Necessary Data

By Ersatz Sobriquet

The wind gently blew across the grass field as the Master, who's name is Gantryo sat on a rock meditating, one of the many things he does to keep in touch with the Uantyo, the force martial artist believe to be what motivates them to perform well in battle. As Gantryo sat there with his eyes close, legs folded resting his hands upon them, he heard footsteps over the sound of tall grass rustling from the gentle wind from behind. Being a former Light Warrior and knowing the way in which his companions used to walk, he instantly recognized who it was.

With his eyes still close, he said "How are you doing, old friend?"

"Fine, just fine. I see that you are doing well, too." the figure from behind responded.

"So what brings you to this island, Besio?" Gantryo asks the Red Wizard.

"A message. From one of the sages. Sarda in fact."

Gantryo now opens his eyes. " What did he say"?

"You, Pefia, Uron and myself are to go to his cave. The message says that he has something important for us to do."

"When do we leave?"

"As soon as Pefia and Uron are with us."

"Well lets go and get them." Gantryo said as he stood up. He hopped off the rock he was on and started to walk along side Besio. "Do you have the airship?"

"Of course I have it. How else would I have been able to reach this island?" Besio responds, knowing that his young friend sometimes says things without thinking.

"Oh yes, you are right." Ever since he met him, Gantryo always wanted to be just like the honorable Red Wizard. So he imitated his speech, his way of dealing with various situations, basically anything that had to do with social habits. At least he kept all of his fighting knowledge and didn't try to imitate Besio on that account.

After some time, the two finally arrived at the airship. Looking at the mighty structure, Gantryo remembered just how magnificent the airship really was. With propellers that tower over even the highest castle, while reaching out further than a common house to the intricate detail presented to each of the cabins interior design, one has to admit that the constructors did a wonderful job building such a master piece and perhaps even enjoyed it, every step of the way. Walking over to the steps, they both boarded the airship. Starting the ship up, Besio gestures Gantryo to man the ship. As Gantryo steps up to the wheel, old memories of when they were together fighting CHAOS began to resurface in his mind.

It has been three years since they fought and defeated CHAOS and the wise old sage hasn't called on them since. Whatever the matter may be, it must be important. It might even be as tremendous as the adventure with defeating CHAOS was. Whatever the case was, Gantryo felt that this would be just like old times.


After having picked up Pefia, the Knight and Uron, the White Wizard, the airship landed outside of Sarda's cave. As the reunited Light Warriors stepped out of their airship, they noticed that the air carried a sweet smell. A smell that they noticed wherever they went. It was such a smell persons of old always experienced. The scent of evil was no more. Looking out into the grass field, the sight of monsters was now nonexistent.

Stepping into the cave, the Light Warriors see a nervous Sarda walking back and forth aimlessly. When Sarda looked up to see the party of Warriors, a smile of relief ran across his face.

"You came! Thank goodness you came!" the happy sage exclaimed. "Come, come! There are things you need to know!"

The group followed him into his dinning room.

"Sit, sit!" he insisted. The group did so. "A new evil has is here. And once again, it threatens all of mankind."

"A new evil?" Gantryo asks.

"Yes, and you four as well as four others are the only one's that can stop this threat!"

"Oh, how convenient," Pefia muttered. "Like there's no one else in this whole world."

"Oh, shut up!" Gantryo snapped.

"Four others?" Besio asked.

"From different worlds other than the ones that you know about." Sarda continued.

"What other worlds are there than the ones that we know of?" Uron questioned.

"The ones on this world." Sarda answered.

Confused looks ran across the four warriors' faces.

"Do you mean that there are other lands not yet found on this world?" Besio asked.

"No, all of the lands have been found. But the worlds I am speaking of are the ones you know of. The ones you are standing on." Sarda points out.

The warriors were now completely dumbfounded.

"What the heck are you talking about?!!" Pefia irritably asked. "What do you mean the worlds we are standin' on?!! C'mon man, make sense!!"

"The best way I can explain it to you is this. When one writes a story, all the locations of that story, its features, its characters, all of that is that authors little universe. Someone else could make a story using the same locals but different characters and that would be that persons universe."

"So other universes reside on this planet, correct?" Uron questions.

