but he left his son the responsibility of trying to cast the world in eternal darkness. His son, who's name is Valint, has the orbs that we have been fighting for all of this time. And I must fight him alone."

"You mean, all this time we were fighting for no reason?!!?" Pefia yelled. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"Because the future must be played out the way that it was predicted to happen. And the future says that I must go in here alone, fight Valint, die and then another set of warriors must come and save the world," he paused for a moment "Again."

"What!!" Gantryo exclaimed. "I never heard anything so absurd in my life."

"Who told you this?" Uron questioned in his calm, mellow voice.

"One of the sages." Besio answered.

"What will happen if we do interfere with the future?" Gantryo asked.

"It is unpredictable and I do not wish to risk it." Besio responded.

"What do you think, Uron?" Gantryo questioned.

Looking down, being able to see nothing but his mouth for his red spotted hood covered his eyes, Uron stood there, contemplating the dilemma that faced the group. The serious mediator of the group, Uron's opinion was always listened to. Even the great circle of sages were dumbfounded when they had asked him a rhetorical question and the answer that was returned. A spot within the great circle was always opened if he ever wanted to join, he was assured. Finally, he spoke, "The future holds many uncertainties. Questions about the future will always be questioned even if the expected outcome is already known. For us to presume that the future only has one course of action would be foolish to say the very least. I say that we go. Together."

Even Besio could not reject the things that Uron said and thought, and so they started towards the temple of fiends.


The four Light Warriors entered into the temple and immeadily noticed something different. The stench of wet fur that once permeated the air was no more. In fact, the dark depressing atmosphere that once loomed within was gone altogether. Candles were lit throughout the temple. The smell of incense replaced the rotting smell of flesh and bone that the Zombies continually gave off. Who would do such a thing as to set up candles and light up incense? The princess perhaps. The warriors recalled the first time they came to this temple to save her. She was in shock no doubt, after seeing such an intense battle, but she seemed to not want to go with the warriors, as if she felt safe there. In fact, she was hesitant to give them any thanks at all, which the warriors seemed to wonder why she did so. It was reported that she often looked to the north where this temple lied, with an almost longing to return to this place. It was as if Princess Sara and that monster Garland were some how lovers but the very idea seems preposterous.

No monster could be found throughout the temple. The usual sticky surface of the ground that was always present no doubt caused by the constant blood bath that occurred there from the attempts of countless numbers of foolish warriors who tried to stop Garland was no more. The immense sight the cob webs gave off only added to the eerie surrounding that this temple once felt. That too was gone.

The throne to Garland remained virtually the same though. The statues of imps that were made out of opal was still laid out in a path that lead up to the throne, and there in the center of it all was Garland's throne. Addressed with large emerald stones embedded in the pure gold exterior, the plush velvet pillows looked as if it was just refurbished. Besio walked up to the throne very confused. Could Lukahn have been wrong the whole time? While Besio was thinking this all over, a strong wind then blew, which put out all the candles and the room instantly became engulfed in darkness.

As the warriors stood together, Gantryo felt something gently caressing his feet. It didn't feel like any object, but more of a soft feel, like some kind of liquid. Gantryo looked down to his feet to discover them almost covered in blood. The wind still blowing in the temple suddenly picked up a familiar scent. A piercingly strong odor soon came into contact with the Light Warriors. Instantly recognizing such a smell, Pefia automatically unsheathed his Xcaliber, Uron begins to recall several powerful spells, Gantryo begins to start to stretch, letting the blood flow within his body as Besio unsheathes his Sun Sword. The stench the party all recognized was of the undead.

The howls of wolfs echoed throughout the temple and the clanging sound of bones merged together and continued to rise louder and longer. The four orbs then appeared in front of the group and then began to circle around the group. The orbs began to spin so fast that only a trail of white, pure light could be seen. At that moment, a voice boomed from out of the darkness laughing a mean, menacing laugh that even shook the calm demeanor of Uron.

"So," the frighting powerful voice started, "The famous Light Warriors are here? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haa!! What a joke! Who, in their right mind, can stop me, Garland's one and true successor, Valint?" the powerful voice echoed though out the arena type structure.

Any kind of thought that Princess Sara was behind this quickly exited the warriors mind.

"Valint! This ends here today!!" Besio yelled.

"Don't jest yourself! You know what will happen. Just run yourself through and spare me the time!" Valint boomed.

"Of course we can't do that." Besio spoke up.

"Of course not. Silly me. But, wait. Why am I? You're allowing me to exercise my power before I attempt at world conquest. And for that... I thank you," and with that, a hundred pack of Tigers charged from the booming voice towards the party just as the spinning orbs started to travel farther out.

This didn't pose any kind of threat as Besio chanted lighting to fall from the sky striking all the Tigers. As sparks ran throughout their bodies, the Tigers were electrocuted until nothing remained of them except a pile of ashes. Valint then sent out a swarm of Worms to attack the party. Without sending fear into the hearts of the warriors, Uron quickly puts his White magic to use as he chanted the spell FADE on the creatures causing them to slowly erode and rot away.

Not giving up, Valint used the south western wind to carry Iron Gols to the temple. Crashing in through the ceiling, the Iron Gol's let out a war cry before they begin to attack the group. Still unfazed, the Light Warriors quickly take down the Gol's.

