The Return Chapter 8

The Legend

By Firstborn Dragon

The ghostly figure of Boomerang stood there for a moment. Then started to speak of a past rather forgotten. "The legend had existed on our home world for years. Yet no one ever saw proof of the Forgotten’s existence. But the stories were always the same. Demons with power greater than those of any other. It was one of our race’s heroes that finally managed to destroy the Forgotten. But the method of how it was done was lost over the years."

It was at this point that Zed broke into Boomerang’s tale. "When Mother showed up, some believed that she was one of the Forgotten. But it must not have been true. Even I can’t believe how she could have possibly trusted Zeikfried, or you for that matter."

Boomerang laughed at that. "Who ever said anyone trusted me? Mother never trusted me at all. Especially after I managed to corrupt a Guardian during the war. Why do you think I waited so long to show up. I’m no fool, and I know Zeikfried was very suspicious about anyone stronger than him. However he was truly acceptant of Mother, until she made the mistake of telling him that she planned on destroying him, and the rest of us once this world was destroyed. That’s when he chose to see her destroyed. All that he really wanted was another home world. He just never believed that demons and Guardians could co-exists. I guess he still doesn’t."

Zed laughed at that. "Well either that point is false, or I’m an exception to the rule. I’ve been living in Saint Centur for the last year, and the Guardian there has never bothered me. And I never bothered it. We were both happy, until Zeikfried showed up. I got the feeling that the Guardian was just as annoyed over Laura’s abduction as I was."

Rudy looked at Zed. "Well a guardian accepted me once. If they can accept a half-demon, why not a full one?"

Boomerang turned to look at Rudy, "What do you mean a half demon?" It was at that point that Rudy remembered that Boomerang didn’t know about his past. "I am the only reaming human/demon cross left over from the first war."

Boomerang both looked at Rudy after that statement. Zed was about to speak again, when a noise caught his attention. Zed and Jack quickly drew there swords. Cecilia moved back behind them, and Jack moved up, his ARM loaded, and his sword ready to be drawn. But none of them moved. They waited, and that was when they heard the voices.

"Well I don’t know why anyone would want to impersonate the princess."

"Do you really want to question the advisor’s words? You know how dangerous that court wizard has become. Besides, with her out travailing so much, is it any surprise that someone would abduct her, and try to take over the kingdom? I knew those two rouges couldn’t be trusted. That’s the real reason that they saved us. And now they’re working with a demon. Imagine."

"That’s the one thing I find hard to believe. Why would a demon work with the ones who killed his kind? But then they say that the man who uses ARMs is also a half demon. That’s scary. But how do we deal with the demon?"

"The wizard gave me this. He said that if we could get it around the neck of the ARMs bearing kid, that the fight would alter to our favor. I don’t know much else."

"But still, you know how hard that I’ll be to pull of in the middle of a battle?"

"Why do you think we have two dozen soldiers with us. The only thing I can’t figure out is…"

The rest of the discussion was lost as the small army moved on. During this time, none of the warriors moved. After they left, the five quickly left the area. After about an hour walking, the small party stopped. Jack threw up his hands in disbelief. "Great. Now we have to worry about Zeikfried, AND the army of Adlehyde. What next?"

Zed turned to look at him. "You’re forgetting the Forgotten, and Zeikfried’s attempts to take over Rudy’s mind. And with me around, a lot of people are going to be consider about the fact that I’m a demon. And if the story of Rudy’s half demon origins get around, then…."

Jack gave Zed an annoyed look. "I get the picture. The whole world will be after us. But that doesn’t solve our current problem…."

Jack next words were cut off, as a sword dug into his back. A voice broke out of the forest, from the opposite side of them. "Anyone moves, and he’s dead. Now throw down your weapons."

They all did as they were told. Boomerang had disappeared again.

The voice called out again. "Now what are you doing here?"

Rudy took charge. "We are trying to figure out what is going on."

The voice was getting annoyed. "Who do you follow? Johan, or Cecilia?"

Rudy was confused. "What do you mean? We’re simply lost travelers. We don’t follow anyone."

"What is your name boy?"

Rudy went to answer. "Ru…"

"THERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!! GET THEM!" Rudy’s next words were drowned out by the arrival of the Adlehydian army.

"We’ve been found. ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rudy and the others were forgotten, as a sudden swarm of warrior erupted from the trees.

Jack was not happy. "Now what? At his point both sides would probably like to see us dead."

Rudy turned to look at Jack. "I’m going to help them. Perhaps this free army can help us."

"Wait Rudy. I think there’s a better way." Cecilia drew the crystal teardrop out from a pocket. And held it high over here head. It flared to life. Both armies turned to look at the small group. And the woman who stood in front of them.

One of the soldiers spoke up. "Only one of the royal blood can bring that to life. Forgive us, your highness."