"Correct. And I will try to transport those four persons to this world to counter this new evil"

"Why do you say there is only four others that can save this world?" Uron questions once more. Uron was never hesitant at asking questions to things he didn't understand. "If you can take these people from their respective universes, wouldn't it be feasible to simply transfer a whole army from each of these worlds?"

"Yes. That is true. But I can not tell you all the intricate details surrounding your question." Sarda simply answered. This was not a satisfactory answer, but Uron accepted it nonetheless.

"I musta been sleepin' when they taught all this in school." Pefia says holding his forehead. "Or I've might of been visiting Maria..." Pefia said glassy eyed looking out into space. "Yo, Gantryo, did I ever tell you the things that this girl could do with her legs?"

"Shut up!" Gantryo snapped. "I don't want to know the sick things you do with girls! Be serious for once!"

"Oh, but you wasn't sleeping, Pefia. This isn't common knowledge." Sarda started, ignoring Pefia's dirty little comment. "Only the other sages, myself of course, and the one who created all of the evil beings from the other world really knows this. This being created all of the evil on all of the universes hoping that they will overrun mankind, the villains being the victor. Once they would do so and be made rulers of their world, the being who created all of them would then come to earth and kill his creations, and would then reside upon the earth and call it his own. It's a long process, but this being doesn't see time as a factor. Those universes would have been overrun with evil if it hadn't been for the courageous efforts of the heroes of their respective universes. The four that I have chosen have saved their world's in unique ways.

"One saved the world with a weapon simply called a 'yo-yo'.

"The other saved his world wielding a very power sword which was merged together by the previous swords he once had, each representing the four elements.

"The last hero is a young boy in his middle teenage years who saved the worlds of various utopias persons made which soon got out of hand."

"Who's the fourth one?" Gantryo asks.

"The fourth is the latter hero's dog. Now this is your average household dog, but once it entered into these utopias, his physical appearance was changed and so was his attacking power. The dog played a big part in the boys conquest over evil."

"So, what is the name of this bad guy anyways?" Pefia asks.

"The demon is only known as Lavos and it originates on a completely different planet. Together, the eight of you, I believe will be able to conquer this evil."

"Well open up that gate and bring thems' people on!!!" Pefia laughed.

"Shut up." Gantryo muttered.

Sarda started to chant some ancient words as red light begin to encircle him with, what looked like to be fairy dust floating in the light. The red light slowly began to be filtered out with green light as the old sage ended the spell long forgotten by so many before. Out of the wall then appeared a bright yellow gate that constantly swirled energy as a figure from inside appeared. As it walked towards the group, another figure could be seen coming from behind that one, and then another as so another.

The first one that emerged from out the swirl of light was a young lad, dressed in a purple outfit wielding his powerful sword. But, he didn't seem like the kind to save a world, the warriors thought. To skinny.

The second didn't look any better than the first, wearing strange undergarments called "jeans" with a white shirt, his weapon, a "yo-yo" was a laughable joke. His "yo-yo" was nothing more than a string attached to a round object.

"He saved the world?!!" Pefia asked Gantryo. "Who was the boss guy, a imp?"

The next duo still didn't look any better than the first two. The young boy was rather small and his canine companion didn't stand on all fours as one would think, but one two's and could speak.

The four looked around and wondered where they were.

"Welcome, welcome all!" Sarda started. "Before you all start with your questions, let me explain why I brought you here." And with that, Sarda begins to explain to them the different universes, the evil that has arisen and how they will help save mankind.

Afterwards, the young man dressed in purple said, "Well then. If there's evil that's threatening mankind, then I'm in." His name being Thadeo.

"I say old chap, if these good people need help, I feel that we should oblige and help them." the dog said to his master.

Not surprised that his dog, Spot could probably now talk, he replied, "Alright, might as well." His name being Will.

"I'll help yall out. I've had experience fightin' aliens, so I know all the tricks to beatin' them." the boy carrying the yo-yo said who's name is Mike.

"So where do we fight this, Lavos?" Uron asked.

"On his ship that is hovering above this world. The only accessible way of reaching Lavos' ship is by some other ship that could take you there. But, I don't how one would be able to get to a ship that could travel such a far distance."

"Why don't you just transport us to the vessel with your magic?" Uron asked.

