The Bastard Son Chapter 4

By Foeciusfoe

Jowy lay back in the bed. He sighed heavily and shut his eyes.

"You should be fine in a few days." Sara spoke gently. "Master Liukan said that you most likely suffered an asthmatic episode, and that the medicine he had given you shou…"

Jowy suddenly recognized that name. Liukan was not just a doctor; he was also a high-ranking official and trusted advisor to the president of the Toran republic. "You took me to see master Liukan?" He panicked.

"…Well no, not exactly." Sara spoke. "When we arrived in Gregminister yesterday, I approached master Liukan about your collapse, and described your symptoms. He gave me an elixir which I fed you last night."

Jowy breathed a sigh of relief. The former king of a hostile nation suddenly appearing in the capital cities of one its enemies might seem a bit convenient. Being a fugitive lends one to uncomfortable situations like this.

Sara stared confusedly towards Jowy's sigh. Jowy felt the need to cover his identity a bit longer. "I'm amazed that such a prominent doctor would so readily meet with a…uh…"

"A servant?" Sara smiled. "Liukan is a kind old man. He always says he's never too busy for anyone…even a servant."

"…I'm sorry." Jowy said.

"It's alright." She spoke. "Judging by that ring on your hand, you've had your fair share of servants in your day."

Jowy found himself staring at the gold band adorning his finger. The regal crest of Highland emblazoned on the band, the ring had been in the Blight family for generations and indeed with the kingship of highland even longer.

"Seems a bit extravagant for a drifter. I don't believe I've ever seen a stone like that before."

Knock Knock.

The sound echoed through the small shack, abruptly ending the conversation Jowy and Sara had been sharing. Jowy thankfully receded beneath the covers. He didn't like where that conversation was heading, and was glad that this interruption had arrived.

"One second." Sara said lightly as she rose from Jowy's bedside and moved towards the door. She leaned against the door, and slowly opened the lock, gazing outward through the creak in the doorway. Inaudible murmurs and whispers filled Jowy's ears, followed shortly by the closing of the door and Sara's return to Jowy's bedside.

"That was one of the other servants, the mistress is coming home tonight for the upcoming summit."

"Summit?" Jowy interrupted.

"You're joking right?" Sara said. "The Grand summit? The heads of the three great countries- Including Jowston," she said elbowing him in the side, "are converging on Gregminister next week."

Jowy sat aghast. Sara hadn't realized it and continued with her speech. "The leaders of the three great countries will be meeting for the first time to discuss alliances and…"

"I'm sorry to interrupt…" Jowy interjected, but the leaders of these three countries will be in Gregminister this upcoming week?"

Sara sat a bit surprised at Jowy's sudden burst of energy. "President Lepant and his five generals will host dignitaries from Harmonia and Jowston alike."

"Who are these dignitaries?"

"Well Harmonia's High Priest Sasarai and Commander Clive of the howling voice guard will be…"

"I meant from Jowston." Jowy interrupted again.

Sara sat back, a bit puzzled. "The representatives of the city state are a Mr. Fitcher, a Ms. Apple, the chancellor of the Jowston alliance Mr. Shu, and of course the President of the city state, Master Janus."


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