The Return Chapter 18

A Matter of Honor

By Firstborn Dragon

Jack rushed over to the still form lying on the ground. Boomerang, and Zed still didn’t believe that Zeikfried, and his gang had left. They were standing, trying to watch everywhere at once. Rudy was trying to ensure that no fight broke out, either between the two demons, or either demon and Jack.

Cecilia was returning to the castle. When she got there, she stopped, and spoke with one of the guards, who rushed off into the castle. The she came back to the others. "I think we should take her inside. We can leave her in my room. At least until we know what just happened."

Boomerang shook his head. "I’m not sure, but I believe that Alhazad may have removed the spell on her. But what it did, I don’t know…"

Jack didn’t listen to them. He picked up Lady Harken, and followed Cecilia up to the castle. Zed and Boomerang were left wondering what just happened. Rudy looked at them. "You’ve just met Elmina."

This time, there was no way that Zed or Boomerang could hide there shock. "Lady Harken is a human?"

Rudy nodded. "That’s why Jack hates demons so much."

Boomerang slowly shook his head. "To take one, and turn them against their own race. That is truly an evil thing. Had I know this, I would have killed Zeikfried long ago. Such an act lacks honor."

Zed nodded his agreement. "That’s one thing I could never imagine Zeikfried doing."

Rudy looked at them again. "Now you know why Jack hates demons so much. I guess you can decide what you want to do."

Rudy turned, and started to follow the others back to castle. Zed and Boomerang just stood there, and looked at each other. Neither of them knew what to say. Finally, the two followed Rudy.

Cecilia lead Jack further up into the castle. Finally, they reached her room. Cecilia opened the door. Jack halted. "Are you sure? I mean, this is your room…"

But Cecilia nodded. "I know. But, we don’t know who she is right now. This way, if there is any trouble, we’ll have time to deal with it before the guards find out."

Jack nodded, slowly, and almost reluctantly. He didn’t want to admit that he himself wasn’t sure who it was that he held. His only hope was that it was indeed Elmina, his love, and the one he swore to protect.

Cecilia watched as Jack carefully placed Elmina on the bed. Or at least she hoped it was Elmina. Cecilia knew how hard it was for Jack to kill her the first time. There was no way to tell whether or not he could do it again. To ask a man to kill someone they loved once was wrong. To ask him to do it a second time… Cecilia shook her head.

She didn’t even want to think about that. Zeikfried needed them to leave him alone. If he left out his end of the deal, it may be a two way war, but they still had a chance. Cecilia closed the door as she left the room, and started to walk downstairs. The last group of people she expected to meet were waiting to speak to her.

Zed walked forwards first. "Rudy told us… I never imagined Zeikfried would go that far. It’s too far for me. Betrayal, and lies are one thing. But what he did to her was unthinkable…"

Cecilia was shocked. Like so many others, she had grown up with the idea that demons care about only one thing. Themselves. Yet Zed had just proved that wrong… Again.

But then, Boomerang came forwards as well. "I too am disgusted by his acts. Such a thing lacks honor. What ever loyalty I felt to Zeikfried is gone. If you shall accept me, I… we are willing to fight by your side."

Cecilia was shocked. She, like many others, had been raised with the idea that demons had no honor. Yet, here were two, willing to fight against their own kind. She was even more surprised by the fact that it was because of a human.

"I…I don’t think it’s up to me to decide. You need to speak to Rudy, and Jack. This is no longer my battle."

Cecilia walked off, still shocked by what she’d just heard. The two watched her go. Then Zed turned to Boomerang. "Rudy?"

Boomerang nodded. "Rudy."

The two, and Lucied wandered off to try and find Rudy. Both of them knew that Jack would be less then happy to see them.


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