The Demon War Chapter 6

Past and Present Collide

By Firstborn Dragon

The group stood around, Zed and Boomerang reliving a past only they knew about, the others trying to figure out what they were speaking of. Suddenly Lucid looked up in alarm. "Ione Paula is here."

Boomerang looked down at her amazed. "What do you mean?"

Lucid shook her head. "I just felt him cross the barrier…"

Zed looked confused. "Why would he do that?"

Everyone looked at Rudy. "I don’t know. He came to me once, but that time I… I was having a personal problem. I never expected him to come."

Jack got up. "I guess we should see why he came. I don’t think the Guardians come just to say hi."

The others agreeded, and the group moved out towards the statue. Sure enough, when they arrived, Ione Paula was their waiting for them. He looked up, clearly relived, as they arrived. "I’m glad you came. I must speak to Zed and Boomerang imidiatly…"

Boomerang was shocked. "Us…?"

Ione Paula nodded. "You may be the only ones who can avoid a diaster. Three demons have appeared outside of our tempel. Three we’ve never seen before. Because of this, we have no defence against them. You, Ziekfried, and the others we know about. But these three we know nothing of."

Zed turned to Boomerang. "Do you think it could be…?"

Boomerang shook his head. "I don’t know. But if they are the three warriois, and if Zeikfreid convinces them to help him…"

Zed finished the comment. "We’re in big trouble."

Boomerang nodded. "I guess we should go check this out."

Rudy looked at the two demons. "I’ll go too." Zed went to object. "Listen, there are three of them. You’ll need help."

Boomerang nodded. "Alright, let’s go."

Jack shook his head. "The Gull Wing is outside. Take it, and Good luck…"

Zed and Boomerang both looked in shock at Jack, but he just turned his back to them. The three rushed off to the Gull Wing, and took off towards the Guardian’s temple. They arrived an hour latter, and saw the three advancing towards the temple. Boomerang was amazed. "It is them! Maybe, just maybe we woun’t be so outnumbered anymore…"

Rudy landed the Gull Wing in front of the three demons. Jack, Boomerang, and Zed disembarked, and advanced towards the three. Both groups halted, about a dozen paces apart. They stood there, and studied each other. Boomerang was in the middle, Zed on his left, and Rudy on the right. Not a sound was made. Then Boomerang advanced a step. Rudy went to follow, but Zed stopped him.

The apparent leader of the other side did so as well. The two advanced towards each other, and stopped two paces apart. Each drew their sword. Rudy went to reach for his ARM, but once again Zed stopped him.

The two in the middle each cried out something in a strange language, then they fought. It was impossible to watch the sword blows for their speed. The weapons were a blur. They contiuned the battle for about five minutes, then just as quickly as it had began, the battle ended. Once again, the two cried out something in a strange language, then they each took a step back.

Rudy shook his head. "What’s…"

Zed turned to look at him. "Boomerang is trying to find out if these are the three warriors he belives them to be. Just watch for now. That’s all any of us can do…"

Rudy and Zed turned back towards the two warriors head towards the opposit side. It appeared as if Boomerang were in deep conversation with the other warrior, but the Rudy was too far away to tell. As the two warriors approched the other two unknown demons, Rudy saw one of them raise something that appered to be an ARM. Without thinking of the concequences, Rudy raised his ARM, and fired. The others all turned to stair at him, then the three unkown demons started to laugh. Before long, so did Boomerang. Then the four headed over towards Zed and Rudy. Zed held his ground, the three faces faintly recalled in an old memory.

Rudy wasn’t so sure about this meeting. He took a nervous step back, away from the oncomming group. This action didn’t escape the notice of the others. A new conversation broke out between the four, the three new demons each taking a turn to look at Zed and Rudy. Then Boomerang and the one he had just battled came towards Zed and Rudy. The other two remaind behind.

Rudy was a little more comfertable with only the one approching, but the human part of his herritage kepted him from relaxing in the precence of the unfamiliar demons. The three newcomers seemed unconcerned by this.

Zed Boomerang and the leader of the three came towards Rudy. However the newcomer kept his distance from Rudy. Boomerang looked at his two friends. "Zed, Rudy I’d like you to meet Slash, leader of the three warriors. They are the three who originally fought the Forsaken. However they didn’t have the same power that we did. Where as we defeated them, they only had enough strenght to contain them…"

Zed looked at Slash. "I remeber you. You were one of the best puplies…"

Slash nodded. "I was. But I didn’t have the honer of being the best. Boomerang had that honor. I’m glad to see you’re still alive."