"Now it is your turn!" Besio yells , blood now racing, ready for the final kill. "Show yourself!"

A tiny voice comes from out of the darkness. "Please don't hurt me." and then out of the darkness steps out a little boy, no older than eight years old in appearance. "I'm sorry. I was only doing what my father told me to do. I'm sorry."

The Light Warriors were bewildered. Was this the boy that was just trying to kill them? They were all very confused, all except for Besio. Besio knew that someone who knew how evil and cleaver Garland was must of learned all the tricks that come with this trade. Besio walked up to the boy, took out his Silver Knife and stabbed him in the stomach. Valint yelled in pain and fell on his knees. Coughing up blood, Valint fell to his side. Besio's companions do not question his action. They know that his decisions and actions all have a purpose. And this time is no different.

A few moments later, the boy burst into flames. Crying out in pain, the boy's cries were soon drowned out by the rising sound that the cracking and popping sound the flame produced. Soon, the boy as engulfed within the flames. A low growl soon could be heard coming from the flames. These flames were very unique in that they did not "dance" as other flames did. In fact, looking at the movement of the flames was like looking at it in slow motion. The very smell of the flames was even different. It wasn't a rough, strong smell, but more like a sweet smell.

Then, an indescribable creature rose from among the flames. A black glow emanated from the monster which made it difficult to make out the true nature of this beast. The only recognizable feature the warriors could make out was that this fiend towered greatly above the rest of the band. " Never have I come across such insolence!! To attack me is to attack the stars that tower above you!You will DIE!" the transformed Valint screamed. "You will ALL DIE!!" he hollered as he stretched his hand forward as crystal giving off a green glow generated from his hand. Valint then hurled it at the Light Warriors. The crystal missed its intended target and exploded once it touched the ground.

The warriors were quick to retaliate. Pefia ran up to the mutated Valint as Uron cast the INVISIBILITY spell on Pefia making Valint unsure where the attack from the mighty warrior was coming from. Uron then cast WALL upon himself while Besio cast FAST on Gantryo and CONFUSION on Valint. As Gantryo and Pefia bombarded Valint with their attacks, Besio chanted one of his most powerful lighting spells on Valint.

Valint, not giving up, knocked Pefia and Gantryo back with his massive wing that formed from where his arm once was, and was determined to, at least before he tasted death, kill the root of his pain. Using the strongest attack that he had, Valint used and focused NUKE, his strongest ICE spell and his strongest FIRE spell on Besio. Not even the strongest of warriors would have been able to repel such a constant, onslaught attack, and Besio fell down dead.

A loud, high pitch sound came from Valint as he cocked his head back in approval of his kill. Knowing that his one true enemy was dead, he then looked on to the three remaining Light Warriors who would no doubt attack even more fiercely than before. The blood in his eyes rushed even harder and faster than before as he began to gain strong yearnings to kill these... beings.

Appalled by his actions, the three remaining Light Warriors attacked Valint fiercely. After quickly putting up the WALL spell for Gantryo and Pefia, Uron then took out his Masmune and joined his companions in the killing of Valint. Many a CURE spells later and Valint laid dead in the middle of the temple, soaking in his own blood, something that wasn't suppose to happen in Valint's mind.

Once the Light Warriors were outside, they laid their slayed friend on the cold ground. Feeling very responsible for the death of Besio, for he did not put a protective WALL spell up for him, Uron decides to make a decision that could affect him for the rest of his life. Uron decides to use the strongest LIFE magic that he knew. Knowing that doing so will probably result in his powers totally being sucked out of him forever, he begins chanting.

Before long, yellow light from out of the blue lit moon sky engulfed Besio and his body slowly started to rise. Still chanting, Uron pointed his hand out and a beam of yellow light soon shoots out of his hand and hits Besio. Slowly, Besio is put down all the while Uron still concentrating the beam on Besio. Finally, the spell is over and Besio's eyes slowly open. Ganyryo was the first one he sees and he asked him, "Did we win?"

"Yes," Gantryo replies. "Yes, we won."


Once Besio was fully back to health, yet another celebration was held and the true four orbs replaced the fakes.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Besio?" Gantryo asked.

"Very much so." Besio answered with a smile sitting across his face.

"Besio, I would like to introduce to you, Linma." Pefia says as he presents a beautiful woman to him.

"I just heard soooo much about you and would looovvve for you to tell me a story on one of your adventures." Linma says in a cute but sexy voice.

"Perhaps another time." Besio says. With possibly the best body in the whole kingdom as being one of the most beautiful women in the land, Pefia slaps his forehead after hearing what Besio just said.

"I'll be waaaiiittttinngg!!!" Linma calls out as Besio walks over to the window he stood in front of earlier.

"You'll have to excuse him, he's been though a lot lately. But, uh, I would love to tell you some of my adventures." Pefia says, trying to move in.

"Really?" Linma says as they walk off together.

"You fought well, Besio." Uron says as he comes from behind.

"So did you. Thank you for saving my life." Besio says.

"It was my pleasure."

"Do you still have your powers?"

"I can only perform up to level four magic right now. But in time, I will acquire all of my powers once again. What will you do now?"

"I don't know."

"Whatever you do, remember that the future is irrelevant and all the things that happen happen because of what you do."

"I will remember that." he says and resumed looking out into the moonlit night.



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