"You know, that's a pretty good idea. I don't know why I didn't think of that before? How do you know of such magic?"

"I read a lot."

"Hmm. Yes, well, everybody ready?" he asked eagerly.

Everybody nodded their heads.

"Let's get started then, shall we?" he finished as he grabbed his staff. Chanting old words long forgotten, he started the spell that even surpassed the two White and Black magic spells, EXIT and WARP. Being able to transport a group of people to a place where one has never been previously is impossible for some to even grasp at the idea. Yet, here is one of the most powerful sages bringing back this long forgotten magic from it's grave to be used once again. After the extensive spell was completed, a green sphere generated in front of the group and soon expand in it's shape to about 2 feet all around. A burst of green light temporally blinded the eyes of it's onlookers which reveled a portal that would lead them inside of Lavos' ship.

After seeing the approved look on Sarda's face the Light Warriors first stepped into the portal, followed by Will and his dog Spot. Then Thadeo and finally Mike. Going through the portal was like going through a door. The green light that was emanating from the portal lasted less than a second once passed and the group found themselves on a futuristic ship.

The floor they stood on was metallic and the walls were decorated with unrecognizable pictures and symbols, undoubtedly from this aliens home planet. The room was dimly lit and the light on the walls, showing off the pictures and symbols was the only light that lead them down the long room.

"Whoa, this is just like the scene from 'Invasion From Planet Liconeyo'!" Will said. "Right, Spot?"

"Dear sir, I would be undoubtedly grateful if you would refrain from comparing real life situations to those nonsensical 'B-movies' you insist on watching. It's certainly not healthy."


"And to be perfectly honest with you, I never liked viewing any of those films."

"Wellll. Hurt my feelings, will you? Now I know how Captain Zero felt in..."

"See, there you go again."

"Oh, sorry."

"These are some weird people." Pefia whispered to Gantryo. This was one time that Gantryo did agree with Pefia.


While they were walking, a loud, long drawn out piercing sound rang throughout the ship which caused the warriors to writhe and put their hands over their ears. After the piercing sound ended, a deep voice started, "WHO DARE ENTER MY VESSEL?"

The warriors looked around confused, trying to locate the source of the voice.

"THE LAST AND FIRST TIME SOMEONE BOARDED THIS SHIP WAS TO TRY TO DEFEAT ME. THEY WERE NOT SO SUCCESSFUL IN THEIR ATTEMPTS TO DESTROY ME." and after he said that, a loud sound of a metal door opening above the group was heard. Three bodies then dropped from out of the door. Dead bodies. One had red hair and a blue shirt with a long blade by his side. The other had purple hair, a cape and a sickle. The last wasn't even human at all. He was a frog in what looked like to be in squire clothing. And his sword was a giant broad sword.


Not heeding advice from the powerful voice, Uron walked over to the three downed fighters. Once before, this powerful wizard caused injury to himself when executing strong magic. But, now as he was able to control all of his magic without it causing any injury to himself, started to chant the newest form of LIFE magic he personally made. Being able to bring back to life a group of individuals no bigger than five, with full health and mental stability, Uron called this spell RESUSCITATION.

Pink and blue light surrounded their limp bodies and was soon sucked into their bodies. Moments later they opened their eyes and sat up. Wondering where they now were , the purple hair one simply asked, "Where are we?"

Stepping out from the group, Besio answers "You were killed by this alien creature and apparently your bodies were dumped into that room above you. But my good friend here brought you back to life. It looks like the three of you didn't fair to well fighting this creature."

"Tis a very feeble attempt thee and thy companions put up. " the frog like creature said.

"If you wish, you can join us. We also wish to defeat this creature."

"That would be acceptable." the purple hair man said. "My name is Magus, this is Frog and the red-haired kid is Crono."

"Nice to meet all of you." Besio says. "So, can you remember the way to get to Lavos?"

Crono nodded, pointed in a direction and started to walk in that direction.

"Strange kid," Pefia muttered. "That Sarda sure likes putting us with the fruits."


The room was bright and filled with computers, most of which the adventurers have never even seen before. Walking into the room, a heartbeat was heard, sounding amplified more than anyone could have ever imagined. Taking out his sword, the amphibian named Frog said, "Tis is thy very sound thou heard before when battling thee enemy, Lavos."

