Two Voices, One Soul

By Ersatz Sobriquet

A million souls she will devour
Until it is time for her to pass on her powers.
The reign of Ultimecia, she knows
And how her empire will grow.
But Edea will continue on
Until another witch is borne.

The children she does care about.
Matron does everything in her power so they will not pout.
She wishes to be free from her captive
So things can be like they were back then.
A million souls perished by her hand
And a million more will drop at her waited command.

She is defenseless against the attack
As she commands her men to destroy any and all pacts.
Chaos is what must rule the day
And she will control all, in each and every way.

Enslaved by this monster she is indeed
To be subjugated by her law and everything she pleases.

But the time will come when her children will arrive
Some will die and some will survive.
She awaits that day, when they might end it all,
And finally by her hand, no one else will fall.


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