The Demon War Prologue

By Firstborn Dragon

It is human nature to fear what we don’t understand, and hate what hurts us. But this can have dire consequences, as the people of Filigaia are about to find out, much to their dismay. For they have cast out those who saved them from the Forsaken. However, the Forsaken had brought a much larger problem back with them. One that all of Filigaia is about to learn of. Zeikfried had returned, and with him the Holmcross. Begins created during the first war to help stop the demons...

And ended up adding them. They had all been destroyed, but now they were back. Twelve creatures, of both human and demon. With Rudy, the last Holmcross created, that made thirteen. But the twelve added to Zeikfried’s troops made fifteen. Fifteen terrors thought long destroyed. Zeikfried, Alhazad, Belselk, and the Holmcross.

Against them stood six. Three rejected by the world, one who fought for money, one just freed from the demon’s control, and one who hated all demons. An unlikely group, to battle a returned enemy. But only if the people could accept the three, would the planet have any hope for survival…

Chapter 1

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