Both armies fell to there knees.

Cecilia turned and looked at here friends. "I told you there was a better way. Now would someone mind telling me what’s going on here? I left a few weeks ago and everything was fine. Now I return, and this is going on." All of the warriors began to speak at once. Every one speaking, and no one knowing who was saying what.

"QUIET!!!" Cecilia turned to the two armies, and re phrased he last question. "Will ONE of you please tell me what’s going on?" One of the warriors moved forwards. "It all began shortly after you left. A strange man came to the castle claming to bear word of a serious problem. He clamed that you had been abducted by the two men you traveled with. Then a few days ago he clamed that you were travailing with a demon. Somehow he’s gained a lot of power within the kingdom, and his rule had become law."

"And what dose this wizard…"

Zed cut Cecilia off. "I told you he was there. But he’s scared. That’s the only reason he’s after us."

Rudy looked at him. "Perhaps he know something that you don’t about the Forgotten. And perhaps that’s why he’s after us."

One of the soldiers spoke up. "Excuse me you highness, but who is that strange man with you? I have never met him before." Cecilia, having forgotten that none of the others met up, replied. "Oh him? He’s Z…."

Zed cut her off. "My name is Zack. I met them on the trail a while back, and followed because I had nothing better to do."

The guard looked at him. "Another wandering swordsman? Never heard of one with green hair…"

Zed shrugged "I don’t see why hair color matters."

"I suppose your right. But who is this man you were talking about?"

It was Rudy who answered him. "He’s issued us a challenge. We must answer it."

"Then let us go. With all of us, the guards should give you no problem." Rudy shook his head. "I don’t know…"

Jack turned to Rudy. "He’s right. Without them, we’ll have to fight our way through. But if we can sneak in, we can catch Zeikfried unaware."

Rudy looked at Jack. Jack had been a solider before. "I guess you right." The four set off towards the city, with the two armies marching together.

It was nearing dusk as they approached the city. Jack, Cecilia, and Zed kept a close eye on Rudy. A couple of times Zed looked off into the woods, but when ever the others looked they didn’t see anything. Rudy looked over to him. "What’s bothering you?"

Zed shrugged. "I was just wondering if Boomerang were following. I believe he is, but I’ve seen no sign of him. Even though no one trusts him, it’s nice to know that there’s more than one being in my situation."

Rudy nodded his head. "That’s something I can understand."

As they entered the city, Rudy and the others ended up near the center of the group. But they were tense, and ready for trouble. By the time they reached the castle, there were very few solders left. But still the four were kept in the middle. At last they arrived at the throne room. And beside the advisor, was the wizard. Rudy suddenly became very tense. The others kept a close eye on him waiting. They waited while the captain made his report, to the wizard. "Well captain, did you find the traitors?"

The captain nodded. "I found a traitor indeed."

The wizard appeared highly interested. A fact that didn’t surprised the four. "And where is this traitor?"

That was the cue that the four had been waiting for. However, no one was ready for what happened next.

"I believe that you know who the traitor is wizard." Boomerang chose that instant to reappear, and he now took matters into his own hands. Uncertain of what was going on, the four waited.

Zeikfried, on the other hand, didn’t even know Boomerang was loose. "YOU! But how… It doesn’t matter. It will be years before you become a concern. If ever."

Boomerang was trying to get something from Zeikfried. "Indeed. But why do you say I’ll never become a concern? Perhaps you know something that I don’t?"

Zeikfried wasn’t about to let him get it. "I’m no fool. I know some one’s shifting the balance. And how likely is it that you will survive that?" Boomerang laughed at that. "So you don’t know who it is? You are a greater fool then I though. If I never become a problem it will be because the legends of the Forgotten are true."

"Don’t scare me. It is the traitor who is altering the balance…." Zed cut in. "How can I shift the balance? If you are incapable of it, why throw the blame on me."

"What? But how?"

"You were more difficult to run into last time Zeikfried. Perhaps you haven’t recovered as well as you thought. Jack was the next to step out. The others followed him.

The chancellor appeared shocked by the sudden appearance of the four.

"Captain! What is the meaning of this? Why bring the traitors into the throne room?"

"As I said a moment ago sir, I had found a traitor. I didn’t say four traitors. The only traitor here is your so called wizard."

The chancellor was becoming angry. "He is not as traitor. He brought us warning of the four now standing before me."

"They are not the traitors. And they have proven it." Zeikfried moved towards the captain. "And how, may I ask captain, have they done that?"

Cecilia moved forwards, the teardrop held high over head. "With this!" And with that, the teardrop flamed to life.

The chancellor, like everyone else in the throne room stood in shocked silence. Zeikfried looked at them with murder in his eyes. Then he drew out the one thing that could ruin everything.

Rudy’s arm….


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