The Bastard Son Chapter 2

By Foeciusfoe

The Brigand leader moved his dagger, and handed the girl to another of his hencmen. He smiled and drew his blade, as he began to walk towards Jowy. "Now, no one wants this to escalate into violence." He smiled. "So I propose a trade. You give us whatever money you have, and we just might let the little lady go."

Jowy sneered, and drew a pouch from his coat and threw it towards one of the bandits. The Bandit then examined the pouch and threw it to the leader.

The leader opened the pouch and laughed to himself. "Potch? What the hell do you expect us to do with Potch in Toran?" He said as he threw the pouch back at Jowy. The coins smacked against Jowy's chest, and fell to the floor. "Well I'm sorry, " the thief began, " but I'm afraid our business here has finished, boy."

"Our business isn't finished until those two are out of your hands." Jowy interjected.

The brigand smiled. "Oh you misunderstood me," the thief said as he pointed to Jowy and himself, "I said OUR business is finished. Boys!"

With that last word, the 3 free Bandits attacked Jowy. The first charged him with his dagger in hand, soaring past Jowy as he sidestepped the thief. The Second thief brought his axe down upon Jowy. Jowy barely managed to raise his blade in time to block the blow. In the distance the third Bandit began to charge him from behind. Jowy quickly sent his foot barreling into the gut of the man in front of him, jarring the Axe from his grip. Jowy then placed both hands on his sword and slammed the Hilt into the back of the bandit's head, knocking him unconscious.

During this time the Third Thief Lunged at Jowy bringing his blade over his right shoulder thrusting it downward towards Jowy's shoulder. Jowy quickly turned to the left and batted his sword into the thief's, staggering the man. As the Man turned to face Jowy yet again, he was caught By Jowy's left fist thrust square into his jaw, knocking this thief unconscious as well.

The Original thief reached into his pocket and pulled out an additional dagger. He lifted his left-handed dagger into the air, and hurled it at Jowy, followed closely by the right one. Jowy dove to the ground, rolling directly under the blades whizzing by his head. Using his forward momentum, Jowy rose up in front of the thief, and drove his free left hand deep into the gut of the now unconscious thief.

Jowy stood up and brushed the dirt off him, and turned to face the three remaining thieves. "Let the Girl go." He calmly stated again.

The thief who had been holding the boy captive, stood with his jaw open. He threw his dagger down, and began to run the other way. Like wise, the thief holding the girl, fled in panic. The brigand leader watched in anger as his associates escaped in fear. He quickly rushed to the girl and her brother as they ran towards Jowy. Seeing this, Jowy raced towards the brigand as well. As the brigand laid his hand on the young boy, Jowy caught him with a kick to the back of the knee, causing the man to loose his grip and stumble back. Jowy grabbed the collar of the man's armor and drove him down on his back. Jowy kneeled over the thief and rested his blade on the man's throat.

"Now," Jowy began "Here is how this is going to end. We are going to Gregminister. If I so much as hear that you are within five miles of the city, I'll have to kill you." He spoke as he began breathing heavy again. "Do you understand me?"

The thief nodded what little bit he could. "Good." Jowy said as he stood up, and let the man get up. As soon as the bandit got to his feet, he took off running, abandoning his three unconscious cohorts.

"Th-thank you." The girl spoke to him. "Thank god you saved us. We're very…" She paused with concern noticing Jowy's demeanor. His eyes bulging as his chest heaved up and down, something was wrong. She stared in horror as Jowy's breath became increasingly shorter, and he began to sweat profusely. "A…are you ok?"

Jowy dropped to his knees, clutching his chest. He gasped as his breaths became shorter and shorter. Finally the strain was too much, and he collapsed. A cloud of dust arose around his body as he fell face first into the dirt.

She ran to his side. "Quick, Deakin, "she shouted to the child with her, "We need to get him to a doctor immediately."


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