"Be prepared," Magus warned. This is a very ruthless opponent that waste no time in defeating his enemy." he finished as he pulled his cape aside to reveal his sickle.

"Do you not listen?" a voice from the light questioned. "You will die if you try to defeat me." It said in a tone of just not caring.

"The only one who is going to die, Lavos is you." Magus replied.

"Ha! Fool! Do you think your little band of rugrats will be able to defeat me? You really are short minded, aren't you?"

A loud rumbling sound could soon be heard coming from the light and then two figures walked in from out of the light. One was a reptile of some sorts that had spikes protruding from its back that stood on the left. The second was a woman who stood on the right who was dressed in some sort of military garb. She must belong to some sort of group by the enigma worn on her hat.

"These are my helpers. The one on your left name is Cammy. She is considered to be one of the best female fighters on her world. The one on your left is Bowzer, king of the Koppa Troppers. They will now kill you." and with that, Bowzer yelled in his gravely voice "Koppa Troppers, Para Troppers... ATTACK!!!" and with that, a swarm of green and red turtles wielding spears came from behind him and charged the group.

Mike and Thadeo rushed up to the first wave and quickly disposed of them as Besio chanted his strongest FIRE attack that totally destroyed the second wave. As Besio, Mike and Thadeo was taking care of the Koppa Troppers, Will, Spot, and Pefia took care of the Para Troppers

After the Koppa Troppers and Para Troppers were defeated, Bowzer rushed up to the warriors and swung his tail which struck Mike. Besio was quick to cast the strongest LIGHTING spell he knew which immediately stuck Bowzer. Totally unaffected by the blast, he began to blow fire from his mouth and which stuck Besio. Learning much from the animals on how to attack one's victim, Thadeo leapt high in the air and struck Bowzer in the head with his mighty Crystalis sword. More dazed than hurt, Bowzer stumbled around the room until Pefia struck him across his chest and face with his sword. Falling on his butt, Bowzer just sat there holding his head.

Drinking a special syrup that the good doctor who created all of the utopia's made for him, Will gained the strength of a hundred men. Walking up behind Bowzer, Will picked up his tail and began swinging him around. He continued doing so until Bowzer was over his head. Finally, he released him causing Bowzer to crash into the ceiling and into outer space, floating around. A invisible shield quickly covered up the hole Bowzer caused.

After Bowzer was defeated, Cammy charged at Crono and attempted to kick him, but her attempts were futile as he dodged the attack and quickly retaliated by striking her across her back. Badly hurt, she tried another attack which was also blocked and returned with a strike to her head.

She fell to the ground, bleeding in the face and the life slowing slipping out of her as a figure transfigured in front of her dying body. Dressed in red garb and also wearing a hat, this muscular man walked up to Cammy and picked her up by her shirt and simply said, "You failed, Cammy."

Coughing up blood, she barely said, "Sorry, sir."

"What a pitiful excuse," he said with a glow in his eyes. "A pitiful excuse, indeed." he finished as he looked at the heroes and afterwards tossing her across the room.

"Now I will have to kill you myself." he chuckled as he produced a electrical blue sphere that slowly moved out from his hand. When it finally reached the middle of the group, the ball expanded greatly and stuck Crono, Uron, and Magus. Still chuckling, with his arms crossed across his chest, the solider by the name of M. Bison was struck from behind by the blade of a sword, courtesy of Frog.

Seeming to be unaffected by the attack, he quickly turned around and, with glowing hands backhanded Frog to the ground. "Heh, heh, I like pain."

While his back was still turned, Crono leapt into the air and stuck his sword into his back. Backhanding Crono also, Magus then chanted Lighting to strike the sword. Crying out in pain, M. Bison fell to the ground, his body being thrown into violent spasms as the currents continued to race throughout his badly. Crono then walked over to the electrified M. Bison and took out his sword. The heroes then went over to where the light was to kill Lavos. Surprised though, the heroes turned around to see a blood stained M. Bison standing laughing at them saying, "I like that! Give me some MORE!!!"

"Your a psycho." Magus stated, shocked at the deformed, burned figure.

