The Return Epilogue

By Firstborn Dragon

"Are you certain they’ve been exiled?"

"Very sure. I heard the announcement myself. Those foolish humans went and threw away their best defense against us."

"Excellent. Along with superior numbers, we now have the advantage of not having to worry about the killers of the Forsaken."

"Are you sure their dead?"

"Very. Nothing else would cause such a disruption in the magical force of this world."

"What of the thirteenth? Our leader?"

"He is a traitor. Without converting the two lost ones, we shall never gain him. You shall have to be the leader."

"He was the strongest."

"He was never tested to his fullest potential. And with the gate close, he has no way to access the power. We shall strike soon. And the inhabitants of this world shall bow down to use, or die…"

Author’s notes

Ok, I used several Guardian names in the story. Here’s a list of the Guardian’s name, and what they are the Guardian of;

Nua Shakks - Thunder
Ge Ramtos - Death
Ione Paua - Saint
Raftina - Love
Justine - Courage
Zephyr - Hope
Duras Drum - Hades

Now, some of you are probably wondering why I developed the characters the way I did. It’s just, for the most part, how I saw them in the game. Zed, as I mentioned before, is the one exception. This is because he fell in love with, and in fact was living with Laura for a year. I believe this would greatly influence his behavior.

Now, as to whether or not Lucid and Boomerang had a mind link, I don’t know. But, I wanted to give Lucid some way to express herself. Also, I wanted some way for the two to have a real discussion.

There is a sequel coming, however, I have several other projects underway at this time. I hope to finish some of them first.

Any other questions, or any comments, complains, suggestions, or spelling corrections can be e-mailed to me at Thank you.


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