Magus' Child Chapter 7

The End, One Way or Another...

By FlashFyre5

Then, time froze, leaving only Lectral’s mind time to plan. “Damn it, DO something!” screamed the sword frantically “I can’t keep this up forever!”

As he thought, Magus’s voice rang out in his memory “You can win, but not in the way you are trying,” which left Lectral confused. Strangely, a part of Ragnaroc’s inscription rang out in his head: I am the greatest work of magic that this world has ever, or will ever know, I hold the life, death, and rebirth of all beings within my hands... This gave Lectral an idea, and just in time, for the time freeze shattered at that moment.

“I call upon the power of Ragnaroc, bane of you all,” Lectral began, feeling the telltale surge of magic that told him his idea was right, “I call forth, all you greatest warriors from the grave, and provide an army, unstoppable even by the likes of dragons, to free our world, and make the peace that we so rightly deserve.” he completed, as a black mist formed, covering the field for miles around, bringing forth all of the greatest warriors in history from the grave. Most he could not recognize, but, among their ranks, he saw Lucca, vibrant with new life, Frog, human once more, with a great grin across his face, Ayla and her entire tribe, already leaping toward the nearest dragon with savage battle cries, and Robo, with some major modifications, ready for another shot at his killers. Off to the side, he saw Marle helping a healed Crono to his feet.

“You did right, Lec.” Said a kind voice behind him. He spun around, to see Magus, hand in hand with Schala, both dressed for battle. “Let’s get going, my son.”

And with that, the combined forces of the humans, some that had lived evil and hateful lives, and some that had lived noble and pure lives, but all were truly great warriors, ready to stop the destruction of their world. Seeing this, the dragons could now see the possibility of failure.

“My God.. There’s Father!” said Schala, pointing, and sure enough, there he was, next to his wife, now free of the curse of Lavos’s power, both united once more, and ready to do battle.

“And there’s Slash and Flea! How’d they get in here?!” Magus said with a laugh, “Lec, you have got to work on your spellcasting.” Then, the three, working together, enacted a magic that stole the advantage of flight from the dragons. Without flight, the dragons were far less of a threat, and were as good as dead, for the humans and Mystics and others charged forth screaming war cries or casting spells. Flea, using levitation to rise above the others, began throwing her Fire Kisses down, while Slash rushed in and began using a new Slasher to slice dragons to bits. Magic burst out all across the battlefield, and many took note of the Flares, Ice chunks, Tsunamis, and Shadow Bombs that detonated across the field.

Lightning spells were hurled down by Crono, while Lectral, using Ragnaroc’s magic, Began casting a spell he had researched, but never completed. Hoping he got it right, he unleashed his new Shade Beam magic, which sent a massive laserlike beam of raw magic lancing into the ranks of the unprepared dragons. Those few left alive wisely ran, save for one huge silver that walked right up to Lectral, taking a lot of damage, and said to Lectral “My son, please come home. All that we ever wanted was to find you. Please, I beg of you!”

“If you are truly my mother, than please listen to this, these people have raised me, they are my true parents. I would stay with them even at the cost of my life. Please understand. Please go to your home, and know that Mine is here.”

“I understand so.., no, Lectral. May your life be long and happy.”

“Yours too.. Mother.” And with that she flew away, and into the portal leading to her home plane of existence.

“ALL RIGHT! We whomped them but good!” said Ragnaroc. Now that the battle was done, most of the warriors returned to the death that was, for them, far more comfortable than life. After awhile, the companions, including Robo and Schala assembled; Slash and Flea came, but only because the two wanted to be sent to their home time, which Lectral did for them.

“Thank you, young sir.” Said Robo.

“Yeah..” Lectral said. The Epoch suddenly reformed, and Ragnaroc said ”There ya go, you can all go home now.”

The six exhausted companions began to head for the Epoch, except for Lectral, Magus, and Schala.

“What about you three?” Marle asked when she saw that none of them made any move toward the Epoch.

“Oh, I think that the three of us are far from done adventuring.” Magus said. And with that, a silver time portal opened. The three entered, waving goodbye, and passed out of this story, and into the next.


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