Magus' Child Chapter 3

By FlashFyre5

“Oh my god!” wept Marle “they killed him!”

“We can fix him, though, right?”

“No,” Gaspar quietly said “any chance of repair was eradicated by the dragons. “He died well, though. There was no stopping the dragons like that.

The commanders realized this belatedly, and ordered a retreat. Robo’s regiment stayed behind to cover them. They took down a number of dragons before they finally fell. They also saved hundreds of human lives with that last stand. They paid the ultimate price for their bravery.”

“Hey,” said Crono, while Marle wept quietly in his lap, “We’ve beaten a dragon before, you know, the Black Tyrrano, we can do it again!”

“The Black Tyrrano was no dragon,” said Magus from the other side of the room, “it was merely an unthinking dinosaur. The dragons are smarter than any human could ever be; They live for millennia, and every day increases their power, size, and intelligence. No human could ever defeat one alone. One of them could easily kill three beings as powerful as Lavos before dying.”

“If that’s true, then we’re really screwed!” said Lectral.

“What Magus said is more than true,” said the Guru, “it is reality.”

“So, what do you expect us to do, ask them to go away?” asked Crono sarcastically.

“Well, first we’ve got to figure out what they want here.” Said Lucca.

“I hath an idea,” said Frog “Gaspar, please showeth us thine picture of the flying dragons.” The Guru complied, and after a few minutes, Frog smiled and said “Doth thou seeth what I seeth?”

“Well, other that the fact that they’re really, really big, nope.” replied Crono.

“Wait a minute,” Magus said excitedly “it looks like he’s looking for something.”

“Exactly!” said Frog excitedly.

“All, right, so we know that they’re looking for something, so now what?” asked Marle.

“What if they lost someone,” asked Lectral Lectral, “I saw some urgency in his eyes.”

“You could be right,” said the Guru, “that would be just about the only reason that they would reenter the world. They value their children and their families above all else.”

“OK, so we find dragon for them,” exclaimed Ayla “no big deal. Dragon easy to find, just look for big reptite in future!

“It’s not that simple,” said Magus “they can shapeshift into a human form. The child could be anyone, even one of us, if we were lost young enough...”

“Damn, this really sucks.” swore Lectral, “how the hell are we going to find this guy if we don’t even know what to look for, or if he doesn’t even know that he’s a dragon!!!”

“Patience, friend,” said Frog, “We must act swiftly, but not rashly. Thy anger may get thou killed.”

“Frog’s right, but we’ve got to get going!” said Crono “We’ll split up. Magus, you’re with Lectral; Frog, Ayla, you two are together; everybody else, you’re with me. Come hell or highwater, we’ve got to find this guy!”

Magus and Lectral were the two to pilot the Epoch,and they set it down in a hidden area on the eastern continent, near where Lavos was killed, and went in search of the missing dragon. Magus had devised a simple spell that everybody could use that would hopefully reveal the identity of a dragon in human form by sensing the magic stored within the person, because dragons were magic incarnate. After a few hours, and multiple castings of the spell, both Magus and Lectral began to become exasperated.

“This is getting us nowhere!” Lectral angrily shouted.

“Yeah, you’re right, but we have to keep working at it,” Magus replied, though he was no less angry.

“Oh shit!”

“What? What is it?” asked Magus worriedly.

“I see a really, really big silver dragon, and I think that he sees us too.”

“Damn it! Okay, let’s get ready for him.” Magus said as they both raised several defensive spells and wards around themselves. The dragon slowly landed, saying “There you are!”

“Leave us dragon, we have no quarrel with you!” Magus replied hotly.

“Well, well, well, this certainly complicates things. It’ll have to be eliminated.” Said the dragon as he slashed with his razor sharp claws, which only bounced off of the magical defenses the two had erected.

“Let’s cast Eternity!” shouted Magus “Our shields can’t stand up to this for much longer!”


“We are the Omega to your Alpha” they chanted together “We are the darkness to your light. We are the Apocalypse to your creation. We call upon the essence of time itself! Gather around this blighted creature and suck the life from his body, until not even his bones remain! We call and channel the power of Eternity!!!”

As they chanted, the dragon hacked and slashed at their magical walls. The last of the physical wards fell, and just as he was about to land the killing blow upon Magus, a thousand dark portals opened, sending indestructible black bars across, and trapping the beast. Then, five larger portals opened, and a fog darker than night poured out, seeping into the cracks between the dragon’s scales, causing the creature to age a thousand years in the span of a second. Those seconds proved to be far too long, for the dragon opened his maw and spewed thousands of shards of ice at Magus, shredding the life from his body as the dragon perished in the same instant. Lectral rushed over to put a Life spell upon his father, but it had no effect. So, he scooped up his adopted father’s body, and ran all of the way back to the Epoch, saying only to himself “The Guru can save you! I know it!” And with that he transferred to the End of Time.

When he arrived, he ran to Gaspar and said “Heal him! Hurry, you have to!!”

The Guru of Time, the man who had brought Crono back from the oblivion of death, looked at Magus and said sadly “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing that I can do. The Time Egg that I used to bring Crono back was one of a kind. Magus is dead,” said the Guru, “and this time, there is nothing that I can do about it.”


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