The Return Chapter 13

The Choice

By Firstborn Dragon

Zed and Rudy looked at each other. Then, without a word, the two turned and walked away from the others. The others made no move to follow. They knew what they two were going to try.

Zed looked at him. "Rudy, are you sure you want to risk this? You have a lot to lose…"

But Rudy shook his head. "Are you sure. This could be just as dangerous to me, as to you. Any you are the one with everything to loose. If I do not do this, all I will have to look forwards to is being controlled by Zeikfried…"

Zed shook his head. "You also will hurt your friends. And me. I know I can’t be as valuable as them, but you truly are the only one who can understand be now. If you wish to do it, then so do I…"

With that, Zed drew Striker, and plunged it into the ground. He took one of his hands, and grasped the blade, slicing his hand open. Rudy followed, doing the exact same. Then the two placed their hands together, with the wounds over top of each other. And they let their blood merge, till the two wounds healed. Then Zed drew Striker, cleaned it, and returned it to his sheath. Then the two returned to the others.

As the two approached the others, they turned to look at the two, both warriors, and both the same, yet different. It was truly the first time that they understood why Rudy was willing to trust a demon in such a way, that not even his friends could.

Rudy looked at them. "For better, or worse, it is done. The only way to know whether or not it will kill me, is to wait…"

Jack, impatient as always, spoke next. "So what should we do now? It may not be the best idea to wait here, especially with those creatures hunting us…"

Cecilia cut him off. "We should return to Adelaide."

But Jack shook his head. "Bad idea. It would put all of the people in danger. We must find where the Forgotten, or Forsaken, or what ever they’re call, and stop them now."

But Cecilia had to argue her point. "They need to know. Besides…"

Jack had to argue his too. "Get ready for what? Their death? They’ll have no chance against…"

Cecilia cut Jack off again. "And how do you know that? Just because you had…"

Rudy watched the two, and shook his head in disbelief. "We’re stuck in the middle of a war, and they’re still capable of finding something to argue about."

He started to laugh, but the Elw, and demons looked at the two in disbelief.

Zed was especially puzzled. "You mean they fight all the time?"

Rudy nodded. "About that. Or as often as they can, without me interrupting."

He stepped forwards towards the two quarreling friends. "Nock it off you two. Now I can see the reason you’d want to return Cecilia, and that may be a good idea. There’s nothing you can do in this fight. Unless your magic can attack these creatures, which we have no proof of. Also, there’s no way of knowing where the Forsaken are hiding, so we’ll need to go hunt them out."

The two looked at Rudy, and were about ready to start another fight. But this time, they were willing to argue with Rudy over it. "Well, do either of you have a better idea?"

For once, Cecilia and Jack were quiet.

Rudy shook his head. "Well, now that everything is settled, perhaps it would be best to leave before the Forsaken show up."

No one seemed to be willing to argue with that statement. Rudy suddenly got the bad feeling that he had been elected leader of the group. Soon, the two demons, five Elw, and the three friends were on the airship, heading towards Adelaide. A few hour latter, they landed, to find the kingdom in flames…


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