"Yup. A psycho that's about to crush you!" he said as white light started to filter all around his body. After a moment, it seemed as if he torpedoed his body forward, spinning wildly in a circle with electricity shooting out throughout his body. Uron and Crono moved to slow and was struck by the electrified body.

Sensing the dark mind of M. Bison, Magus instantly knew his weakness. Without hesitation, Magus chanted on M. Bison the strongest Fire spell he knew, constantly without letup until nothing remained of M. Bison but his burnt clothes.

"You fought well, but you must now die!!!" a voice from within the light pointed out. A alien from within the light came forth and shocked the mighty warriors. This alien that they fought against for such a long time was just a skinny little creature that was all brown and wasn't wearing any kind of clothes.

Yelling a loud pitch noise, a ball of light struck the whole party. Then rocks from above dropped on the stunned party which was all but avoided by Spot and Will. The rest laid underneath the rubble, barely breathing.

"Do you see just how easy it is for me? Now you must all die."

"You sir, will not be able to undergo with your heinous plan. For I shall thwart it!" Spot stated as he ran up to the beast known as Lavos. Jumping, he bit his neck and all to soon Lavos knew the true meaning of lock jaw as he cried out in pain and tried to release the dog from it's strong grip.

Purple and green blood soon spilled from the spot Spot held on ever so tightly as Magus saw that it was his chance to strike. Then without any thought, Magus chanted X-Zone and directed the blast to Lavos.

"You better call off your dog, boy." Magus told Will.

"Here Spot, come over here!" he called.

Letting go at just the right time, Lavos collapsed to the ground and started to disappear into the void known only as X-Zone. Relived, the group quickly set the detonation and then immediately left the ship.


Returning back to Sarda's cave, the group told him of the good news on the death of Lavos.

"Excellent, excellent! There's only one thing you all can do for me now." Sarda said as his pupil became incredibly small and the white in his eyes turned green. "And that is to die!!" he finished as a beast within Sadra's body ripped the former Sadra to nothing, growing to incredible sizes .


Outraged at the death of their somewhat mentor, the Four Light Warriors rushed up to Lavos. Blood rushing throughout their bodies, they began to work with the one thing that motivates them to top performance in battle. The avenging spirit.

Gantryo, the Master came across Lavos' face with a flying kick. Landing behind him, he twisted his neck and apparently broke it, a move that would kill any kind of mortal creature. Smiling at Gantryo, Lavos snapped his neck back into place, turned around, grabbed him, picked him up over his head and threw him against the wall.

Uron quickly cast a WALL spell on everybody as he took out his Masmume. Pefia rushed in with a overhead slash that was caught in the hands of Lavos. Still holding the blade in his hand, Lavos caused dark energy to run through the sword and directly into Pefia's mind, an assault that could never be deflected by the mighty WALL spell. Gripping his head, Pefia cried out in pain as he landed on his knees.

Magus floated over the group and chanted the strongest spell he knew, Dark Matter. Lavos dodged the attack though and shot a long continuos beam from his hand, striking Magus to the ground. Mike, using his Super Nova, struck Lavos in the stomach, leaving only but a scratch on his body. Lavos swung at Mike which knocked him through the walls and the rocks and out into the sun.

Shooting electrical balls of energy, Thadeo blocked all of them with his Psycho Shield and swung at Lavos with his Crystalis sword several times as Besio commanded lighting to strike him. Falling back, Will struck Lavos with his Neuron Blade as Spot head-butted him. Lavos then, caused lighting to shoot out from his body which struck Thadeo, Will, Besio, and Spot causing them to fall backward with electric shocks still purging throughout their bodies. As Lavos stood up, he was unaware that Frog, Crono, and Magus were about to evoke their triple tech simply known as "Dark Minds".

Magus recalled all of the dark energy from all of the monsters he defeated and placed it all on Crono's Rainbow sword. Rushing up behind Lavos, Crono slashed at his back, causing a large wound to open up as Frog created a bubble full of water that floated over Lavos. Jumping up to the bubble, Crono slashed at the bubble causing his sword to be washed clean from the dark matter and releasing it into the water which washed all over Lavos. The dark energy made the water even more powerful than it already was. This caused the wound that Crono made to open up even more so than before. Uron then rushed up to Lavos with his Masmume and slashed him a few more times in the flesh wounds that were made to Lavos earlier by Mike.