Zed nodded. "But our stay on this world has changed us. It’s only been this last year that we’ve begun to recall what he taught us…"

Slash nodded. "I know. But I don’t know how it is that we are now alive…"

Zed shruged. "Perhaps it’s because of the Forsaken. They revived many thought unrelievable. "

Slash nodded. "Perhaps that is so. And this is one of those created as a weapon to fight demons? A cross between human and demon?"

Rudy was still studding Slash. "And elw… I was the only one given a portion of the Elw’s poweres. That why they thought I could never be overcome…"

Slash nodded. "I can see why you would be uncomfertable around our kind. You were born to kill us."

Rudy shook his head. "Perhaps that was the plan. But the only reason I battled the demons was because they threatend my world, and my friends. Threatned to destroy us all. I could never allow that to happen…"

Slash nodded. "I can understand. I was trained to fight, but it was to defend my friends, not to kill thouse I knew nothing of…"

Rudy looked into the eyes of Slash. For several moments they each looked into the other’s eyes. Nothing was spoken, noting said. But those moments were enough for each to learn something of the other. Something that perhaps they hadn’t expected to learn. Finally Rudy spoke. "I would like to meet the others. I know this isn’t your world, but you’re welcome to it…"

Slash shook his head. "This may not be our war, at least not at first glance. But it is. Those with our traning have been forced into a war with many others. Perhaps it is a story you should hear. Though most humans may not understand, I belive it is something you could."

Zed nodded. "You’re right. He’s different from anything. Capable of getting along with the other races of this world. I guess he’s the only being to have a part of each within him. Perhaps this gives him an edge that no one else has."

Slash led the three back to his two compainons. "These are the two warriors whom aided me in the past. Falcon, and Stalker. Falcon is the one you shot, but I don’t think you meant any harm by it."

Rudy looked at Falcon and Stalker. "No. I just saw her reaching for her ARM. I was afraid that she meant to shoot Boomerang."

Falcon started to laugh. "I told you it was a missunderstanding."

Zed and Boomerang began to look around a little nervous. "He knows."

Slash looked at Boomerang. "Who knows?"

Boomerang looked around a little surprised. "Oh…I didn’t know I said that out loud…"

Rudy looked at the two. "Zeikfried?"

Zed nodded. "It’s him. He’s on his way here now. I can feel him."

Slash looked up concerend. "You mean to say Zeikfried’s been here all these years?"

Boomerang nodded. "Why do you think this world’s had it so bad. And why the three of us have had it so bad for that matter…"

Slash nodded. "Now I understand. I never thought that he’d take you of all the possible students…"

Boomerang nodded. "You and me both. I’m very lucky he never found out who it was that I had with me. Had he found that out…"

Zed finished the phrase. "Both he and I would be lucky to be alive right now."

Slash nodded. "Very lucky indeed…"

It didn’t take long for Ziekfried to arrive. With him came the other true demons. The Holmcrosses were obviously absent. A fact that Slash, Falcon, and Stalker couldn’t know about.

Unsurprisingly, it was Zeikfried who took the lead. "So it is true. There are new demons on this world…"

Slash studdied his old nemisis. "And it is true that you are here as well. I cannot imaging what possessed you to accept Boomerang as your student…"

Zeikfried looked up, a little surprised by the remark. "Do I know of you?"

Slash laughed. "So, time has dulled your mind after all. You knew of me, of us. And you envied us, who were chosen to train at the warrior’s hall. An honor you were denied. You hated us, and even more so, when we were given these…" The three drew their weaopns. "to take the job you wanted. To fight the Forsaken!"

Zeikfreid’s eye’s opend. "You… So you did survive. But times have changed…"

Slash shook his head. "We know of what you planed. To take over the world. To destroy it’s inhabitants, or enslave them. To become just as the Forsaken were."

Zeikfried laughed. "The Forsaken were fools. I have learned from their mistakes. I shall win. Even now, my plan has begun. Join me, or die…"

Slash had the look of a hunter in his eyes. "I belive I speak for the three of us, when I say we’d rather die."

Zeikfreid glared back at him. "So be it."

Zeikfried and the other demons vanished. Boomerang, Rudy Zed, Slash, Falcon, and Stalker were the only ones left. Slash shook his head. "Even here…even here."

Zed was shaking his head as well. "What is he up to? His plan…"

Rudy looked up in alarm. "Either Adelaide, or Saint Centour. They are the ones that pose the biggest threat. And since Zeikfried had no way of knowing we’d leave…"

Boomerang and Zed looked at Rudy. "Adelaide?"

Rudy ran towards the Gull Wing. Boomerang looked back at the four. "Some of his friends live there. It may be that we can help. I don’t know…"

Slash placed his arm on Boomerang’s shoulder. "We never let our own fight alone. Let’s go. Besides, six are more dangerous than three."

The Gull Wing rose up into the air, six warriors aboard. Heading to a battle they may be too late to fight…

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