The Return Chapter 22

A Desperate Choice

By Firstborn Dragon

Boomerang began knocking on Laura’s door, loud. Zed came to the door, half asleep. "What’s so important?"

Boomerang looked around. "I need to speak to you, privately. There’s something going on, and no one plans to inform us of it. Rudy’s in trouble."

That got Zed’s attention. "What?"

Boomerang looked around again. "Come on. I need to speak to you where we’ll not be overheard. People don’t want us to know about this."

Zed nodded, and the two of them moved to the roof. Both still held their weapons. Zed looked around, then sat down next to the wall. "So, what’s up?"

Boomerang sat down. "It’s like this. Whatever the forsaken did to Rudy was worse than we were told. I overheard Marcus telling Cecilia about it. He said that only the Guardians may be able to help Rudy."

Zed looked puzzled. "So? I don’t quite get the idea."

Boomerang shook his head. "Think about it for a minute. If the Forsaken find out how bad Rudy’s injured…"

Zed suddenly saw where this was leading to. "They’ll try to stop any attempts to reach the Guardians."

Boomerang nodded. "Right. We’re the only ones with a chance of getting through."

Zed shook his head. "I don’t know… You know how well the demons got along with the Guardians."

"But you were living with one! If we ask him, maybe he can help us. And if he can’t, or will not, then there’s always the humans. But also think of this. Who helped to rid the world of our kind last time? Don’t you think they’d want to help Rudy?"

Zed slowly, and reluctantly, nodded. "I guess. So when do we leave?"

"Tonight. We have to leave before anyone has a chance to find out about our plan. And we’ll need to take Rudy. I guess I’d better bring Lucid too. Otherwise, everyone will know what we’re up to."

Zed nodded. "Ok. You get Lucid, and Rudy. I’ll meet you downstairs. I need to speak to Laura first. I can’t just disappear on her. But I’ll not tell her where we are going."

Boomerang nodded. "Fine. We should leave soon. The sooner we leave, the further we can be come dawn."

Boomerang and Zed both went their separate ways. An hour latter, when most of the castle was asleep, two figures, and a wolf, could be seen creeping through the town. One of them appeared to be caring a large bundle over his shoulder. Only one person saw them, but that one would prove to cause a lot of trouble.

The two figures quickly moved into the woods surrounding the castle town. A few hours latter, they were standing outside of the Elw temple. The two looked at each other, then, followed by the wolf, then entered. Come dawn, they were standing outside of Saint Centour.

The two looked at each other, and for the first time in their lives, they felt doubt. They stood outside the city, reluctant to enter, yet they knew they must. However, Rudy’s salvation, could lead the two to their doom…

Cecilia was the first to make the discovery. "He’s gone!"

Mariel rushed into the room. "But how? He barley had the strength to speak, never mind walk."

Jack and Elmina were absent. The two were busy catching up. Jack was trying to figure out how to tell Elmina what she’d done during the last war. Emilia’s memories only went up to the point where she was ‘killed’ by Alhazad. She knew neither why she still lived, nor why she was unable to remember what had happened.

Cecilia shook her head. "Your guess is as good as mine. All that I do know is this. Rudy’s gone, and I haven’t seen either Boomerang, or Zed around since last night."

Mariel looked up in concern. "You don’t think they overheard, do you?"

Cecilia shook her head. "I don’t know what to think. I’m going to get the guards to see if they can discover anything in the village. I don’t know what to think."

Mariel nodded. "Neither do I. I just hope those two haven’t gone and done anything stupid."

Cecilia nodded. "And I hope Jack doesn’t find out about this. That will be more then I’m willing to handle at the moment."

Mariel nodded. "Somehow, I know you’re right."


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