Lavos, finally seeing that he was unable to defeat such a large group, made for the door. He was stopped by Gantryo, though and was tossed back into the middle of the room. On his hands and knees, with his back exposed, all of the magic users saw it as their chance to strike. Besio chanted his strongest Lighting spell, as Magus chanted Dark Matter; Crono, Luminare; Frog Water 2 as Will mixed 1 gunpowder and 2 grease to make Nitro. As all of the magic attacks assaulted Lavos flesh wounds, he soon exploded into a mess of goo that splattered all over the room.


Walking over to where Lavos threw Sarda, they finally revived Sarda back to life.

"What happened?" Sarda asked, eyes barely opened.

"Lavos killed you and tried to take over the world again. But rest assured, we defeated him." Besio said.

"What, but?" Sarda confusingly said.

Explaining, Uron told Sarda everything.

"But how did you come back down here on the surface?" Sarda asked.

"I know the magic Lavos used to transport us to his ship to fight his clone." Uron answered.

"But how do you know that," Sarda asked.

"I read a lot." he simply said.

Smiling, Sarda only began to chant the spell that opened the portal. "This will get you back to your respective universes. Thank you very much. You all have done a wonderful job. Now get some rest." he finished as Will, Spot, Thadeo, Mike, Crono, Frog and Magus stepped into the portal and returned to their worlds.

"You know, I think he may just be waiting for just the right time to strike and might come after us individually." Sarda called out to Uron.

"Why do you say that?" he replied.

"You said that what you fought on the ship was his clone. But what if what you fought here was a clone to? And who's to say that his ship was the real thing?"

"Your right. We can't tell." Uron simply said.

After seeing the warriors out, Sadra looked back inside of the house. Calling out to the Light Warriors before they took off in their airship he said "I have one more job for you."

Giving each of the warriors a mop and a bucket of water, he said "You are experienced warriors. You should know not to do your fighting inside. Now this is your punishment."

"What?" Pefia exclaimed. "We just saved the world!! Why do we have ta do this for?!!!?"

"Just because you save the world doesn't mean you can't learn to respect other peoples property."

"He's right you know," Uron said.

"Oh get off it!!" Pefia yelled.

"And I won't let you leave until you do finish." Sarda said.

So the three warriors started as Pefia just stood there looking at them in disbelief.

"Your actually going to DO this!? You stupid people! I'm leaving!" Pefia said as he threw his mop to the floor and made for the door.

Grabbing him from behind, Gantryo threw him back into the room. "You WILL help." Gantryo said forcing the mop back into his hand. "Now start mopping!"

Standing there still in shock he slowly started mopping, muttering, "This sucks."


After he saw the Light Warriors to their ship, Sarda walked back into his home. Closing the door, he then said, " All to soon, the world will see the true power of Lavos."

Walking over to his bookcase, he took a book out, flipped through the pages and his floor then revealed a staircase leading down inside his house, beneath the island. Heading down to the steps, he began again, "I will have to try over and over again until I can calculate just how strong these humans really are." Eyes emitting a soft green glow, he reached for the door at the end of the dark stairway. Opening the door revealed a room full of cryogenic tanks filled with people, no, clones, all of which were of the beast, Lavos.

Stepping up to the one that was farthest to his right, he placed his hand on the tank. Looking at the empty face behind the glass, he could not help but shed a tear of joy. This was possibly the best plan that he ever had constructed. Having the Light Warriors think that all is well would probably help him even more so to take the world over by surprise.

"This form tires me." he said as light began to surround his body. Very soon, a beast resembling the forms in the tank could be seen dressed in a green cloak, holding a pad in one hand and pen in the other. Walking over to the tank in the center of the room, he tapped the glass with his pen and said, "As soon as this final form of myself evolves to it's peak point, I should have enough data to run this puny planet and all it's inhabitants over."

Looking over in the corner of the room, he saw the bloodied body of the once most powerful sage and wizard alive. "I mean, if killing a master sage is no problem, then what is a few hundred million people in multiple dimensions?" Lavos laughed. His laughter echoed throughout the dimly lit room as the rats continued to eat at the flesh of the destroyed Sarda.



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