Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 18

By Foeciusfoe

Aboard a Carriage just south of Igros

The distant Sky is turned Crimson red, as Parrel's explosive final attack illuminates the dark horizon. The narrow streak of red in the otherwise black night catches the eyes of the man guiding the chocobo cart.

"Your Lordship," the carriage man spoke, "You may want to take a look at this."

Delita gazes out from his royal carriage with a solemn look of disappointment on his face. "Damn." He silently muttered to himself.

"Something the matter, sir?" A voice spoke from across the carriage. "Perhaps something to do with that sudden flash of red light?"

"Indeed it is, apollus. I don't trust that even Donovan saw that one coming." He joked. "This is terribly inconvenient. I hardly expected to loose Hashmalun this early in the game."

"He has been through worse, my lord." Apollus emitted from across the carriage. " He may yet be alive."

"Doubtful, Queklain." Delita said folding his hands over his knees. "Yet time will tell, I suppose."

"That was quite an attack, my lord. What manner of spell was it?"

"Ah if only it were a spell, dear Apollus. That was the proverbial "Trump card" being played. It was a rage knight technique called 'Pillar of Flame.'" Delita smiled again. "Truly its a shame that the boy Salman wasnt conscious enough to witness the attack." He whisperred to himself.

"Truly breath taking." Apollus spoke in wonder. "Truly these rage knights are a formidable force."

"Not so my friend. For you see, the technique we just witnessed…," Delita paused to smile ", was a suicide attack. In any case, once we reach Igros, we will instigate stage two of my plan. A phase in which your presence is all too important."

"Why me?" Apollus questioned.

"Now, Now, Mr. Maxim." Delita chuckled. "I thought I told you it's a surprise."


Outside the Death Corps Canyon

"Lord Duvall." A mage captain, spoke to the Bizarre regent whose mind was occupied by the pillar of flame in the distance. "The flames have begun to spread. Within a few minutes the Entire canyon will be engulfed."

Duvall's eyes remain fixated on the distance. "Excellent." He spoke. "Be sure to have the Ice spells prepared as well."

"Ice Spells, my liege?" the mage questioned. "I don't believe anything will survive the initial assault, sir.

"It isn't for any survivors, you twit. I want the flames halted a half hour after they reach the rebel's base."

"But why sir?"

Because, Mage," Duvall turned to face the man, the moon catching his tattooed face at the right angle, bringing about a glow of sorts, "I want an accurate body count."

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