Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 12

By Foeciusfoe


The night is solemn and quiet, but the wharf is lively withactivity. The entire area patrolled bythe knights of the blue flame, as they prepare for the arrival of the youngestBeoulve. Their leader, Donavan Benson,carefully overseeing this prisoner transfer, stands stoically at the edge of thepier.

Benson stands, arms folded, awaiting arrival of Ramza. He has heard tales of this man. Delita speaks of the man as if he was nothreat, but Donovan knew the truth. This man trained under T.g. Cid, he was nothing to scoff at.

Gent rides in on his black chocobo, staring at his father’slarge frame from behind. He sneers atthe man his father has become.

“Father, Preparations are complete. The harbor is secure.” Gent shouted acrossthe pier.

Without so much as a movement his father responded. “Your late.” He slightly turned his head to see his son from the corner of hiseye. Full of contempt, he states. “I cannot afford your incompetence. You are demoted, and Sajah will be yourreplacement.”

Gent gasped. Itwasn’t so much that he lost position, as whom he lost it to. Sajah was a jar-headed imbecile, whocouldn’t lead a sing-a-long, let alone a company of warriors.

“Lieutenant Sajah will take your men and continue patrollingthe area. You are to remain were youstand.”

Gent Flinched in repressed rage. “Yes, sir.” He stated coldly.


Two Hours Later

Gent remains slumped in his mount. His arms folded, as he stares out towards his father in biterresentment, he awaits the parcel promised this evening.

A soldier approaches from behind. Riding a red chocobo, he slowly approaches, his face covered by ametallic mask.

Hearing the man approach Gent sneers. “I doubt Salman likes his soldiers givingaway their positions.”

“No more than I like putting eleven of my best men’s livesat risk.” The man said as he slid up his mask. “He’s late.”

Gent chuckled. “Itseems to be the trend today.” Gentresponded as he turned his head to see Salman from the corner of his eye. “Clever to dress as a squire myfriend.” A sudden rustling of chocobotalons began to rumble across the wharf, as Lieutenant Sajah’s patrol began tocome into view. Salman quickly droppedhis mask, and stiffened up as if he were Gents true squire.

Sajah rode in, his patrol stopping just in front of Gent andthe disguised Salman. “Well well well,”Sajah began, “If isn’t the former commander.”

Gent Sneered at the man. “Well, squire,” he began aloud speaking to Salman as if he were trulyhis squire, “It appears you were correct, my father still has a soft spot forthe mentally deficient.”

Sajah formed a crooked smile. “Funny, very funny. Isit that kind of humor that led you to your current status of gruntsoldier? Or perhaps your father hasfinally seen that only a real man can be his second in command.”

Enraged, Gent moved to silence Lieutenant Sajah but wasstopped short by Salman. “If you fighthim now you jeopardize the mission, and you jeopardize my men.” He whispered toGent. “And if anything happens to my men, you will not live to see anotherday.”

“Don’t threaten me, boy.” He whispered back, “I could endyour precious revolution right here and now.”

Salman smirked. “Butyou’re not stupid enough to kill yourself by killing me.”

Gent paused, regained his composure and shook off hisanger. Sajah laughed a bit.

“Careful there, squire,” Sajah spoke up, “ He might pokeyour eye out with that silver spoon in his mouth.”

“SAJAH.” A voicerang out from behind.

“Yes, Lord Donavan.” Sajah humbly shouted back.

“Aren’t you supposed to be patrolling?” Donavan responded.

“Right away, my liege.” Sajah spoke up. Turning his attention back to Gent. “I suppose I’ll see you around,‘Commander’.” Sajah spoke mockingly as he and his troupe trotted pastGent.

Gent turned to face Salman. “Ramza will arrive soon. Take yourposition now, before anyone else notices you.”

Salman nodded. Heturned as he strode away. “His head canbe easily cut off to, Gent. Rememberthat.”

Gent returned his focus to his father, and sneeredagain. “You had better arrive soon Beoulve. I will not pacify my revenge for muchlonger.”


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