Downward Spiral Prologue

By Faye Locke

Sephiroth grimaced, trying not the look at the blood he cleaned off his Masamune. Damn the girl, anyway, giving him an ultimatum he'd had no choice but to answer with lethal force. He'd never intended to kill her; at least, not directly. She had represented an interesting avenue of power that was yet to be explored; now never to be explored because of her foolish notion to save the planet. Sephiroth closed his eyes, remembering the way her Ancient blood sang to him, bringing feelings to the surface of his thoughts he thought he would never entertain; primarily, curiosity, but something else as well, something his poor experience with humans did not give him a word for. He had even considered once, briefly, the idea of taking her as his bride, to mingle her Ancient source with his own enhanced heritage. The idea had been quickly discarded, however; there was no time to see what a product of their union might be, for he intended the destruction of all living things too soon for the child to ever be born.

Sephiroth's thoughts turned to another avenue of anger; his father and the blasphemy the man had committed in bringing Sephiroth into the world. Others thought that he had no idea of the truth, that his parents were truly human; that Jenova was not his mother. But it was Jenova herself that had told him of his true origins. And it was she who had explained to him why she had more of a right to call him her son than any of those pathetic creatures called humans.

The blade was clean, shining as if blood had never marred its surface. Time to move on. Even as he cast the spell to take him to his next location, a presence in the back of his mind stirred. It was a reminder of another innocent, intriguing girl who blood he had also had to clean away. His mind traveled far back in his memories, even as his body soared in the air, to a place in the past, so many, many years before he had known... all that he wished now he had never learned.


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